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Chris Seidman – Unscrewed Theater

June 9, 2019
KXCI Community Radio
KXCI Community Radio
Chris Seidman - Unscrewed Theater
Chris Seidman


In this episode, Chris Seidman, Executive Director of Unscrewed Theater, talks about his unexpected path to improv,  including the year he moved from California to Tucson (not a typo) and discovered Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed. He describes the arduous schedule of the troupe in their early days, bouncing all over town before they got a brick and mortar theater. Seidman remembers The Grill tater-tots as a fundamental part of those gritty times. We explore the question of what kind of people do improv and at the end of the podcast, we even play an improv game (ABC) right in Studio 2B.  Seidman describes the dynamics of an improv family and the gifts of improv, that range from helping trial lawyers think on their feet to helping people learn to make and commit to choices quickly.

To listen to the Mini Program, click below. To listen to the full-length podcast, click above.

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