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‹ Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship

Episode 14: They Are Going to Kill Us

August 1, 2017
A recent photo of the field outside her family’s home in Homs. Farrah’s cousin sent the photo to her for this radio show.

In episode 14 of Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship, Farrah returns with Houda to talk about her family’s harrowing experience in their home in Homs, Syria early in the war. After the events that Farrah describes in this episode, her family fled to Lebanon, where their difficulties continued.

Finally, they were resettled in Tucson, one of the first Syrian refugee families to arrive. They arrived during Ramadan, knowing no one, no Syrians to be found. But, slowly, they started to make their way in their new country.

Farrah is beginning to prep for her GED exam. She’s excited to go to college and begin studying to become a doctor so that she can help people.

She loves to dance—particularly to hip hop and reggaeton music—to draw, and to write. She left Syria when she was much younger than Houda, so she writes primarily in English, unlike Houda who usually writes in Arabic and then translates it.

She is eager to tell you her story.


هدى/Houda: فرمن هنا : ارواحنا ترسل السلام الى أوطاننا

فرح/Farrah: From Here: Our souls send peace to our country.

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Houda and Farrah showing off their University of Arizona gear outside the KXCI studios. They coincidentally both came to the recording all decked out in UA colors! Like many Syrian girls, Farrah doesn’t show her face on social media.

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