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Carlos Gutiérrez — Cinema Tucsón

October 11, 2021
KXCI Community Radio
KXCI Community Radio
Carlos Gutiérrez -- Cinema Tucsón
Carlos Gutiérrez

In this episode we hear from Carlos Gutiérrez, co-programmer of Cinema Tucson and co-founding director of Cinema Tropical. Carlos tells us about Cinema Tucson (the newest iteration of Tucson Cine Mexico) and the upcoming screening on Oct. 17 at The Fox Tucson Theater. We also talk about what Carlos looks for in a film, Mexican cinema history and present, how Carlos came to co-create Cinema Tropical 20 years ago and how he stuck it out! We talk about the juxtaposition of New York City’s cultural scene with Tucson’s (as Carlos lives in both worlds) and a bit about how COVID affected film production and film watching.

For all this and more, click above and listen to the full-length podcast! To listen to the mini program, click below!

Music: from LA MUJER MURCIÉLAGO (1968) Soundtrack

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