Top 100 Albums of 2014: #25 – #1

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are in bold italics. 1) Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Give The People What They Want 2) Beck Morning Phase 3) The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream 4) Various artists KXCI Locals Only Vol. 7 5) The Black Keys Turn Blue 6) Ray… Read more »

Top 100 Albums of 2014: #26 – #50

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are in bold italics. 26) Hip Abduction Hip Abduction 27) The Poets of Rhythm Anthology 1992-2003 28) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The Speed of Things 29) London Grammar If You Wait 30) The New Pornographers Brill Bruisers 31) Bossacucanova Our Kind Of Bossa 32) Delta… Read more »

Top 100 Albums of 2014: #51 – #75

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are listed in bold italics. 51) Run Boy Run Something to Someone 52) Tennis Small Sound 53) Tinariwen Emmaar 54) Sharon Van Etten Are We There 55) Various artists A Tribute To Bob Dylan in the 80’s: Volume One 56) Ani DiFranco Allergic To Water… Read more »

Top 100 Albums of 2014: #100 – #76

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are listed in bold italics. 76) Lykke Li I Never Learn 77) Woods With Light And With Love 78) Damien Jurado Brothers & Sisters of the Eternal Son 79) Bumper Jacksons Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In 80) Jake Bugg Shangri La 81) Sweet Ghosts… Read more »

Ring in the New Year with our 100 Most Played Albums of 2014

Join us Thursday, New Year’s Day, for our countdown of the 100 Most Played Albums of 2014, starting at 7am on Your Morning Brew (91.3 FM KXCI-Tucson) and running through The Home Stretch KXCI at 6pm (with a break for Democracy Now at noon). We’ll also share songs from many of the great artists who… Read more »

Heirloom Farmers Market at Rillito Park

Gretchen of The Weekly Green chats with Roxanne Garcia, Co-Director of Heirloom Farmers Markets. They talk here, specifically about the Farmers Market at Rillito Park. This Market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9-1. Every single week. From their site: “Located in the southeast corner of the Rillito Park property right next to the… Read more »



Petey Mesquitey sees some interesting plants while hiking and gets very excited. What’s new?

Listen Up Philip

Senses of humor vary widely. Mine is decidedly offbeat, and I don’t often see comedies that match it perfectly. I remember with the satisfaction of hindsight being the only person in a theater laughing at The Big Lebowski, which of course later became a cult classic. I’m saying all this to prepare you for my… Read more »

Buffelgrass and Burritos; A Fun Volunteer Opportunity!!!

  Diana Rhoades on The Weekly Green with Gretchen about an upcoming event called Buffelgrass and Burritos.Details on the event below.Listen to the informative segment to find out why Buffelgrass is soooooo very bad for the Sonoran Desert, in and around Tucson.  Friends of “A” Mountain, Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center,… Read more »

Dear White People

Race is something we should be able to talk about honestly in this country, but of course it is so charged as a topic that many just avoid it. Up and coming young writer-director Justin Simien cleverly solves this problem by using satire instead of heavy-handed drama in his first feature, provocatively titled, Dear White… Read more »


Local First Arizona

An interview on The Weekly Green, with Local First AZ‘s Southern Arizona Director, Erika Mitnik-White.   When you buy local during the holidays, it has a huge impact on the community. Up to 4x more money stays our community when you buy local. Learn more by listening to the informative podcast, here! Air dates for this… Read more »


Remembering The Christmas Truce of 1914

30 Minutes features Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA) president Sat Bir Kaur Khalsa and Hannis Latham, from Tucson Chapter 13 from Veterans for Peace. The two groups are collaborating to show the film Joyeux Noel which tells the story of the 1914 Christmas Truce which took place during World War I between the Allies and… Read more »

Sonic Solstice 2103 Cameron Hood and Cahrlie Alderink

13th Annual Sonic Solstice on KXCI Community Radio

KXCI’s 13th Annual Sonic Solstice is a 4 hour live broadcast with a heavenly host of live in Studio 2A local musical acts. KXCI invites you to tune in to KXCI from 5 to 9 pm on Monday, December 15th for the 13th Annual Sonic Solstice. Locals Only host Matt Milner and seasoned KXCI Djs… Read more »


Thesis Thursday Just Around the Brain Bend

This Thesis Thursday we are introduced to Adele Koutia. Adele is majoring in physiology and neuroscience which entails studying parts of the brain. The specific part that Adele finds most intriguing is the hippocampus. The hippocampus as described holds much resemblance to an internal GPS, helping you to remember a certain path that may lead to… Read more »

91.3 FM KXCI Community Radio Transitions to New Leadership

TUCSON (December 12, 2014) — As KXCI Community Radio General Manager Randy Peterson steps down to pursue other interests, the KXCI Board of Directors mounts a national search for new leadership. After 15 years of service and leadership – six of those years as general manager – Peterson is considering new leadership roles and opportunities of his own in… Read more »


From the Brain to the Mouth

Today on Thesis Thursday we meet Chris Vance, who’s studying to be a neurosurgeon.  This entails him studying language, its connection to the brain, and how nuance in a voice can change the meaning behind your vocals drastically. This story is not only informative, but motivational as we learn what made a little boy go… Read more »


Magic, Madness, Heaven, Algae

On this edition of Thesis Thursday we meet Paola Lopez, otherwise known as Andy.  Andy is a junior a the university of Arizona and is perusing a double major in Math and Chemical Engineering. In years previous she attended Columbia University, working with bovine joint muscles to learn more about arthritis. Now, under a UBRP… Read more »


Wight Lhite Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only KXCI pt. 2

On December 8, 2014 Wight Lhite joined Matt Milner live in Studio 2A to share tracks from their debut album. Wight Lhite celebrates the release of “Beyond the Satellites” on Thursday December 11 at The Flycatcher. Melding psychedelic guitar rock, post-punk, and twitchy, analog synths sound, this relatively new Tucson group has already made waves,… Read more »


Wight Lhite Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only KXCI pt.1

On December 8, 2014 Wight Lhite joined Matt Milner live in Studio 2A to share tracks from their debut album. Wight Lhite celebrates the release of “Beyond the Satellites” on Thursday December 11 at The Flycatcher. Melding psychedelic guitar rock, post-punk, and twitchy, analog synths sound, this relatively new Tucson group has already made waves,… Read more »


I love seeing a big American film that does something new and original. Birdman, the new film by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, not only does that, but sticks its tongue out at all the old, derivative unoriginal Hollywood junk littering our screens at the same time. It’s hard to predict how such an approach will do… Read more »


Nature Cures

Petey thinks that being out in the wild is good for children and adults as well. What?!

Conserve to Enhance/C2E

  Gretchen of The Weekly Green chats with Emily Brott of Conserve to Enhance otherwise known as C2E. Emily explains how you can conserve to enhance in Tucson. “Conserve to Enhance (C2E) is a program that links water conservation efforts to watershed restoration and enhancement, ensuring that your water savings benefit our community. Tucson Water,… Read more »


Borderlands Productions, Queer Migrations, and Counter Movements Part 2

Today on 30 Mintues, Excerpts from the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books Nuestras Raices, a program of the Pima County Library sponsored the panel entitled Borderlands Productions, Queer Migrations, and Counter Movements. Today, we continue with the second half of the panel, and the second portion of a presentation by Adela C. Licona, Associate Professor… Read more »


Mexican June Corn

Petey thinks seeds have stories and the Mexican June corn that a young farmer is growing will have some stories to tell. Let’s listen.

Rosemary’s Baby

I like to joke that horror movies don’t scare me any more; what scares me is the news. It’s true, though, that there are very few films that have succeeded in frightening me since I became an adult. One example that did and that I strongly recommend is from 1968: Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman… Read more »


Locals Only 12-01-14: Jake Stephens Live in Studio 2A, pt. 2

Jake Stephens joins KXCI’s Matt Milner in KXCI’s Studio 2A for a LIVE ONE-HOUR broadcast performance… Songs about bicycles, surf, mountains, & desert. And discussion of the Jake Stephens water-themed debut album, “How The Water Feels“. PLUS a special radio debut of two songs, including “Arizona Baby” and “Santa’s Elves” The lovely voices of special… Read more »


Locals Only 12-01-14: Jake Stephens Live in Studio 2A, pt. 1

Jake Stephens joins KXCI’s Matt Milner in KXCI’s Studio 2A for a LIVE ONE-HOUR broadcast performance… Songs about bicycles, surf, mountains, & desert. And discussion of the Jake Stephens water-themed debut album, “How The Water Feels“. PLUS a special radio debut of two songs, including “Arizona Baby” and “Santa’s Elves” The lovely voices of special… Read more »

Friends of A Mountain (Sentinel Peak Park)

A chat with Diana Rhoades about Sentinel Peak Park A.K.A. “A” Mountain and the group “Friends of A Mountain“. December 5th @ noon meet Diana @ The Mercado for a lovely and lively (knowing Diana) four mile loop walk up to A Mountain and back. She will be walking first Friday every month. Time will… Read more »

913 Greatest Songs Ever

The KXCI audience has voted – repeatedly! – to select the 913 Greatest Songs Ever. More than 1,750 votes were cast in the largest online contest in KXCI’s history, and just in time for the celebration of our 31st anniversary on Saturday, December 6th. The Top 5 songs are listed below (or will be after… Read more »


Party of Special Things To Do Features Avant Garde Music

Tonight at Midnite on The Party…Team Mosey have a great big ragbag of the weird and obscure, including newly-released archival material from The Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart and Yo La Tengo…an unraveling juxtaposition between eerie instrumentals and untrained vocalists, and an extra guitarful This Day in Frank Zappa. All this and more…91.3FM and streaming live at… Read more »


Logan “DirtyVerbs” Phillips live in Studio 2A on Locals Only KXCI

On November 24, 2014, Logan “Dirtyverbs“ Phillips performed selections from his new book of poetry Sonoran Strange live in Studio 2A on Locals Only. Logan’s multimedia, bilingual performance combined spoken word with sampling and sound collage accompaniment in a sneak preview of his book release show at Club Congress on December 5. Sonoran Strange is available… Read more »


Vanessa cardui

While admiring a blooming rubber rabbit brush Petey finds many butterflies feeding on nectar and he gets very excited. What’s new?


Sumac Fall Color

Petey takes a drive into the hills near his home to see spectacular fall color of the local sumacs.


Trails of Hope and Terror

30 Minutes speaks with Tucson Samaritans volunteer Michael Hyatt and No More Deaths volunteer Jim Marx. The two Southern Arizona humanitarian aid organizations present a screening of Vincent De La Torre’s newly released film Trails of Hope and Terror on Thursday, December 4 at 7:00pm at the Loft Cinema. The film explores the plight of… Read more »

Kill the Messenger

Hollywood, by which I mean the mainstream American film industry, generally tries to avoid political controversy in its films these days. So I was surprised to learn that Jeremy Renner had decided to produce and star in a film about journalist Gary Webb, whose investigations in the late 90s into a secret Reagan-era government connection… Read more »

Gabriel Sulivan 11-17-14 IMG_5499

Gabriel Sullivan Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only KXCI

On November 17th, 2014, Gabriel Sullivan was the Locals Only live guest in Studio 2A along with band mates Brian Lopez, Catfish Conner Gallaher, Thøger Lund and Winston Watson. They featured songs from Gabriel’s new album Jvpiter which they’ll be celebrating this Friday Nov. 21st with a release party at Club Congress. Photography: Nicci Radhe… Read more »

Weatherizing for Winter

It really does get cold in Tucson!  Brrrr… But, with these weatherizing tips from Michael Keith, I’m thinking I can manage.  Manage in Tucson, to save some money & stay warm whilst helping our Planet. Michael is a builder who specialized in historic renovations and green building for 28 years in Tucson. He took over… Read more »


Talking Top Tunes with Fletcher McCusker

Fletcher McCusker, CEO of the downtown Tucson-based Sinfonia Health Care Corporation, is a well-known supporter and fan of great music. As part of KXCI’s 913 Greatest Songs Ever vote, Fletcher joined us to share his personal Top Ten songs, listed below. In his role as chair of the Rio Nuevo redevelopment board, we also discussed… Read more »


The Campaign to Expand Reid Park

30 Minutes features Friends of Reid Park Executive Director Tzadik Rosenberg-Greenberg updating the community on the Expand Reid Park campaign including their upcoming appearance on the agenda for the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission on December 3rd from 3:30-5:30pm and the concurrent launch of their Park Superhero Program. The group believes that Tucson… Read more »

913 Greatest Songs (update: current Top 20 posted!)

KXCI 91.3FM listeners are being asked to choose the 913 Greatest Songs of All Time during five rounds of voting in November. Songs are posted alphabetically, with a new pool of nominated songs posted every 5 days at Beginning December 1st, the station will announce songs #601 through #913 at, and begin playing… Read more »

Loft Film Festival 2014

In the five years since it started, the Loft Film Festival has established a standard of excellence that cannot be denied. Every year they present exciting films and events to bring a smile to the face of even the most critical film snob. The 5th annual Loft Film Fest runs from Oct. 16th through the19th,… Read more »


Local First Kicks off Buy Local Month on November 22nd

  An interview with Local First AZ‘s Southern Arizona Director, Erika Mitnik-White. We chat about Buy Local Month starting November 22nd in Tucson. When you buy local during the holidays, it has a huge impact on the community. Up to 4x more money stays our community when you buy local. The Kick off  for Buy Local… Read more »


Thesis Thursday-Different Strokes for Different Folks

Meet Omar Hussain. He studies animo biology while working with mice. First, He induces a stroke then later studies their resilience.  It is through this observance he can help human stroke victims. Later, we play Rhapsody in Blue by  George Gershwin and Hey Yeah covered by Obadiah Parker. All this and much more on The Home… Read more »


Little Bell

Petey is enthusiastic about the naturally occurring grass parks that create magical openings in the coniferous forests of the White Mountains.


Viva La Local Food Festival-Sunday November 16

  This week’s segment is an interview with Roxanne Garcia, Co-Director of Heirloom Farmers Markets. We are chatting about the Viva La Local Food Festival which will be held Sunday, November 16th from 9-5. In the earlier portion of the Festival, the Farmers market will be open. And, there will be a “veggie valet” in… Read more »


My Canadian Zone

Petey finds himself high up in a different lifezone and gets very excited about aspen trees.


Derechos Humanos’ Corazón de Justicia

30 Minutes speaks with members of the local human rights group Derechos Humanos: Missing Migrant Project coordinator Cristen Vernon, as well as board member and spokesperson Isabel Garcia. They spoke about their work and the upcoming 10th Corazón de Justicia Awards Dinner, Saturday Nov. 15 at El Casino Ballroom. Derechos Humanos will honor 11 Tucson… Read more »

Gone Girl

It’s not every day that slick popular entertainment, perceptive social drama and biting satire come together in the same movie. But that’s what we have in David Fincher’s new film Gone Girl. Adapted by Gillian Flynn from her own bestselling novel, which I have not read, the story concerns a married couple, Nick and Amy,… Read more »

Thesis Thursday- I hope someday you’ll join us

This Thesis Thursday Cathy interviews Ali Shihab. Ali is studying physiology at the University of Arizona. He originally is from Iraq, but came over to the states in 2009 as a refugee. While in Iraq, Ali was studying in medical school, planning to become a doctor. He needs six years of schooling to be considered… Read more »


Dia de los Muertos with Luis Alberto Urrea

30 Minutes rebroadcasts Luis Alberto Urrea reading from Nobody’s Son , published by UA Press, at a Dia de los Muertos Celebration held in November 2012 in conjunction with the Confluence Center. Urrea, a 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist and member of the Latino Literature Hall of Fame, is a prolific and acclaimed writer who uses… Read more »


Tinariwen podcast/audio stream of live performance in KXCI’s Studio 2A

Africa’s Tinariwen brought their desert blues to Tucson on April 23rd, 2013. Check out the live performance and interview in Studio 2A with our own Michelle. They talk about the desert and it’s influence on their music. The in-studio features three songs including the unreleased track “Aratan Nadag“, which is on our latest compilation of… Read more »

Red Riding

A three-part miniseries that was later released theatricallyin 2009, Red Riding is the story of a series of horrific murders in England’s west Yorkshire area, and the deep-rooted corruption in the police department that these killings expose. It’s based on novels by David Peace, inspired in turn by a few notorious real life cases, including… Read more »


The Seasons of Autumn

Petey seems to think that fall is made up of many smaller seasons that  make for one long glorious autumn. That’s what he says.

Green Events in November!

This week’s segment of The Weekly Green features a few of the “Green” Events going on around Tucson in November.       Successful desert gardening November 5 A representative from the Pima County Cooperative Extension service will offer gardening demonstrations on Successful desert gardening. When: Wednesday November 5th 1-2 p.m. Where: Murphy-Wilmot Public Library For… Read more »


Our Sacred Maiz Is Our Mother

30 Minutes features an interview with Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriguez author of Our Sacred Maiz is Our Mother: Indigeneity and Belonging in the Americas from UA Press. Dr. Rodriguez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mexican American Studies in the University of Arizona. He will speak at a book signing at the Arizona… Read more »


Thesis Thursday- Biology Brilliance

More UBRP  this week on Thesis Thursday! University of Arizona Biological Research Program Sophomore Poorva Rajguru talks to Cathy about biology and the wonders of tilomeres. While she’s still figuring out what she wants to do with her career, she did however promise to hopefully come back to KXCI as a senior. Later, we get… Read more »

Thesis Thursday-Kids, Tigger, and Cognition

This Thursday Cathy interviews Wonn Pyon. Wonn is a Senior at University of Arizona Biological Research Program UBRP  and is working with kids to study how they see the world. He hopes understanding a child’s mind will lead to new breakthroughs with the adult brain. What a thinker! Later, Pyon requests Jason Mraz as well… Read more »


Mentzelia pumila

Petey waxes poetic about the plants and animals found around his little homestead and finally focuses on a plant called Mentzelia pumila. Let’s listen.

The One I Love

Last week I did a show about two films featuring doubles, look-alikes. This week I went to see a new film and—wouldn’t you know—it was about doubles. I have no explanation for that, but I will say that The One I Love, an independent film written by Justin Lader and directed by Charlie McDowell, gives… Read more »

Cyclovia Fall 2014

This week’s segment: The Weekly Green’s Gretchen in an interview with Kylie Walzak, Coordinator of Cyclovia and Program Manager @ Living Streets Alliance. Kylie tells us all about Cyclovia this fall. The event will be held: Sunday, Nov. 2nd, 2014 10am – 3pm New route featuring the 4th Avenue/Fontana Bike Boulevard For a map of… Read more »


Dusty Calligraphy

Petey thinks that Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rats are leaving us messages in the dust and dancing through the night as well! Oh dear.

Greywater Harvesting With Liz

Liz Weibler is a local Artist,  Singer, and Costume Maker, who has set up her Washing Machine to output used water into her back yard, to water her plants. In Tucson, and all over, water is a precious resource. Liz explains here how she set up her washing machine to expel it’s used water (Greywater… Read more »


Chris Smither live in Studio 2A Thursday Oct. 16th at 4pm

Tune in at 4pm to hear Chris Smither live in Studio 2A on The Home Stretch. Honing a synthesis of folk and blues for 50 years, Chris Smither is truly an American original. KXCI Presents! Chris Smither at Hotel Congress Thursday Oct. 16th at 7pm for an intimate concert in The Copper Hall, brought to… Read more »

The Double & Enemy

Two recent movies, both very interesting but in different ways, explore the theme of the doppelganger, a literary term for a stranger who looks exactly like you. The doppelganger is supposed to be bad luck, and often symbolizes the shadowy, unacknowledged parts of ourselves. The Double, directed by the young English filmmaker Richard Ayoade is… Read more »


Thesis Thursday Double Major 10/2/2014

In today’s “Thesis Thursday” Cathy interviews Judith Menzel. This senior at the University of Arizona has high hopes as she not only tackles molecular biology, but also linguistics. Hear her voice her and love for both subjects, which major she’s focusing on now, and what she plans to do with these skills after college.  Later,… Read more »


Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival

30 Minutes spoke with Greg Wetzel and Paula Schlusberg, co-chairs of the Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival, which is dedicated to promoting all facets of sustainability in Tucson and Southern Arizona. The Festival highlights community organizations, companies, and individuals that raise awareness and support actions that help our community work to create a sustainable future in… Read more »

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

It would seem that the American musical, especially its incarnation in the color spectacles of the 1950s, represents a moment in time that will never return. Entranced by this beautiful genre, the young French director Jacques Demy crafted an ornate tribute in 1964 called The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. In addition to directing the film, Demy… Read more »

Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival-Oct 26

This week’s segment is an interview with Greg Wetzel and Paula Schlusberg who tell us all about the 4th annual Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival.   This year’s Festival will be held Sunday, October 26th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. @ the YWCA which is at 525 N. Bonita. just west of I-10 between St…. Read more »


Borderlands Productions, Queer Migrations, and Counter Movements

Today on 30 Mintues, Excerpts from the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books Nuestras Raices, a program of the Pima County Library sponsored the panel entitled Borderlands Productions, Queer Migrations, and Counter Movements. Speakers include UA Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies Eithne Luibheid and Adela C. Licona, Associate Professor and Director of the Rhetoric, Composition,… Read more »

Green Events in October!

The Weekly Green has been on KXCI Radio for one year now!!!   Here are a few of the Green Events going on around in Tucson And SouthernArizona in October LET’S TALK TRASH  MondayOct 13th FromGarbage to Gold:  TurningOrganic “Waste” Into a Valuable Resource Learn all about composting, how to do it and why it’s… Read more »

Mood Indigo

Michel Gondry has an intensely visual imagination, and you get the feeling watching his films that he doesn’t see any real limits to what is possible on screen. He’s been able to play around in Hollywood a bit over the years, with some success, most memorably with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ten years… Read more »

Beekeeping with Andrew E.

Andrew Eshelman is a Bee Hobbyist here in Tucson. He talks to Gretchen of The Weekly Green about keeping Bees and how easy it is. You can also find out more at this workshop Nov 1 and 2nd: CLICK HERE               Air dates for this program Sept, 27, 28… Read more »



Today on 30 Minutes:  excerpts from the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books. La Estrella de Tucson Editor Ernesto Portillo, Jr. (and KXCI programmer) moderates  a panel entitled Lowriding/Lowriting- Stories, Art, Life and Perspectives of the Lowriting Culture. The panel was hosted by Nuestras Raices, a program of the Pima County Library. Panelists include Santino J…. Read more »


Aquilegia chrysantha fun

Well, there is nothing more fun, well okay, for me, than starting in the desert grassland and slowly driving and stopping your way up into a sky island. The journey into the hills talked about here was inspired by my friend Bill Radke, who told me about these hybrid populations of Aqulegia chrysantha X desertorum…. Read more »


Pericome caudata

August and September in southeastern Arizona is the most wonderful time to get up into the sky islands, especially is you like cool native plants. I suspect you do, so what are you waiting for? Go.

Mother and Son

   The term “art film” gets thrown about so much that it’s ceased to have much meaning. Some people even consider it an insult. So when I say, that Mother and Son, a 1997 work by Russian director Alexander Sokurov, is an art film in the strictest sense, I know I might scare people away…. Read more »


Wild Zinnias Rule

Cenchrus pauciflorus or Sandbur is a grass! It is a maddening weed.  But how about the wild Zinnias of the borderlands? There are 3 species found in Arizona and all three can be found in southeastern Arizona. How cool is that? It’s very cool.


Social Venture Partners Tucson Announces New Fellowship

Social Venture Partners Executive Director Julia Waterfall-Kanter stopped by 30 Minutes to discuss SVP Tucson. SVP is currently accepting applications for their newly created Helaine Levy Fellowship. Interested people can learn more about becoming a partner or applying for a grant. SVP Tucson uses a high-engagement model that pools the financial, professional and human resources… Read more »


UA Family and Community Medicine Mobile Health Clinic Benefit

The UA Department of Family and Community Medicine’s Development Director Thom Melendez stopped by  30 Minutes to talk about The Mobile Health Clinic. A specially outfitted truck provides examination rooms, laboratory services, and special medical tests to those in remote areas who have access to little or no medical facilities, and to patients who do… Read more »


Boyhood, the latest film from writer-director Richard Linklater, has been getting quite a lot of attention lately, which—despite the fact that Linklater has had quite a few successes over the years—is unusual for this quirky, independent filmmaker. The primary reason for all the buzz is the completely unique method used to make the film. In… Read more »

Sustainable Tucson

This week’s segment is an interview with Greg Wetzel and Paula Schlusberg of Sustainable Tucson. Learn about some of their upcoming events, and lectures that are free and open to the public. Sustainable Tucson is a” non-profit, grass-roots organization that builds regional resilience and sustainability through awareness raising, community engagement and public/private partnerships. Our members focus their… Read more »


YWCA Tucson’s Kelly Fryer Discusses Upcoming Events

YWCA Tucson Executive Director Kelly Fryer provides an overview of the YWCA mission and programs and discusses upcoming events. The YWCA will be cosponsoring a gubernatorial debate at the Jewish Community Center on Thursday, September 18th. The 26th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference takes place on Tuesday, September 23rd from 7:30- 2:00 at Loew’s Ventana Canyon…. Read more »

KXCI Broadcasters Career Fair information

KXCI’s broadcasters career fair is Thursday, September 18th from 10am to 1pm at Pima Community College’s Downtown Campus, 1255 North Stone. We’ll be in Building CC, Room 180, aka the “Amethyst Room.” This event is open to the public. Information will be provided to those interested in learning about careers and job openings in radio and… Read more »

All is Lost

All is Lost is a film that played here in town last year, for quite a while, but for various reasons I didn’t get around to seeing it. The premise, a man alone on a yacht, seemed forbidding, but luckily in this age of the DVD I can correct my mistakes fairly quickly, and I… Read more »

Lisa Krikawa for KXCI!

Lisa Krikawa, owner of Krikiwa Jewelry, shares her support and enthusiasm for KXCI. Thank you, Lisa, for taking the time to help KXCI with your kind words about our great community and 91.3 FM KXCI Community Radio.

Richard Oseran for KXCI!

Richard Oseran, owner of Club Congress, shares his passion and support for 91.3 FM KXCI Community Radio! Thanks so much for your kinds words, Richard!

Renee Kreager for KXCI Radio

Here is the first in a series of KXCI testimonials produced produced by Rusty Boulet-Stephenson and Charles Alfred Brown. Special thanks to Renee Kreager of Renee’s Organic Oven for her kind words about KXCI. Naim Amor’s brilliant song Creole is used by permission.


The Wilderness Act: Keeping It Wild for 50 Years

30 Minutes commemorates 50 Years of the Wilderness Act, which was signed into law in September 1964. A new exhibit at the University of Arizona showcases how the Wilderness Act continues to benefit the American people by ensuring millions of acres of public land are available for recreation, exploration and inspiration. “The Wilderness Act: Arizonans… Read more »


Living Streets Alliance

This week’s interview is with Kylie Walzak, Program Manager of Living Streets Alliance & Cyclovia Tucson Coordinator. Kylie clues us in in some of the amazing things Living Streets Alliance has been up to. Believe you-me, they are busy! “The mission of the Living Streets Alliance is to promote healthy communities by empowering people to transform… Read more »

Green Events September 2014

Here are a few of the Green Events going on around in Tucson And Southern Arizona in September Nature Night: Desert Night Shift Friday September 5th. Join Pima County naturalists for an easy hike. Discover “who” is out and about in the desert at night. Learn why some animals and plants are nocturnal and how… Read more »


Finding Wild Things

Petey jabbers about cool plants and critters found in the grassland near his home, but finally hones in on a climbing milkweed vine called Sarcostemma heterophyllum. Let’s listen.  


Growing Plants, Feeling Good

After 34 years of growing native plants Petey still gets excited about finding cool plants in the wild and growing them. Stachys coccinea gets the rascal pretty excited in this show. Let’s listen.


Proboscidea Perfume

Petey smells a wonderful odor while driving down the highway to work.  “Devil’s Claw!” he shouts and decides he will be late for work. Let’s listen. The Proboscidea flower photo is by Liz Makings. Th others are Petey’s.

Mavis Staples Interview with Duncan Hudson

Mavis Staples spoke with Duncan Hudson ahead of her Friday, September 5th Fundraising show. Tickets are still available at 75 year young living legend Mavis Staples told us about her latest projects. Originally broadcast on the Home Stretch Wednesday, September 3rd.