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Allison Latham-Jones — Stylist and Heritage Sewist

September 30, 2021
Allison Latham-Jones -- Stylist and Heritage Sewist

In this episode we hear from stylist and heritage sewist, Allison Latham-Jones. Allison talks about what sets her apart as a stylist and how her artistic eye comes into play. We talks about points of intersection between fashion, creative expression, performance, advocacy and more.  Allison also talks about the freedom she feels upon taking fashion into her own hands with the sewing machine, and the relationship between art, craft and business as a stylist. Allison also talks about her grandmother, her “artistic root,” and how she became a stylist. Lastly, we talk about how  COVID has impacted people’s bodies and their fashion and Allison shares some powerful client stories that will make you re-think your relationship with your body and the freedom to wear what you want.

Allison also recommends these additional resources for more information on racial justice:
Me and White Supremacy workbook
Me and White Supremacy — the book

Rachel Cargle’s #Dothework Challenge and the Great Unlearn: “Monthly self-paced, self-priced learning collective, committed to celebrating and highlighting the genius of academics of colour. We have created an online learning platform rooted in providing resources and critical discourse to aid in unlearning. I believe that knowledge leads to action. The Great Unlearn platform is used to both provide education and inspire meaningful action.”

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