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Tony Plak – Artist, muralista, community organizer and co-founder of Nogaleria

March 18, 2022
KXCI Community Radio
KXCI Community Radio
Tony Plak - Artist, muralista, community organizer and co-founder of Nogaleria

We are proud to present our first Spanish language episode of Artistories. To listen to an English-translated version of the podcast, click the link in our bio and locate the audio track on the bottom of the podcast description.

In this episode, Ammi Robles has a conversation with Tony Plak – Artist, muralista, community organizer, and co-founder of Nogaleria. Ammi begins the conversation by congratulating Tony and Nogaleria on their Project Creosote award. Tony shares about the grassroots organization and details about the community-driven project that will take place this year. Then he shares childhood memories of witnessing family members in creative professions such as architects and make-up artists and how he admired his grandfather’s exceptional drawing skills. We also hear about the first time Tony was exposed to the world of graffiti art and earning his degree in architecture at the University of Sonora and how that training prepared him for a career as a public artist. Later in the podcast, Tony shares his artistic influences, what moves him as an artist, and his best advice for emerging artists!

To hear all this more, listen to the full-length Spanish podcast by clicking the link above!

To listen to the English translated version, click below!

To listen to the mini podcast, click below!


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