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Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb — Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

July 21, 2019
KXCI Community Radio
KXCI Community Radio
Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb -- Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures
Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb


Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures


In this episode we hear from Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb, Executive Director of the Mini Time Machine, Museum of Miniatures, and an artist in her own right; painting, drawing and working in mixed media. She describes the Mini to us, one of the only three museums in the United States dedicated to the art and craft of miniatures. We addresses some of the lesser known aspects of miniatures, and recount how Founders Patricia and Walter Arnell started with a collection, then a vision, and now, in 2019, the museum they founded turns ten years old! The party will be Sept. 1, and everyone’s invited. 

Lisa tells stories about some remarkable artists who have been exhibited at the Mini, including Salavat Fidai (On Point: Sculptures on the Tips of Lead Pencils), Ray Materson (Sins and Needles) and local Dave Cummins, (Envisioning Bugatti.)

Lisa also describes ways the museum has increased accessibility for people who might have economic or disability barriers to visiting.

We discuss briefly how working at the Mini has impacted Lisa’s own art; and she generously offers advice for people interested in the world of museum work.

Listen to the podcast by clicking above.  To listen to the Mini Program, click below!

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