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Anna Flores: Border dwelling poet & Arts Foundation Team Member

June 5, 2023
Anna Flores: Border dwelling poet & Arts Foundation Team Member

Join us as we dive into the world of art and community with the talented Anna Flores! In this episode, Anna takes us on a captivating journey through her life, art, and exciting projects, like Open Studio Tours.

Anna shares her story about growing up in Nogales, Arizona, a border town that has shaped her perspective as an artist. Her unique upbringing has influenced her creative process and fueled her passion for art, something she has in common with her colleagues and Artistories’ hosts, Jenea and Ammi.

Flores reveals the inner workings of the renowned Open Studio Tours program by the Arts Foundation, where local Tucson artists open their studios to the public. She shares her experiences leading this year’s iteration and what made it truly exceptional compared to previous years.

As she wraps up the episode, Anna opens up about what she has in store for future projects and the art community, what moves hear as a creative and eye opening advice for emerging artists.

Listen to the full episode above! To listen the the mini episode, click below.

About Anna:

I’m a border-dwelling poet and writer born in Nogales, Arizona. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Arizona State University where I currently teach English & Composition. My recent awards and honors include a 2021 Swarthout Award in Writing, a 2021 Center for Imagination in the Borderlands Creative Research Fellowship, and a 2020 Mabelle A. Lyon Poetry Award. You can read my most recent published work in Red Tree Review and Columbia Journal’s upcoming issue.

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