• pip

    Pretty In Pink Soundtrack – KXCI Classic Pick

    VARIOUS ARTISTS – PRETTY IN PINK ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK Released February 28, 1986 – 30 years ago While most 80s teen flicks were full of vapid, corporate-rock filler, the soundtrack accompanying John Hughes’ teen-romance opus, Pretty In Pink, features one of the finest new wave anthologies to ever accompany a movie. The Classic Pick… Read more »

  • city to city

    Gerry Rafferty – City To City – KXCI Classic Pick

    GERRY RAFFERTY – CITY TO CITY Released January 20 1978- 38 years ago Rafferty’s sophomore solo release was his most successful commercially and critically, and is generally considered his best. Recalling singer-songwriters like Harry Nilsson, Jackson Browne, and soft-rock acts like Steely Dan, Rafferty’s lyrics and arrangements are slow burns that grow from 70s nostalgia… Read more »

  • Whats Goin On

    Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On – KXCI Classic Pick

    MARVIN GAYE – WHAT’S GOING ON Released May 21, 1971- 44 years ago (“What’s Going On” single released January, 1971 – 45 yrs ago) The eleventh studio release and first album produced by Gaye himself, What’s Going On is a concept album from the point of view of a returning Vietnam vet facing a bad… Read more »

  • gramparsons

    Gram Parsons – Grevious Angel – KXCI Classic Pick

    GRAM PARSONS – GRIEVOUS ANGEL Released January 1974- 42 years ago Recorded just weeks before his overdose death, Parsons 2nd solo album is essentially a duet release with Emmylou Harris who sings on all but one song. Considered one of the best releases in an absolutely stellar catalogue, Grievous Angel helped lay the groundwork for… Read more »


    Electric Feel’s Top 10 For 2015

    As bandmates and co-hosts of Electric Feel (Fridays from 8-10 p.m.), Corbin Dooley and E.android are constantly immersing themselves in the best new electronica and beat-driven music they can find. Here are their favorites from 2015: E.android: Bob Moses “Like It Or Not” (2015) on Domino Percussions “Digital Arpeggios” (2015) on Text Bicep “Just” (2015)… Read more »

  • kris kerry

    Kris Kerry’s Favorite 25 Albums of 2015

    As the booker of the Rialto, Kris Kerry listens to and sees more bands than your average Tucsonan. He also volunteers for the station in a unique capacity. In addition to reviewing CDs, he also researches and delivers the classic pick of the week. It’s no surprise then, that’s he delivered more than a top… Read more »



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