Berberis fremontii

Berberis fremontii is in the Barberry family or Berberidaceae. If you look up barberry plants in a field guide, a flora or on line, you will come across the genus Mahonia. As near as I can tell there is still debate among some botanists as to what’s a Berberis or what’s a Mahonia or are… Read more »

What Goes Up…

The inflatable latex balloon was invented 200 years ago by the English physicist Michael Faraday. They did not fly to well initially, but by now, they have been improved to the point that they can stay afloat for as long as a week. In the end, however, they still must come down and that is… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Tiffany Cho

Thesis Thursday- Tiffany Cho Tiffany talks with Bridgitte Thum at KXCI about what she’s been doing at The University Of Arizona.   I am a rising junior majoring in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science. Currently, in the lab of Dr. Haijiang Cai, we are using optogenetics, a technique that allows us to activate or silence neurons… Read more »

Episode 10: Ramadan Kareem

Houda, her family, and many of the residents of Tucson’s Small Syria are preparing for their first Ramadan in America. Ramadan is the holiest month of the Muslim calendar, and it is a holiday rich with family and social connections. In Muslim-majority countries, many businesses restrict their hours all month to accommodate their fasting employees… Read more »

Locals Only – Rival Shapes – Live In Studio 2A

Locals Only – Rival Shapes – Live In Studio 2A Here’s a link for listening to the live performance. Watch Rival Shapes performing  live in Studio 2A, at KXCI community radio. Special Thanks to our volunteers: Host : Sophie Gibson Rush Live Video : Ben Holman, Wally Schubach, Victor Guidera Live Audio : Duncan Hudson,… Read more »

City High School Radio Showcase 2017

Today on 30 minutes, we’ll be hearing three stories from City High School Radio. Stefano Panchesin produced this first story as part of a history project for his sophomore Humanities class taught by Dillon Martino. The class studied the cultural legacies behind place names in Tucson. Stefano decided to look into the story behind the Allande… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Daniela Gutierrez

Thesis Thursday- Daniela Gutierrez

Thesis Thursday- Daniela Gutierrez My name is Daniela Gutierrez-Muñoz and I am a recent graduate from the University of Arizona. I attained my Bachelors of Science in Microbiology with a minor in Biochemistry. At the university, I’ve have incredible opportunities to get involved with research. I was a part of the Undergraduate Biology Research Program’s… Read more »

Corvus in a Quercus

The Chihuahuan ravens (Corvus cryptoleucus) in this story have returned to the same nest in the Emory oak (Quercus emoryi) for years. It has been so many years I wonder if it is the same breeding pair or more likely an offspring with a mate that returns to the stomping grounds of its youth and… Read more »

Be. Here. Now.

One commodity reused in Tucson on a scale probably unparalleled anywhere else in the world is books. There are dozens of second-hand bookstores in our city, big ones like Bookmans, lots of smaller ones like the Book Stop on 4th. There’s the Friends of the Pima County Library, who resell books from library surplus as… Read more »

Where Is My Friend’s House?

We lost a lot of people last year. One of them particularly close to my heart was the Iranian writer/director Abbas Kiarostami, who died in July of 2016 at the age of 76. I’ve reviewed several of his movies on this show over the years, with my favorite being The Wind Will Carry Us from… Read more »

Locals Only- Mason

Locals Only- Mason

Locals Only- Mason Mason    Listen to Mason performing live in studio 2A here at They talk with Matt Milner about their upcoming tour, and the CD release party coming soon. New Album: Midnight Road CD release Tucson: Friday May 26th at The Flycatcher joined by Tom Walbank and The Brian Dean Trio Doors… Read more »

Fourth Annual Arizona Food and Farm Finance Forum

Our guest today on 30 Minutes was Kimber Lanning, Executive Director and founder of Local First Arizona Arizona. She spoke about the Local First Arizona movement and the upcoming Food and Farm Finance Forum. The fourth annual Arizona Food and Farm Finance Forum will be held on May 18-19, 2017, at the University of Arizona’s Environment… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Barnes Januzzi

Thesis Thursday- Barnes Januzzi

Thesis Thursday- Barnes Januzzi Barnes is a senior at the University of Arizona in the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science major. He is a research assistant in Dr. Mary A. Peterson’s Cognitive Science Vision Lab studying the effects of semantic or meaning has upon how humans perceive their visual world. After graduation, Barnes will be attending… Read more »

Personal Shopper

French writer-director Olivier Assayas comes out with a new film about every two years. They’re always interesting, sometimes great, and I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to name him the best living French filmmaker, and one of the best and most versatile in the world. He excels in classic and modernist styles, in… Read more »

The Cure To Brown Thumb

The concept of extending the teaching activities of academic institutions beyond campus dates back as far as 800 BC. The emperors of the Zhou dynasty sent out educators to the countryside to teach crop rotation and drainage techniques. The concept took root in Europe during the Irish Potato Famine, when Lord Clarendon sent out scientifically trained… Read more »

Berlandiera lyrata

The common name of chocolate flower refers to the surprising morning fragrance of the flower. Another common name I came across is lyreleaf greeneyes. Like the specific epithet it refers to the shape of the basal leaves, but also to the green disc of the flower after the ray flowers (petals) have fallen. That’s a… Read more »

Out Loud and Proud!

Out Loud & Proud! Season 3

  Out Loud & Proud!  Season 3 Rick Small Talks with people from the community about their lives. They share with Rick their experiences of coming out, divorce, re-marriage, and life in Tucson, Arizona. Out Loud & Proud!  Season 3 Season 3 Episode 1 Jim and Angela Season 3 Episode 2 Angela and Jo Season 3… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Cassondre Corrington

Thesis Thursday- Cassondre Corrington

Thesis Thursday- Cassondre Corrington   My name is Cassondre Corrington and I am a student at the University of Arizona. I am working to become an Environmental Epidemiologist and a Medical Anthropologist, with the hopes of gaining the ability to protect communities from the hazards of environmental toxins. In order to support this aspiration I… Read more »

Episode 9: I Pretend That I Am a Man But I am Just a Young Boy

In episode 9 of Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship, Houda introduces you to another resident of Tucson’s Small Syria: her neighbor and classmate, Mohammad. Mohammad, his older sister, younger brother, and parents fled Damascus when Mohammad was eleven years old. His father worked for the government, so they feared for his life. As fighting… Read more »

Locals Only- The Surfbroads

Locals Only- The Surfbroads

Locals Only- The Surfbroads Listen to their LIVE in studio performance here: Local Lovelies: Velvet Hammer (drums), Amy Mendoza (guitar), Jillian Bessett (bass), and Gigi Owen (guitar, theramin) The Surfbroads talk with Matt Millner about their custom creations: Uma Theramin, surfbeats and metal. Catch The Surfbroads Saturday May 13th at The FlyCatcher Tales from The… Read more »

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Those who only know Maggie Smith from her roles in later life—such as, most famously, in the Harry Potter films and Downton Abbey, I recommend checking out The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, from 1969, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress at the age of 34. She was devoted to the… Read more »

Shooting Columbus: An Indigenous Perspective

During this interview I sat with Matthew Saraficio who is a recent graduate from Arizona State University earning a Bachlor’s degree in Acting. He talked about his role and experience during the production of “Shooting Columbus.” The performance was presented by Borderlands Theater and created by the group Fifth World Collective. The group consisted of indigenous and non-indigenous… Read more »

Sweet Acacia in the Backyard

      Sweet acacia is Vachellia farnesiana (Acacia farnesiana) and is in the pea family Fabaceae. I have never seen it in habitat, though as I mentioned in this show, friends called me years ago to tell of me a plant they saw down near Ruby. That would be exactly where Arizona Flora lists… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Roslyn Curry

Thesis Thursday- Roslyn Curry My name is Roslyn Curry and I am an undergraduate student attending the University of Arizona, and will graduate May 2017. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. My post-graduation plans are to participate in the Applied Biosciences Accelerated Master’s program at the… Read more »

KXCI 2017 Summer Youth Classes

Thank you for your interest in our KXCI 2017 Summer Youth Classes. KXCI is pleased to offer summer DJ training programs for youth. This is a hands-on class where students receive an introduction to: broadcast equipment and rules, music appreciation and selection, creating music sets, and public speaking. Session 1: Our class for youth aged… Read more »

KXCI Governing Board of Directors 2017 Election Information

The Foundation for Creative Broadcasting, Inc. dba KXCI Governing Board of Directors 2017 Election Information Each year, KXCI members elect three of their fellow members to seats on the KXCI Board of Directors. Each seat is for one 3-year term. Officially, anyone who is a member of KXCI in good standing for 30 days prior… Read more »


The Film Snob has a life. He also has a day job. Well, this is just a silly, roundabout way of explaining why I don’t have the time to see all the movies I’d like to in their original theatrical runs. Of course, I catch up on the interesting films I missed during the past… Read more »

A Conversation with Tucson Poet Laureate TC Tolbert Part 2

Tucson has a new poet laureate! TC Tolbert is the first trans-queer poet laureate in United States history. In honor of this occasion Blackfeet tribal member and writer Bill Wetzel convened this panel Ideas For Change: A Conversation with Tucson Poet Laureate TC Tolbert in April 2017. Casa Libre founder/executive director and poet Kristen E…. Read more »

Arizona Trails on Facebook

Check out the new Arizona Trails Facebook page and I’ll post your picture of your KXCI water bottle (and you) on your awesome adventure!

Locals Only- Un:ted States

Locals Only- Un:ted States

Locals Only- Un:ted States Live in Studio 2A on Tucson’s own Locals Only. The members of Un:ted States talk with KXCI’s Matt Milner about how they got together, and the influences that surface when new members join the band. Collaborative songwriting and their process of working through songs. Un:ted States will be at Sky bar… Read more »

A Conversation with Tucson Poet Laureate TC Tolbert Part 1

Tucson has a new poet laureate! TC Tolbert is the first trans-queer poet laureate in United States history. In honor of this occasion Blackfeet tribal member and writer Bill Wetzel convened this panel Ideas For Change: A Conversation with Tucson Poet Laureate TC Tolbert in April 2017. Casa Libre founder/executive director and poet Kristen E…. Read more »

Episode 22: GABA Mt. Lemmon Hill Climb

Want to ride your bike up Mt. Lemmon?  Colleen Giles from The Greater Arizona Bicycle Association tells you how! Join in the fun when GABA hosts the Mt. Lemon Hill Climb on May 13, 2017. Colleen talks about great support and food on this ride, and you can find out about another upcoming multi-day ride… Read more »


Kedi is the Turkish word for cat. It’s also the name of a captivating new film from Turkey by Ceyda Torun about the street cats of Istanbul. There are many thousands of them, not owned as pets for the most part, but living outdoors while being fed by the city’s market owners, restaurant workers, fishermen,… Read more »

Episode 21: Transit Cycles

Episode 21: Transit Cycles In this Episode of Pedaling the Pueblo, we talk with Duncan Benning, proprietor of Transit Cycles and lifelong bicyclist and bicycle advocate. Learn about the multitude of different kinds of bikes and their uses, what to look for when buying a bike, and hear how Duncan’s love for bicycling began. “I don’t think I ever… Read more »

Nama hispidum

    Nama hispidum is in the Waterleaf Family (Hydrophyllaceae). There are eight species of Nama found in Arizona and for those of us that live in and around the borderlands of southern Arizona we are most likely to see either N. demissum or N. hispidum. Aren’t those wonderful specific epithets? Demissum means hanging down or… Read more »

SNL: Satire in a Box

  Film Club Rule #912: Comedy is great any night of the week, but it’s especially funny on Saturday night. Since its inception in October of 1975 and for over 42 years now, Saturday Night Live developed some of the greatest film stars in America. These are folks who’ve become household names: Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers,… Read more »

Great Sequels

Great Sequels

  Film Club Rule #805: It’s not always great to be #2, unless you’re making a great sequel. Great sequels are not the norm. When a production company decides to return to a film’s universe, the reason is generally all about money. It can seem like a safe bet that if a film made money… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Pierce Longmire

Thesis Thursday- Pierce Longmire

Thesis Thursday- Pierce Longmire I’m, a junior at the University of Arizona studying Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) with minors in Biochemistry and Mathematics. I have always been fascinated with how life operates at the miniscule level, and I am grateful to be a member of Dr. Ramin Yadegari’s research lab, which studies molecular and… Read more »

Locals Only- Louise Le Hir

Locals Only- Louise Le Hir

Locals Only- Louise Le Hir Live in Studio 2A, with our host Sophie Gibson-Rush. Louise and her band talk about performing, recording, songwriting, and the creative powers of Tucson. Sophie asks about The theatrical side of  performance. Here’s a quote from Le Hir, “Sometimes people seem to get enlightened and that makes me feel like… Read more »

Episode 8: Let Us Be As One Hand

Houda & Melanie refer to Houda’s apartment complex in Tucson as Small Syria—16 Syrian families live there today, but a year ago there were none. Houda says that when she’s out in Tucson, she feels like she’s in America. But when she comes back home to her complex, she feels like she’s in Syria. In… Read more »

Get Out

Jordan Peele, whom you may know as half of the duo Key & Peele, with their successful TV comedy show, has written and directed a horror film called Get Out. Or to say the title as I imagine it should be: “GET OUT!” Given Peele’s background in sketch comedy, one would expect this film to… Read more »

Tucson People’s Climate March

30 Minutes featured a conversation with Meg Weesner and Randy Serraglio. They are part of the core team of organizers for the People’s Climate March in Tucson on April 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m in El Presidio Park. Meg Weesner is Group Chair for the Rincon Group of the Sierra Club. Randy Serraglio… Read more »

Celebrando la Mujer: Noche de Resistencia

Dr. Ada Wilkinson-Lee and Maria Federcico-Brummer are part of the Dolores Huerta Celebración Planning Committee. They discussed “Celebrando la Mujer: Noche de Resistencia: 4th Annual Dolores Huerta Awards” which took place on April 20th at YWCA Southern Arizona. A highlight of the event is an award presentation to the 2017 Dolores Huerta Celebración awardees. Isabel… Read more »

Music: Bridging Heart and Mind

It is curious that there is no Nobel Prize for the most ancient of all human arts, the art of music. True, Bob Dylan did get one, the first musician so honored, but that was not for his music, but for his words. A recent study from the University of Ohio showed that over the… Read more »

The Fissures of Men and Dalea formosa

The pumping of ground water to irrigate corn, alfalfa, cotton, pecan trees and pistachio trees in the Sulphur Springs Valley is…I can think of what it isn’t, sustainable…, but it is phenomenal. Maybe thoughtless is the word I’m looking for and I know the word sustainable gets thrown around way too much, but please, it’s… Read more »


Neruda, from Chilean director Pablo Larraín, is centered, as you would expect, around the figure of Chile’s great poet, Pablo Neruda. But most everything else about this marvelous film is unexpected. The story concerns one dramatic and dangerous period in the poet’s life. In 1948, the new president of Chile outlaws the Communist Party, and… Read more »

Locals Only- June West, Casey Golden & Julian Neel

Locals Only- June West, Casey Golden & Julian Neel What a treat to have a triple bill in studio 2A. This talented group of musicians is going to be at Think Tank Tuesday April 18 in Tucson. They talk with  Matt in between sets about the memories they share from years of playing together. Their… Read more »

I Am Not Your Negro

James Baldwin was one of the great American novelists of the 20th century, with his most important fiction written in the 1950s and 60s. As an African American intellectual during those crucial years, he also felt compelled to be an essayist, with his main subject being the centrality of race in the tragedy of American… Read more »

Indigenous Women for Equality

“The Tucson women’s march was a part of a nation-wide and global movement for believers in equality to stand together in solidarity the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. The movement itself was not anti-Trump but rather a non-partisan pro-equality demonstration intended to show the world… Read more »

Growing Native- Black Swallowtail

Growing Native- Black Swallowtail The scientific name of the black swallowtail is Papilio polyxenes. Papilio is Latin for butterfly and the specific epithet polyxenes is from two Greek words and I think it means many guests. I could be wrong, but I liked my translation, because it made me think of all the larvae I… Read more »

The Tuesday Night Bike Ride going down University Boulevard

Bonus Extended Episode: Tuesday Night Ride

Special web-only bonus extended episode – learn much more about the Tuesday Night Bike Ride and hear more clips from the March 21 ride! In this episode of Pedaling the Pueblo, we ride along with the Tuesday Night Bike Ride and talk to its unofficial leader, Collin Forbes. This Tucson tradition has been going on… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Swati Chandra

It’s Thursday! Time for Thesis Thursday 🙂 Who’s coming to KXCI today? Listen up as we talk to our guest, Swati Chandra. Swati’s Bio: My name is Swati Chandra, and I’m currently a sophomore studying at the University of Arizona. I’m majoring in biomedical engineering, and I’m on the pre-med track with hopes of eventually… Read more »

Green, Greener, Twice As Green

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) was founded in 1993 for the purpose of promoting energy-efficiency in existing and in new buildings. To this end, the USGBC partners with Architecture 2030 to establish ‘2030 Districts’ nationwide. 2030 is the target date to reduce consumption of electrical power and water, as well as emission of… Read more »

Toni Erdmann

Toni Erdmann, Germany’s entry for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars this year, is a remarkable, ambitious, epic comedy/drama, written and directed by Maren Ade. This is her third feature, but the first I’ve seen, and the first to get international attention. Ade proves herself a creative force to be reckoned with. The film… Read more »

Locals Only- Ox & 8OhEight

          Locals Only- Ox & 8OhEight KXCI brings you an hour of live Hip Hop. Ox & 8OhEight have a brand new EP called 8OhOx It is going to drop on April 13th you can find it on A project from Tucson’s Pike Romero, bringing artists together to collaborate and… Read more »

Fleet Foxes Ticket Giveaway Contest

Thanks to gifts from KXCI members, we’re not bound to the narrow playlists you hear on Top 40 radio. You can enjoy icons like Jackson Browne and Van Morrison right next to newer artists such as Neko Case and Charles Bradley throughout the day on KXCI. Seattle folk-rockers Fleet Foxes appreciate the classics, too. Neil… Read more »

Episode 7: The School Desks of Our Childhood

Education is hugely important to Houda–and to many Syrians. As she says in this episode of Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship, “School is the light of life. Without it is the darkness.” The violence in Syria has had a devastating impact on the educational system–and on an entire generation of Syrian children. Syria had been steadily… Read more »

Tucson Community Take Back The Night 2017

30 Minutes focuses on Tucson’s Community Take Back the Night 2017. Take Back the Night Planning Committee members Monserrat Caballero and Casey Chimneystar Condit spoke about the event taking place on Wednesday, April 12th from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the City of South Tucson Municipal Complex, 1601 South 6th Avenue, on the corner… Read more »

Restoring Balance

Borderlands Restoration is a 4-year old organization with the mission to restore ecological balance in the Northern Sonora. BR employs simple but effective techniques to prevent erosion and restore the soil where erosion already has taken its toll. Erosion occurs especially in the aftermath of wild fires, which have been on the increase in our… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Adam Kai Aragaki

Thesis Thursday- Adam Kai Aragaki My name is Kai Aragaki – I’m currently a junior at the University of Arizona, studying Biochemistry as well as Molecular and Cellular Biology. I’m working in the lab of Dr. Ronald Lynch, where we’re trying to create an agent that binds to very specific types of cells, depending on… Read more »

Les Vampires

In the early years of the 20th century, a film genre was invented that became hugely popular: the adventure serial. Just as the publication of novels in installments had fired public interest for almost two centuries, so the serialized film story had audiences waiting in suspense for each succeeding episode. The most famous was Pathé… Read more »

Marah gilensis

Marah gilensis A morning or two after I recorded this show I heard a scaled quail calling, so now I have both species calling starting at dawn and then off and on through the day. It’s pretty sweet. Did you know that where the territories of the two species cross you will sometimes find a… Read more »

Bill Murray: Mentor to the Masses

Bill Murray: Mentor to the Masses

When did Bill Murray become a national treasure? It was after his time on Saturday Night Live. It was after his first starring role in Meatballs. And it probably came after his turns in Caddyshack and Stripes. By the time he was playing Dr. Peter Venkman, it was starting to dawn on people that this… Read more »

Locals Only- Fatigo

Locals Only- Fatigo Live in studio 2A!

Locals Only- Fatigo Live in studio 2A! Tonight’s version of Fatigo is made up of: Mike Montoya: Lead Vocals and Guitar Randall Saline : Bass Danielle Panther: Harmony, Lead vocals, and shaker! Sam Panther: Drums They Talk in studio with Sophie Gibson-Rush about Bisbee and Phoenix, friends, songwriting and fun times with Fatigo. The Phoenix… Read more »

Lonely Hearts Club Bananas

Lonely Hearts Club ep.13

Lonely Hearts Club ep.13 In this episode Bridgitte Thum talks to some good friends about values, our collections, our stuff and wanting. Wanting to hold on, wanting to be free and wanting things we can’t have. Thank You to the fabulous photographer,musician and artist Julius Schlosburg, The witty and insightful Linda Ray, and Lonely Hearts… Read more »

Episode 20: Tuesday Night Ride

  In this episode of Pedaling the Pueblo, we ride along with the Tuesday Night Bike Ride and talk to its unofficial leader, Collin Forbes. This Tucson tradition has been going on every week, rain or shine, for almost ten years. Learn about the ride’s history, what makes it special, some of Collin’s favorite rides,… Read more »


I certainly opened a can of worms, at least for myself, when I started reading about Forestiera species. I had learned about F. neomexicana (New Mexico Olive) when I worked in the nursery trade in northern New Mexico in the early 80’s. A few years later and back working in nurseries in the Tucson area… Read more »

A Beef With Mustard

What Is a Weed? A weed is a plant that grows where you don’t want it. Well, our entire front yard is overrun by a plant I call a weed, ’cause I don’t want it, as it is crowding out everything else. I was in the belief that the plant in question was ‘Russian knapweed’, aka… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Jessi Rae McMinn

Thesis Thursday-  Jessi Rae McMinn I’m an Honors Physiology student minoring in Leadership Studies and Practice. A native Arizonan, I’m in love with the desert and anything that will get me outdoors, especially hiking, camping, and climbing. Someday, I hope to serve as a primary care physician and joined Dr. Naomi Rance’s lab in the… Read more »


Pedro Almodóvar has been making movies for over forty years, and he’s still going strong. Starting out as a taboo-breaking provocateur, gradually he’s become something like the grand eminence of Spanish cinema, without, however, mainstreaming his films or selling out. His latest film, Julieta, highlights a different aspect of Almodóvar that shows up occasionally—that of… Read more »

Fish Karma and/or the DeRailleurs on Locals Only

Fish Karma and/or the DeRailleurs on Locals Only

  Locals Only- Fish Karma and/or the DeRailleurs This music “exists in this strange plane of being simultaneously highbrow and lowbrow.”- Matt Milner Sophisticated literary allusions with a courseness running through it. Matt Milner asks Fish Karma about his songwriting. They discuss the process of building from couplets, and persisting through novelty to discover a… Read more »

Tell us why YOU Amplify KXCI

The 2017 Spring Membership Drive started at 7:00 a.m. today, and already music lovers like you are answering the call to help power great music and community on KXCI by donating online or calling (520) 623-1000 to make a gift of support. If you’ve already donated, thank you! Listeners are also generously sharing messages about… Read more »

Episode 6: On the Other Side of Fear

In episode six of Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship Houda brings us to her high school at the beginning of the war, when she was fourteen years old, after her father’s arrest and release. The story Houda tells in this episode is jarring, distressing, upsetting. Houda’s mother told Melanie the story first—through gesture, expression, and the limited… Read more »

American Friends Service Committee at 100

30 Minutes spoke with Rebecca Fealk, Program Coordinator for American Friends Service Committee in Tucson to learn more about their work and their upcoming event. 2017 marks the 100th Anniversary of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), an international non-profit peace and justice organization. Founded in 1917 by pacifist Quakers as an alternative to military… Read more »


Apocalyptic scenarios seem more and more common in science fiction movies every year, which I take as a sad indicator of our social outlook. I also think it’s pretty crass when worldwide disaster is just an excuse for more whiz-bang special effects adventure. The films that are more thoughtful on the subject, such as the… Read more »

Edible Shade Tops Pancakes With Trees

The Watershed Management Group hosts its spring Edible Shade mesquite pancake breakfast on Sunday, March 26, from 9 am – 12 pm at its Living Lab and Learning Center, 1137 Dodge Boulevard. Toppings for the pancakes include locally produced Prickly Pear syrup! Children will enjoy the La Casa del Chorrito playhouse. There will be presentations on… Read more »

Power Great Music and Win a Chance to Perform with Ozomatli

Teamwork makes amazing things possible. When individuals join forces, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone. That’s the spirit that drives community-powered KXCI. When you donate to KXCI, you’re part of a family of more than 3,000 music lovers working together to keep great music and locally-produced programs on KXCI independent and commercial-free…. Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Johnathan Blohm

Thesis Thursday- Johnathan Blohm

Thesis Thursday- Johnathan Blohm My name is Jonathan Blohm and I’m a junior pursing a BS in Physiology here at the University of Arizona.  I’m from Tucson and have lived here my whole life so coming to the U of A was always in the forefront of where I wanted to go after high school. … Read more »

Sycamore Waiver Signed

Sycamores are the genus Platanus, which was the old Greek name for the tree that is the species Platanus  orientalis. There are five or six species found around the world, three spp. found in North America and just across the pesky border in northeastern Mexico is the beautiful Platanus  mexicana… but anyway, one species here… Read more »

National Alliance on Mental Illness- Reducing Stigma

30 Minutes features a conversation with Executive Director of The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southern Arizona (NAMISA) H. Clarke Romans, Ph.D. and Christina Bickelmann, NAMISA Communications and Events Director. Mental illness impacts the lives of at least one in five adults and children. NAMI provides no-cost advocacy, education, and support for people with… Read more »

SARSEF Brings Out the Scientist in K-12 Students

SARSEF’s Mission The mission of the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) is to bring out the scientist in K-12 students. To this end, the Foundation helps more than 90,000 students in schools throughout the region to set up scientific projects on just about any subject that interests them. Although the emphasis is on the… Read more »

Episode 19: Cyclovia Tucson

In this episode of Pedaling the Pueblo we talk with local documentary photographer, Kathleen Dreier who has captured images and stories at Cyclovia Tucson since the very beginning. Now in it’s eighth year, Cyclovia Tucson gives people the opportunity to visit new neighborhoods and enjoy great weather, friends, food, and an array of family friendly… Read more »


Loving, a new film from writer/director Jeff Nichols, dramatizes the famous case in which a Virginia couple, Richard and Mildred Loving, challenged the state law against interracial marriage. History supplied its own poetic justice through the last name Loving, so that this landmark Supreme Court case is known as Loving versus Virginia. I had previously… Read more »

Locals Only- Dan Simonis

Locals Only- Dan Simonis with Naim Amor

Locals Only- Dan Simonis with Naim Amor Talking about the architecture of music, Amish outfits, Tucson and the romance of the Arizonan southwest. Singing and playing guitar with Naim Amor in Studio 2A at KXCI Community Radio. Dan Simonis on facebook Every Monday  night you can hear local artists, and find out about where and… Read more »

Episode 5: Nightmares Become Dreams, Part 2

Episode five of Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship begins where episode 4 ended: Houda’s father is in prison after being arrested in the street outside Houda’s home while her mother and sisters watched. Recently, a family friend was able to visit Houda’s neighborhood in Aleppo. They shot the video below. The video shows the street… Read more »

Maurandya antirrhiniflora

March really is the month of change around all of us in the borderlands of southern Arizona. How fun to celebrate the arrival of turkey vultures, the departure of sandhill cranes or the dropping of antlers by both species of deer. It’s as if you can pick any change you notice in the semi-arid ecosystem… Read more »

Inca Doves and Jojoba Bushes

Inca doves are found all along the borderlands and southward into Mexico. The common name should probably be Aztec dove, as the Incas were in Peru and the doves aren’t. But anyway, I had always thought of them as urban and was obviously mistaken. Either that or I have really created a park…”Petey Mesquitey Park…. Read more »

Cleaning the Ground to Clean the Air

Until about eight years ago, there used to be entire fields of discarded bottles all over the Tohono O’odham reservation, testifying to the despair that followed the disintegration of an ancient way of life. But today, these fields are largely gone, thanks to the dedication of one man to cleaning up the rez and his own life as well. And not only did he… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Sergio Salguero

Thesis Thursday- Sergio Salguero UA Honors College student Sergio Salguero is a junior majoring in neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. He has many interests in the arts including painting, playing the piano and taking pictures. His goal is to pursue a PhD in neuroscience and to study the mechanisms of learning to improve upon… Read more »

The Love Witch

It took some time for me to figure out what to say about The Love Witch, written and directed by Anna Biller. It looks like a late 1960s low-budget occult horror film slash soft-core psychedelic sex romp. It is a spoof, but also a lot more than that. It’s a perverse labor of love that… Read more »

Locals Only- Miss Abysmal

Locals Only- Miss Abysmal

Locals Only- Miss Abysmal KXCI is proud to have psychedelic Tucsonans, Miss Abysmal in Studio 2A for a live performance. In Watermelon Sugar is the name of their latest release. Here is the live performance for you, on demand! Miss Abysmal on Facebook Miss Abysmal on Soundcloud Miss Abysmal on  Bandcamp Hosted by Sophie Gibson-Rush… Read more »

International Women’s Day 2017 Panel Discussion

In a special one hour round table discussion for International Women’s Day Maggy Zanger, Rose M. Lopez, Linda Green, and Anna Ochoa O’Leary spoke about domestic issues in the US and in southern Arizona and along the US Mexico border. Topics include forced migration, violence against women, reproductive rights, and the heightened vulnerabilities of indigenous… Read more »

Carolyn Sugiyama Classen: 75th Anniversary of Japanese American Internment

30 Minutes features a conversation with Editor of the Southern Arizona Japanese Cultural Coalition Carolyn Sugiyama Classen. She was the former legislative aid to US Senator Daniel Inouye from Hawai’i who was instrumental in the creation of the National Commission which investigated the World War II Japanese American internment. February 19, 2017 marks the 75th anniversary… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- Alondra Harris

Thesis Thursday- Alondra Harris

Thesis Thursday- Alondra Harris A few words from this week’s guest, Alondra Harris: I am a senior at the University of Arizona studying East Asian Studies and Molecular and Cellular Biology. Through Environmental Health Sciences – Transformative Research Undergraduate Experience (EHS-TRUE) I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Runyan in the Department of… Read more »

KXCI International Women's Day Image

2017 KXCI International Women’s Day

KXCI International Women’s Day Special Programming made possible in part by generous support from Marshall Foundation Wednesday, March 8th 7:00 am-8:00 pm Listen live: 91.3 KXCI Tucson or Contact: Amanda Shauger 520-623-1000 ext. 17 or 520-990-3623 KXCI Commemorates International Women’s Day with a great lineup of our women DJs, special community guests, and plenty of… Read more »

Locals Only- Ryanhood

  Locals Only- Ryanhood KXCI is pleased to have Ryanhood in Studio 2A. This Outstanding Duo brings great songwriting, performance and heart to our airwaves. Here is the live performance for you, on demand! Hosted by Matt Milner at KXCI community radio, Local’s Only is  a slice of Tucson’s incredibly talented and inspired music scene…. Read more »