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KXCI Music Submission Recommendations

Congratulations on your new release and thank you for thinking of sharing your music with our community of listeners! KXCI accepts and broadcasts music from all over the world, but we especially prioritize music submissions from local Tucson, regional, and Arizona artists. 

Although we don’t currently have the capacity to review, comment, and broadcast every release we receive, we are happy to provide you with information for submitting your music to KXCI for potential review. Our station typically receives over 500+ CDs, vinyl, and digital submissions every week. All music must be reviewed by our volunteers and staff before receiving airplay to determine genre, quality, and explicit language or content.

We accept CDs, Vinyl (with digital download), and MP3 or WAV download links for digital albums.

Always include the following information with your submission:

  1. Artist or band name
  2. Album title, artwork, & tracklist with song times
  3. Record label (or tell us it’s self-released) 
  4. Album release date
  5. Music genre, sub-genre & similar artists to you
  6. Please list any explicit or questionable language & include track number & link to lyrics if available
  7. A brief bio with social media links & upcoming Tucson and regional performances
  8. Your contact information 

Send digital submissions (MP3 or WAV download link) via email to:

KXCI Music Department: [email protected]

Local Arizona artists please include “Local Submission” in the subject line and CC Locals Only host Matt Milner [email protected]. Learn more about Locals Only here. If you’re mailing a physical package see below.

Send physical submissions (CDs, vinyl) to:

Attn: KXCI Music Department
220 S. 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

Local Arizona artists please mark your package Attn: KXCI Locals Only

Digital submissions are sufficient but if possible please send two, three, or more physical copies to share with multiple DJs and both of our broadcast studio libraries. It is helpful if CDs are in a jewel case with a readable spine so our DJs can find it on our shelves. Remember to include your contact information and good luck!  

Local and touring artists alike can submit upcoming performances on our events page.

Pictured above is a small portion of the KXCI CD library.


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