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Prudence Katze: Filmmaker, Sound Producer, and Borderlands Advocate

May 22, 2023
Prudence Katze: Filmmaker, Sound Producer, and Borderlands Advocate

In the latest episode of Artistories we dive deep into the artistic journey of filmmaker, sound producer, and borderlands advocate, Prudence Katze.

Prudence begins by describing her her path as a filmmaker, her inspiration and struggles behind her documentary The Iron Triangle, her adventures in the borderlands during Covid times, and her eye-opening experience filming Una Linea—a film that explores the desert communities of Sonora, MX, and Arizona, USA and how it is being affected by politics.

Katze’s artistic journey takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself drawn to the borderlands after the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic and the decisions taken by the US administration at the time to impose physical and figurative borders. Through her lens, she uncovers the beauty and struggles of overlapping communities living in the borderlands, blurring the lines between physical landscapes and symbolic meanings.

She also discusses her upcoming film, Una Linea, an exploration of the borderlands seen through the eyes of wildlife experts, border advocates, local filmmakers and her new friends who helped bring this thought-provoking project to life.

To listen to all this and more, access the full episode above.To listen the the mini episode, click below.

José Manuel Pérez Cantú, Conservation Director of Cuenca Los Ojos, surveys the damage from the newly built border wall while standing next to the Silver Creek wash in Agua Prieta Municipality, Sonora. Screenshot of video taken in June 2021. Filmed by Sebastián Leyva Save for Una Línea
A Bobcat running along the border wall, near San Bernadino National Wildlife Refuge – about 20 miles east of Douglas, Arizona. Screenshot of video taken in May 2021. Filmed by Prudence Katze.
Looking into Sonora, Mexico from the broken flood gates at Silver Creek wash. The gates were built to swing open, inward, into the USA. The force of late summer monsoon rains swelled the wash into a powerful torrent and the water pushed the gates off the hinges. Parts of the gates were forced into Mexico – as litter. This ruined section was finished on November 11, 2020 – not even a year from when this was filmed. Screenshot of video taken in August 2021.Filmed by Eryc Rodriguez for Una Línea.
A view of a lone section of wall high up in Guadalupe Pass. This was filmed in early January 2021 and border wall construction, which includes spending millions of dollars dynamiting in remote regions, continued until a week after President Biden’s inauguration. Video Screenshot. Filmed by Prudence Katze.
Behind the scenes photo of Director of Photographer Ammi Robles and Prudence Katze conducting an interview in the Sky Island Alliance’s Springs Specialist, Ángel Octavio Garcia Godinez. The interview was conducted in his hometown of Esqueda, Sonora, MX. June 2022


About Prudence Katze:

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Prudence Katze is an artist and urbanist who is invested in telling stories that make visible the layered histories of political infrastructures and local community resistance. She is an adjunct professor at Cochise College who is also working towards an MFA at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Prudence is currently in post-production on UNA LÍNEA, a feature length, documentary film. The film will explore how the varied, desert communities and ecosystems of the borderlands intersect with the destructive intent of the southern border wall, with a focus on the states of Sonora, MX and Arizona, USA.

She is a co-director of The Iron Triangle: Willets Point and the Remaking of New York. Premiering at the 2017 DOC NYC film festival, it tells the story of how a how a Queens, NYC neighborhood falls victim to the vision of City officials.

She received a BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and a Masters in Urban Planning from the City University of New York’s Hunter College.

Advocacy,   Border issues,   borderlands,   filmmaking,   Migration,   wildlife conservation,   women artist,  


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