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KXCI offers a wide range of youth and adult broadcasting, podcasting, and live DJ workshops. Taught by our DJs and production specialists, these classes offer hands-on experience. Check out the links to find out more. If you have questions, contact Stephanie Engs, the director of Education and Community Engagement, at [email protected] or call (520)623-1000 X19.

Learn more about Summer Youth Broadcasting Camps! 

Level One Camps:

Monday-Friday June 12th-16th, 2023

Camp Session #1 Level One: 10 am-12 pm (ages 9-12)

Camp Session #2 Level One: 1-3 pm (ages 13-17)

Monday-Friday July 10th-14th, 2023

Camp Session #3 Level One: 10 am-12 pm (ages 9-12)

Camp Session #4 Level One: 1-3 pm (ages 13-17)

Level Two Youth Broadcasting Camps are for returning students who have completed Level One.

Level Two Camps:

Monday-Friday July 24th-28th, 2023

Camp Session #5 Level Two: 10 am-12 pm (ages 9-12)

Camp Session #6 Level Two: 1-3 pm (ages 13-17)

Level One Youth Broadcasting Camps are for first-time in-person students or previous Virtual Youth Broadcasting Camp attendees. Applications will be open soon! Continue to the Youth Broadcasting Workshops page to learn more and apply for the upcoming sessions. 

In July 2022, the Armory Park house was especially boisterous. Your fearless KXCI Education Team proudly offered two back-to-back summer broadcasting camps to the youth of Tucson! Level 1 camps took place July 11-15, and were immediately followed by our first-ever Level 2 camps during the week of July 18-22.  We took a few moments to reflect and share some thoughts about our experiences.

1) What are three adjectives you would use to describe your experience being a YBC teacher this summer?

Stephanie Engs, Director of Education and Community Engagement: Encouraging youth voices…inspiring youth storytelling…really good music 

Parisa Eshrati, Education Team Member & Co-host of Global Rhythm Radio: Inspirational, encouraging, and community

Jaime J. Soto, Music Coordinator: Fun, educational (for me and the youth), & interesting

Shelby Athouguia, Underwriting Sales Representative & Electric Feel DJ: Expansive, heartfelt, and energizing

2) What was one thing you learned?

SE: With a passionate group of instructors and youth broadcasters, radio magic is real! 

PE: Beyond sharing music, radio is an opportunity for self-expression and self-discovery. It provides tools for confidence, self-esteem, and community building that are valuable for any age. 

JJ: The internet, media, & social media have made music of all genres and eras accessible to youth. It was remarkable to hear how important classic bands like Metallica (via Stranger Things) & Rush are to one of our campers. 

SA: I learned so many things but above all, I got a chance to see what youth, particularly the teens of today, are really interested in. What they care about, what they are learning from the world, how they feel about fitting into the bigger picture, and just how motivated they are to participate in the general human experience!

3) Can you share a few thoughts about working with youth and imagining the future of radio?

SE: The Future of Radio: Bonus Tracks (our Level 2 camp) was a chance for youth broadcasters to refine their skills as short form program producers and live radio DJs. We explored the technical side of audio production and live radio broadcasting. Many youth broadcasters are interested in learning even more beyond what we covered in Level 2. Researching and recording their short form programs and producing an hour of live radio is just the beginning of what is possible for KXCI youth broadcasters. 

PE: Seeing youth come into the camps perhaps a little shy or nervous about the prospects of radio and transforming into confident, radio rockstars was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had. It’s incredible to see the enthusiasm that youth have for wanting to learn more about music, zines, and music culture in general. In a world of algorithms and press-and-play DJs, reconnecting youth with a hands-on radio experience is an absolute gift for them and educators alike!

JJ: I was floored to see youth sharing knowledge about the origin of their favorite genres like House, Disco, and Rap music. The passion and excitement for music are very much alive in the youth. It was nice to hear them talk music unabashedly in our respectful environment; they were supportive of each other. I hope our camp inspires youth to continue diving into music appreciation and curation. One personal goal of mine is that KXCI camp shows youth they can pursue radio broadcasting, podcasting, recording, etc as an adult. We made sure to encourage them to consider KXCI in the future as a next-level camper or adult DJ. 

SA: I’ve worked with the kids’ camps many times before, but there was something so spectacular and unique about participating in person. Their excitement to connect with one another, their willingness to learn and be physically in the studio (touching knobs, speaking on the mics, making tangible connections) and our ability to witness growth throughout the week was incredibly special. The older youth in particular were ready to participate in anything we threw at them and felt safe to share their ideas and thoughts in a room with what started out as complete strangers (teachers included) to be able to make genuine connections about life and particularly about music by the end of the week. 

In the future, I would really love to see us reach into communities who maybe don’t listen to KXCI, are in need of after-school care, and communities that perhaps don’t offer arts programs to broaden our own horizons as well as giving those who would never think they could have this opportunity a chance and truly make an impact through music and our educational offerings. 

4) What’s one reason why people should encourage the youth in their lives to learn about community radio?

SE: KXCI Community Radio is able to share the stories of Tucson youth and their interests through the short-form programs they produce and as DJs. There are few other places where community members of any age can have that experience. 

PE: Youth can find their own voice through creating independent programming, and in the process learn more deeply about the music they love and the community that surrounds them. Broadening musical horizons is an important way for youth to navigate their own taste and artistic independence. 

JJ: It’s such a unique experience by and for the people of the community. Being a part of community radio gives voice to your perspective, fellow community members’ perspectives, and greater communal perspective. Music can be a balm for pain, a pure joy, or just a moment. How incredible is it to tune in or volunteer with a community radio station where we experience these emotions communally? It’s amazing. 

SA: CONNECTION! When you participate in community radio, you have the opportunity to have a direct line to the listeners to share everything that you are passionate about and become a connector of dots for others. You learn the power of selfless giving all while understanding just how important it is to have community connection. It’s so empowering! 


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