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‹ Tales of Tucson

Air and Space….Original Radio Dramas of the Sonoran Southwest

May 14, 2018
Tales of Tucson
Air and Space....Original Radio Dramas of the Sonoran Southwest

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Tune in Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. for TALES OF TUCSON Episode 8: Air and Space



An unexpected adventure at the Pima Air and Space Museum when a father and daughter encounter something unbelievable at one of Tucson’s favorite landmarks….er, airmarks? 

Tales of Tucson Episode 8: Air and Space, takes place at the Pima Air and Space Museum


From the left, Michael Leclair, John Vornholt, Sydney Flynn and Vince Flynn (not pictured: Ella Bracale)

TALES OF TUCSON is a show of original radio dramas  co-written and co-produced by Laura Markowitz and John Vornholt. Episodes are inspired by the legends, mysteries and history of the Sonoran Southwest and take place in real locations around Southern Arizona. You can hear the actual sounds of events and places, as TALES OF TUCSON blends the real and fictional by using both local actors and real people who play themselves.  Tune in to KXCI to hear TALES OF TUCSON dramas, comedies, ghost stories, love stories, mysteries, Westerns, sci-fi and more.

Laura Markowitz and John Vornholt have each explored different forms of storytelling throughout their careers. Markowitz is a book editor, novelist, National Magazine Award-winning feature writer, and multimedia producer. Vornholt is a New York Times best-selling author of more than 65 novels, as well as plays, radio dramas and screenplays. He is also a theatrical producer and director.

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