Green News

EARTH DAY The 21st Earth Day Festival will be held on Saturday, April 18th, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Reid Park on South Country Club Road. There will be an environmentally-themed parade at 10 a.m. Eco-minded scouts, schools, non-profits, families, businesses, agencies, clubs and organizations are all invited to join for free. There are… Read more »


Salvia microphylla

While weeding and cleaning his greenhouse Petey finds a nifty native Salvia sp. and tells us all about it.

Arizona Gives Day Logo

KXCI & Arizona Gives Day 2015 & You

Pledge your support to KXCI on Arizona Gives Day 2015– a powerful 24 hour online giving experience that unites Arizonans around causes they believe in. Hosted by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and the Arizona Grantmakers Forum, Arizona Gives Day is a great way for nonprofits to connect to the larger community. Last year KXCI… Read more »

Night and the City

   Night and the City, a 1950 crime drama directed by Jules Dassin, tells the story of petty gambler and hustler Harry Fabian (played by Richard Widmark) who finds what he thinks is a perfect stroke of luck: a chance encounter that puts him in a position to be a big player in the London… Read more »


Ice Cream Social

Author and independent journalist Brad Edmondson was in Tucson for the 2015 Tucson Festival of Books to discuss his book Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for Ben & Jerry’s Soul. Edmondson stopped by the KXCI studios while he was in town to tell us this story. From modest roots to iconic success,  has always been… Read more »

Mr. Turner

The artist as hero—it’s a persistent myth, and of course filmmakers have long been in the habit of putting heroes at the center of their stories. English director Mike Leigh, himself one of the foremost artists of cinema, knows very well that an artist is a human being, subject to the same flaws and even… Read more »

Watershed Management Group’s Consulting Services!

  This week’s interview on The Weekly Green, is with the ever so hilarious Kieran Sikdar, Program Manager, from Watershed Management Group. Listen to Kieran tell us all about WMG’s Consulting Services. From WMG’s site: “Get expert advice and all your questions answered about: water conservation and water harvesting, edible landscapes, landscape restoration, and green… Read more »


Gamma Like Very Ultra live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

    Gamma Like Very Ultra joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour Locals Only, Monday, March 23rd. In between sets Gamma Like Very Ultra discusses the formation of the band and the writing process they use to create their unique sound, as well as their upcoming show. Gamma… Read more »

Whitehorse 2 songs and interview in KXCI’s Studio 2A

Canadian duo Whitehorse stopped by KXCI in November 2103. Here are two intimate songs and an interview from that live performance in Studio 2A. Whitehorse are playing Club Congress this Monday, March 23rd, 7pm. Whitehorse is the musical (and literal) marriage of singer/songwriter Melissa McClelland and guitar virtuoso Luke Doucet. As solo artists, both have… Read more »

A Film Snob’s Favorites of ’14

I’ve decided that a “best films of the year” list is an illusion. All I can really give you is a “favorite films that I saw this year” list. There are so many excellent films being made, but only a fraction of them played on a big screen here. The reason? Tucson’s one art house… Read more »


Web Week thru March 20

Support KXCI  with a new or renewing pledge today and you’ll be entered to win fabulous prizes, including an opportunity to attend a live recording of Calexico on March 24th in Studio 2a. Thanks in advance for helping us to make this our most successful Membership Drive ever. Membership is our largest single form of… Read more »


Black Swallowtail

When Petey gets done slinging binomials around he finally decides to talk about a very cool native butterfly.

Shade Trees with Trees for Tucson

    Learn about the Shade Tree program via Trees for Tucson. This week Gretchen, of The Weekly Green, talks with Rocky Yosek about how to get discounted shade trees delivered to your home! Did you know you can get shade trees for $8.00? And, you can get more trees every year!   Air dates:… Read more »


As timely as it is, Selma, the new film by Ava DuVernay, also represents a refreshing approach to historical drama. In depicting a crucial period in American history, it resists the softening that too often mars our view of the past, choosing instead to favor the pain and complexity that we tend to ignore. Selma… Read more »


HOPE, Inc. AMP Benefit at Armory Park Saturday March 14

This is your 91.3 KXCI weekend spotlight … This week we spotlight a benefit concert to support HOPE, Inc.’s newest endeavor: the Anchor Music Project (AMP) on Saturday, March 14 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Armory Park Center, 220 South 5th Ave. All ticket revenue will go toward funding AMP, which will serve… Read more »


Take my breath away

Meet Sheryl Chen, a senior at the University of Arizona. Sheryl was born and raised in Malaysia, but ten years ago moved here with her family.  She studies allergies and asthma, and the different chemicals involved in triggering asthma attacks. From cockroaches to shrimp shells, take on an experience as you discover the human respiratory system…. Read more »


U of A Jazz Combo Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only

Get ready for some amazing jazz performed live by the U of A Jazz Combo in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only on Monday, February 16th. The U of A Jazz Combo is led by Angelo Versace, the new Director Of Jazz at the University of Arizona, and the band is comprised… Read more »

Inherent Vice

You’ve heard of a shaggy dog story. Inherent Vice, the marvelous new film by Paul Thomas Anderson, is a shaggy hippie story. Joaquin Phoenix plays a stoner private detective named Doc Sportello, with wild unkempt hair and muttonchop whiskers, living in a southern California beach town in 1970. He is visited by an ex-girlfriend named… Read more »


50 Years: Tucson’s African American Community

Former Tucson vice mayor and retired Tucson Unified School District principal Charles Ford, Ph.D.; and Native Tucsonan and former president of the Dunbar Coalition and Cressworth Lander weighed in on the civil rights movement in Tucson. On January 15, 2013 The University of Arizona Library Special collections unveiled a new exhibition which reflects on 50… Read more »


Jake Gyllenhaal has done a lot of good interesting work over the years. Now he’s turned in what I would call a virtuoso performance, playing a very disturbing and unappealing character, Louis Bloom, in Nightcrawler, written and directed by David Gilroy. We first meet Lou Bloom stealing copper wire from a warehouse and slugging the… Read more »

Effective Tree Planting (Part One) With Brad Lancaster

  Gretchen of The Weekly Green talks with Brad Lancaster about tree planting in Tucson. This segment, part 1 of 2, delves into tree placement for maximum effectiveness. Brad explains tree planting should be prioritized first on the west side of your home, then east, north then finally south. He also explains why and gives some great tips…. Read more »

Human Behavior Live in Studio 2A!

Human Behavior joins Matt Milner for the second hour of Locals Only to perform live in Studio 2A on Monday, February 23rd. Listen in as Human Behavior plays music from their new album, “Bethphage” in a stripped down live setting for the first half hour, then moving in to the on-air studio to play some… Read more »


African Latinas in Colonial Arizona

Today on 30 Minutes, scholar and story teller Dr. Michael Engs tells little known stories about African Latinas in colonial Arizona. He is co-owner of Arizona Heritage Tours. He is also a volunteer with the Tucson Presidio Trust. He strives to bring the history of Black people and their extensive contributions to the settlement of… Read more »

The Great Beauty

Self-confidence doesn’t seem to be a problem for Italian director Paolo Sorrentino. His latest picture, The Great Beauty, winner of the foreign language film Oscar this year, opens with amazing audacity. After a prologue featuring a choir singing weird ethereal music near the great fountain of Acqua Paola in Rome while Japanese tourists snap photos,… Read more »

Advocates For Snake Preservation

  Gretchen of The Weekly Green interviews Melissa Amarello, Co Founder & Director of Education for Advocates for Snake Preservation. ASP’s Mission is “to use science, education, and advocacy to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes.” More from their website: “Snakes are threatened by many of the same issues that affect all wildlife, including… Read more »

4th Annual Peace Conference Flier

4th Annual Youth and Peace Conference

30 Minutes speaks with Ann Yellott, Culture of Peace Alliance Grants Coordinator, and Andrea Martinez, senior at Pueblo High School and youth chair of the Youth and Peace Conference Planning Committee. The 4th Annual Youth and Peace Conference takes place Saturday, February 21st at Higher Ground at Wakefield, 101 W. 44th St from 9am to… Read more »


Mute Swan Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only

Mute Swan joins Matt Milner live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only on Monday, February 9th 2015. Mute Swan discusses in depth the formation of the band and the creative process of writing material for their new album as well as the recording process involved, all in between sets of great… Read more »


Black Medicine Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only

Black Medicine joins Matt Milner live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only Monday, January 12th 2015. Just back in Tucson from a multi-state tour, Black Medicine discusses their history and future releases in between sets of great music! Black Medicine Facebook Black Medicine Soundcloud


Vox Urbana Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only

Vox Urbana joins Matt Milner for a long awaited live performance in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only on Monday, February 2nd, 2015. Listen to an amazing hour of live and local music from Vox Urbana, while in between sets they discuss the formation of the band, the creative process for writing their music as… Read more »

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers with Gabriel Sullivan at Rialto Theater Saturday February 14, 2015

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers with Gabriel Sullivan at Rialto Theater this Saturday February 14th Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers with Gabriel Sullivan   More information and tickets can be found at The weekend spotlight is sponsored by The Tucson Museum of Art, located downtown. Events and exhibitions can be found at TucsonMuseumOfArt.Org

Desert Harvesters with Brad Lancaster

This week, Gretchen was super-excited to talk to the amazing Brad Lancaster, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond. The whole interview is here, online @ 5:24. It was abbreviated on the radio broadcast, in the interest of time. Gretchen talks with Brad, here, about Desert Harvesters and what types of foods are edible in the… Read more »


Wild, a film by Jean-Marc Vallee, tells the story of a woman who backpacks the Pacific Crest Trail. One of the things I like about it is that it pays attention to little mundane details, like what exactly you should put in a pack, what kind of boots to wear, and how to keep yourself… Read more »

Public Service Announcement Image

PSAs for Feburary 6-13, 2015

Here are the four Public Service Announcements currently in rotation on KXCI! PSA A Living Streets Alliance announces a Kidical Mass bike ride on Saturday, February 14th at noon, starting from and returning to Blenman Elementary School, 1695 N. Country Club. There will be bike repair, helmets for youth, ice cream treats and more. Kidical… Read more »

Brian Lopez this Friday at Monterey Court February 6, 2015

Brian Lopez & Carlos Arzate & The Kind Souls  perform this Friday February 6th at Monterey Court Monterey Court Studio Galleries and Cafe 505 W Miracle Mile $10 advance  / $15 d.o.s. *All Ages Brian Lopez   Carlos Arzate & The Kind Souls open the night  – See more at: The weekend spotlight is… Read more »


In a small African village, a boy is drawn to an old woman, despite her ostracism by the village as a witch. Defying his strict father, he makes friends with her, calling her “Yaaba” (grandmother). Yaaba is also the name of the film, made in 1989 and directed by Idrissa Ouedraogo. It’s from Burkina Faso… Read more »


Prison Policy: A Crime Against Our Community Part 2

Excerpts from a December 2014 panel discussion convened by the YWCA Tucson called Prison Policy: A Crime Against Our Community. Today’s speaker is Tom Litwicki, CEO of Old Pueblo Community Services whose mission is to support those in our community who are currently struggling with addiction, homelessness, and mental health concerns, by providing dignified supportive… Read more »


Amy Mendoza Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only – Part 2

Amy Mendoza joins Matt Milner live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only on Monday, January 26th 2015. Amy discusses her upcoming album release at the Flycatcher on January 31st, the process of writing and recording the album and being the front person of the band in between sets of great music!  


Amy Mendoza Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only – Part 1

Amy Mendoza joins Matt Milner live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only on Monday, January 26th 2015. Amy discusses her upcoming album release at the Flycatcher on January 31st, the process of writing and recording the album and being the front person of the band in between sets of great music!  


“Cowboy Operetta” Concert at El Casino Ballroom Saturday January 31, 2015

“Cowboy Operetta” benefit concert event this Saturday January 31st at 7pm at The El Casino Ballroom.  “A Cowboy Operetta” Benefit Concert Featuring Cory Padilla and LeeAnne Savage Benefiting Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund – Formed by Justin Boots with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), the 501-C3 non-profit charity… Read more »


Thesis Thursday- Rockstar Science

Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, that is what Britney is studying. Though, not a UBRP Student she will be giving talks, presentations, and looks forward to do further research on cancer. For now, she researches cells and listens to Sam Smith


Thesis Thursday-I Am Iron Man

Theresa is a senior at the University of Arizona. She is studying the reproductive systems of mosquitos, mainly the iron that is used. This educational experience will leave several mosquito myths broken, while also informing you about the commitment of the average UBRP student. Later, we hear the Beatles Hey Jude and Aviccii. All this… Read more »

Water Harvesting Rebate Classes with Watershed Management Group

  This week Gretchen of The Weekly Green gets the some deets on Watershed Management Group’s H20 Harvesting classes provided by Kieran Sikdar, Program Manager @ WMG. The class is required before Tucson Water will provide a rebate. “The Tucson Water Rainwater Harversting rebate will reimburse up to $2,000 for residential rainwater-harvesting systems. This includes systems installed… Read more »


Rejoice, spring is on the way

Between the Mesquitey chickens finally laying some eggs and the point leaf  manzanita blooming in the hills, there is much excitement around the ol’ homestead.


Prison Policy: A Crime Against Our Community Part 1

 Today on 30 Minutes, we’ll hear excerpts from a December 2014 panel discussion convened by the YWCA Tucson called Prison Policy: A Crime Against Our Community. Today’s speaker is Caroline Isaacs, MSW, Program Director of Arizona American Friends Service Committee. She describes some history of US and Arizona prison policy and the impacts on our… Read more »

The Babadook

It’s good to be able to recommend a new horror film, what with all the sadistic trash that is called by that name nowadays. From Australian writer-director Jennifer Kent comes The Babadook, intelligent horror with a point. Essie Davis plays Amelia, whom we first meet dreaming about a car crash. She’s a single mom with… Read more »

MarchFourth Marching Band at Rialto Theater Saturday January 24, 2015

The Haymarket Squares and The March forth Marching Band perform Saturday January 24th at The Rialto Theatre in an all ages 8:00pm show.     March Fourth Marching Band is a mobile big band spectacular, consisting of saxophones, trombones, trumpets and a drum/percussion corps, anchored by pumping battery-powered electric bass. Stilt­walkers, dancing girls, flag twirlers, clown… Read more »


“Originate Building Materials” Locally Owned & Environmentally Friendly

Gretchen of The Weekly Green interviews Natasha Winnik of Originate Natural Building Materials.   Natasha is the owner of a Originate, which has been around for 11 years, in the Dunbar Spring Neighborhood in Downtown Tucson. “Originate is a natural building materials showroom that specializes in interior finishes that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable, and… Read more »

Plant Promote Preserve

Trees For Tucson: An Overview

This week’s segment is an interview with Rocky Yosek, Operations Coordinator for Trees for Tucson. “Trees for Tucson is an urban forestry program designed to reduce energy consumption and encourage conservation through planting trees.” TEP & Trico customers can trees purchase every year at a reduced price.   “In addition to trees and tree-planting events,… Read more »


Community Reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr. 2015

On Monday, January 19, 2015th from 7am to 6pm, KXCI will honor the legacy of the civil rights struggle by featuring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speech segments throughout the day as KXCI programmers spin a great mix of socially relevant music. KXCI has also recorded the following speakers from our community and will broadcast… Read more »



TUCSON OBSERVES MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY HOLIDAY WITH FREEDOM BELL RINGING AND 30TH ANNUAL MARCH AND FESTIVAL The Martin Luther King (MLK) Day Festival Committee is planning two events for this year’s holiday celebration. The first event will be held at El Presidio Park at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 17. The Freedom Bell Ringing… Read more »

Five Easy Pieces

Five Easy Pieces, a 1970 film by Bob Rafelson, is an important milestone in the all-too brief American cinema renaissance of the late 60s to mid-70s. And it holds a special place in my regard. If you haven’t seen it, you may nevertheless have seen the famous clip of Jack Nicholson trying to order toast… Read more »


Black Life Matters Conference

The UA Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, The Feminist Wire, Lehigh University, the Human Rights Campaign and more than 30 units across the UA campus are sponsoring the Black Life Matters Conference, which will be held January 15th-17th in Tucson. 30 Minutes spoke with three of the local conference organizers: Monica J. Casper, UA’s… Read more »


The Documented Border with Luis Alberto Urrea

In October 2014, The University of Arizona Libraries, The Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry, The UA School of Art, The UA School of Journalism, and the Center for Border and Global Journalism convened to hold an opening event for The Documented Border Exhibit and Digital Archive. Today on 30 Minutes, we’ll hear celebrated author Luis Alberto… Read more »


Desert Mule Deer

Petey finds a seep in the dry stream be of the Ol’ Guajolote and there are deer tracks in the soft mud.


Ozomatli live in KXCI’s Studio 2A

Ozomatli is playing in Tucson for the benefit Concert For Civility on Sunday, January 11th at The Rialto Theatre. To celebrate this great event we are podcasting Ozomatli’s live performance in Studio 2A from March 2014.  **(The audio stream is no longer available, it was just streaming through the weekend of the event)**  Their lively… Read more »


Celebrate Electric Feel’s 250th Show!

The KXCI staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers congratulate Corbin Dooley and Toby Roberts on Electric Feel’s 250th show. Celebrate with us on the radio this Friday, January 9th at 8:00pm on 91.3 FM and streaming at Hosted and mixed live by Corbin Dooley & Toby Roberts, Electric Feel features two hours of eclectic… Read more »


Watershed Management Group’s Co-op Program

This week on The Weekly Green, Gretchen interviews Kieran Sikdar, Program Manager at  Watershed Management Group, here in Tucson. They discuss WMG’s Co-op program. The Co-op program utilizes a “Barn Raising” model. Volunteers participate by working on a  project and then bank hours that can be used on their own project or donated to a project… Read more »


I am Andropogon

Petey jabbers on and on about  grasses and finally decides Bouteloua radicosa  (purple grama) is his favorite, at least for now .

Love is Strange / Rosewater

Two modest films for your Thanksgiving season—both inspiring gratitude in different ways. The first is called Love is Strange, kind of an awkward title for a graceful movie. John Lithgow and Alfred Molina play Ben and George, an older gay couple in New York City, who finally get married when that state comes around to… Read more »

Top 100 Albums of 2014: #25 – #1

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are in bold italics. 1) Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Give The People What They Want 2) Beck Morning Phase 3) The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream 4) Various artists KXCI Locals Only Vol. 7 5) The Black Keys Turn Blue 6) Ray… Read more »

Top 100 Albums of 2014: #26 – #50

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are in bold italics. 26) Hip Abduction Hip Abduction 27) The Poets of Rhythm Anthology 1992-2003 28) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The Speed of Things 29) London Grammar If You Wait 30) The New Pornographers Brill Bruisers 31) Bossacucanova Our Kind Of Bossa 32) Delta… Read more »

Top 100 Albums of 2014: #51 – #75

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are listed in bold italics. 51) Run Boy Run Something to Someone 52) Tennis Small Sound 53) Tinariwen Emmaar 54) Sharon Van Etten Are We There 55) Various artists A Tribute To Bob Dylan in the 80’s: Volume One 56) Ani DiFranco Allergic To Water… Read more »

Top 100 Albums of 2014: #100 – #76

As determined by airplay on KXCI during 2014. Local releases are listed in bold italics. 76) Lykke Li I Never Learn 77) Woods With Light And With Love 78) Damien Jurado Brothers & Sisters of the Eternal Son 79) Bumper Jacksons Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In 80) Jake Bugg Shangri La 81) Sweet Ghosts… Read more »

Ring in the New Year with our 100 Most Played Albums of 2014

Join us Thursday, New Year’s Day, for our countdown of the 100 Most Played Albums of 2014, starting at 7am on Your Morning Brew (91.3 FM KXCI-Tucson) and running through The Home Stretch KXCI at 6pm (with a break for Democracy Now at noon). We’ll also share songs from many of the great artists who… Read more »

Heirloom Farmers Market at Rillito Park

Gretchen of The Weekly Green chats with Roxanne Garcia, Co-Director of Heirloom Farmers Markets. They talk here, specifically about the Farmers Market at Rillito Park. This Market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9-1. Every single week. From their site: “Located in the southeast corner of the Rillito Park property right next to the… Read more »



Petey Mesquitey sees some interesting plants while hiking and gets very excited. What’s new?

Listen Up Philip

Senses of humor vary widely. Mine is decidedly offbeat, and I don’t often see comedies that match it perfectly. I remember with the satisfaction of hindsight being the only person in a theater laughing at The Big Lebowski, which of course later became a cult classic. I’m saying all this to prepare you for my… Read more »

Buffelgrass and Burritos; A Fun Volunteer Opportunity!!!

  Diana Rhoades on The Weekly Green with Gretchen about an upcoming event called Buffelgrass and Burritos.Details on the event below.Listen to the informative segment to find out why Buffelgrass is soooooo very bad for the Sonoran Desert, in and around Tucson.  Friends of “A” Mountain, Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center,… Read more »

Dear White People

Race is something we should be able to talk about honestly in this country, but of course it is so charged as a topic that many just avoid it. Up and coming young writer-director Justin Simien cleverly solves this problem by using satire instead of heavy-handed drama in his first feature, provocatively titled, Dear White… Read more »


Local First Arizona

An interview on The Weekly Green, with Local First AZ‘s Southern Arizona Director, Erika Mitnik-White.   When you buy local during the holidays, it has a huge impact on the community. Up to 4x more money stays our community when you buy local. Learn more by listening to the informative podcast, here! Air dates for this… Read more »


Remembering The Christmas Truce of 1914

30 Minutes features Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA) president Sat Bir Kaur Khalsa and Hannis Latham, from Tucson Chapter 13 from Veterans for Peace. The two groups are collaborating to show the film Joyeux Noel which tells the story of the 1914 Christmas Truce which took place during World War I between the Allies and… Read more »

Sonic Solstice 2103 Cameron Hood and Cahrlie Alderink

13th Annual Sonic Solstice on KXCI Community Radio

KXCI’s 13th Annual Sonic Solstice is a 4 hour live broadcast with a heavenly host of live in Studio 2A local musical acts. KXCI invites you to tune in to KXCI from 5 to 9 pm on Monday, December 15th for the 13th Annual Sonic Solstice. Locals Only host Matt Milner and seasoned KXCI Djs… Read more »


Thesis Thursday Just Around the Brain Bend

This Thesis Thursday we are introduced to Adele Koutia. Adele is majoring in physiology and neuroscience which entails studying parts of the brain. The specific part that Adele finds most intriguing is the hippocampus. The hippocampus as described holds much resemblance to an internal GPS, helping you to remember a certain path that may lead to… Read more »

91.3 FM KXCI Community Radio Transitions to New Leadership

TUCSON (December 12, 2014) — As KXCI Community Radio General Manager Randy Peterson steps down to pursue other interests, the KXCI Board of Directors mounts a national search for new leadership. After 15 years of service and leadership – six of those years as general manager – Peterson is considering new leadership roles and opportunities of his own in… Read more »


From the Brain to the Mouth

Today on Thesis Thursday we meet Chris Vance, who’s studying to be a neurosurgeon.  This entails him studying language, its connection to the brain, and how nuance in a voice can change the meaning behind your vocals drastically. This story is not only informative, but motivational as we learn what made a little boy go… Read more »


Magic, Madness, Heaven, Algae

On this edition of Thesis Thursday we meet Paola Lopez, otherwise known as Andy.  Andy is a junior a the university of Arizona and is perusing a double major in Math and Chemical Engineering. In years previous she attended Columbia University, working with bovine joint muscles to learn more about arthritis. Now, under a UBRP… Read more »


Wight Lhite Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only KXCI pt. 2

On December 8, 2014 Wight Lhite joined Matt Milner live in Studio 2A to share tracks from their debut album. Wight Lhite celebrates the release of “Beyond the Satellites” on Thursday December 11 at The Flycatcher. Melding psychedelic guitar rock, post-punk, and twitchy, analog synths sound, this relatively new Tucson group has already made waves,… Read more »


Wight Lhite Live in Studio 2A on Locals Only KXCI pt.1

On December 8, 2014 Wight Lhite joined Matt Milner live in Studio 2A to share tracks from their debut album. Wight Lhite celebrates the release of “Beyond the Satellites” on Thursday December 11 at The Flycatcher. Melding psychedelic guitar rock, post-punk, and twitchy, analog synths sound, this relatively new Tucson group has already made waves,… Read more »


I love seeing a big American film that does something new and original. Birdman, the new film by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, not only does that, but sticks its tongue out at all the old, derivative unoriginal Hollywood junk littering our screens at the same time. It’s hard to predict how such an approach will do… Read more »


Nature Cures

Petey thinks that being out in the wild is good for children and adults as well. What?!

Conserve to Enhance/C2E

  Gretchen of The Weekly Green chats with Emily Brott of Conserve to Enhance otherwise known as C2E. Emily explains how you can conserve to enhance in Tucson. “Conserve to Enhance (C2E) is a program that links water conservation efforts to watershed restoration and enhancement, ensuring that your water savings benefit our community. Tucson Water,… Read more »


Borderlands Productions, Queer Migrations, and Counter Movements Part 2

Today on 30 Mintues, Excerpts from the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books Nuestras Raices, a program of the Pima County Library sponsored the panel entitled Borderlands Productions, Queer Migrations, and Counter Movements. Today, we continue with the second half of the panel, and the second portion of a presentation by Adela C. Licona, Associate Professor… Read more »


Mexican June Corn

Petey thinks seeds have stories and the Mexican June corn that a young farmer is growing will have some stories to tell. Let’s listen.

Rosemary’s Baby

I like to joke that horror movies don’t scare me any more; what scares me is the news. It’s true, though, that there are very few films that have succeeded in frightening me since I became an adult. One example that did and that I strongly recommend is from 1968: Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman… Read more »