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The Gwich’in Steering Committee on Our Arctic Refuge

The Gwich’in Nation has relied on the area known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for survival for millennia. Three members of the Gwich’in Steering Committee traveled from the Arctic across the desert Southwest to tell their story and to meet others with similar struggles. Bernadette Demientieff, Jeneen Frei Njootli, and James Nathaniel, Jr. stopped by the KXCI studios while they were in Tucson… Read more »

Fleet Foxes Ticket Giveaway Contest

Thanks to gifts from KXCI members, we’re not bound to the narrow playlists you hear on Top 40 radio. You can enjoy icons like Jackson Browne and Van Morrison right next to newer artists such as Neko Case and Charles Bradley throughout the day on KXCI. Seattle folk-rockers Fleet Foxes appreciate the classics, too. Neil… Read more »

KXCI Music Director Duncan Hudson’s Best of 2016

Wow, with 2016 came a ton of music to KXCI and here are some of my favorites – Duncan  LOCAL Ohioan – Empty / Every Mountain XIXA – Bloodline Laura and the Killed Men – Everchanging Trail Orkesta Mendoza – Vamos A Guarachar! The Mission Creeps – Friday Night Creep Out  NATIONAL Michael Kiwanuka –… Read more »

Your Morning Brew – Featured Album of the Week – Feb. 6th-10th

This week on KXCI’s  Your Morning Brew, Jim Blackwood is featuring three albums of artists that all have Tucson connections. The Featured Album of the Week: Chuck Prophet – Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins The latest album from Tucson adopted son, Chuck was in Green On Red, comes out Friday, February 10th. It’s another… Read more »

KXCI’s Top 100 Albums of 2016

On December 30th we played KXCI’s Top 100 albums of 2016. This list was compiled from ALL the KXCI playlists for every show during 2016. Therefore this list represents all the DJ’s and their collective favorite new releases, as they actually played them throughout the year. Looking forward to a great year of music in… Read more »

Staff Best-of Lists: Dave Paiz of Bat Country Radio

Bat Country Radio airs from midnight on Thursdays till 2 a.m. on Friday and focuses on a free-form celebration of rock, metal, and punk for the sleepless and scatterbrained. Click through to read host Dave Paiz’s top picks for 2016.

KXCI’s 2016 Top Local Releases

KXCI’s 2016 Top Local Releases Tucson has a local music scene that we are happy to show off here at KXCI. What better place to celebrate local music then right here right now? Here’s a handy list of recommended local 2016 releases (in no particular order) for your listening pleasure. Foxx Bodies – Foxx Bodies… Read more »

Bridgitte Thum’s 2016 Top Tunes and Moments

My name is Bridgitte Thum and I have something to say! Sure, we had a crummy year, but remember the good times! Some amazing things happened in 2016, in the midst of all the uncertainty, death and chaos, there were some memories that will always sparkle. So, Bridgitte, what are you smiling about? Bridgitte Thum’s… Read more »

Locals Only- Run Boy Run

    Locals Only- Run Boy Run Live In studio 2A Locals Only KXCI is proud to welcome Run Boy Run to Studio 2a for a Live on air performance. Existing in the tension between tradition and frontier, Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest winner and Prairie Home Companion guest, Run Boy Run, truly exceeds the… Read more »

Bridgitte Thum’s Top 10 Songs for a Silly Mood

This is a stressful time in an already crazy year. I’m Bridgitte Thum, and I am not a doctor or anything- but I believe we can all use a little break from the heavy stuff every now and then. “Everything in moderation” they say- and hopefully that includes seriousness- Here’s an idea: Find some kids- and… Read more »

On Demand: Darlingside Live in Studio 2A

Darlingside Hear Darlingside performing live into a single microphone when they stopped by Studio 2A on November 9, 2015. They were opening for Patty Griffin then and are now on a solo tour. Darlingside  plays Club Congress on Sunday November 13th, KXCI Presents! Click to stream and share.  

On Demand: The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart recently stopped by The Home Stretch to perform a very special, intimate acoustic set. Click now to listen to the full session and interview with THS host Hannah Levin. Photo by Jpop.

Belle & Sebastian – Tigermilk – KXCI Classic Pick

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – TIGERMILK Released June 6, 1996 – 20 years ago Belle & Sebastian’s debut initially was released in a quantity of only 1000, intended as the final project of a music business course. It became an unexpected word-of-mouth sensation in the UK and was re-released in 1999 after the critical success of… Read more »

On Demand: Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop

It was a true joy to have Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop in Studio 2A this past Memorial Day. On tour in support of their new album, Love Letter For Fire, the pair stopped by to do a session for The Home Stretch prior to their show that evening at the Rialto. Hosted by Hannah… Read more »

Run DMC – Raising Hell – KXCI Classic Pick

RUN-D.M.C. – RAISING HELL  Released May 15, 1986 – 30 years ago Run-D.M.C.’s third release was the group’s greatest commercial success, and reflects a massive sea change in pop-culture and music. Unlike most earlier rap releases focused on rhythm, it offered layered drum loops, guitars, scratching, and other sounds to create incredibly hooky melodies and… Read more »

Celebrating 40 Years of Punk Music

The British Library is celebrating 40 years of Punk Rock music with a special exhibition “Punk 1976-78”, exploring the formative years of this musical phenomenon. Drawing from the Library’s extensive archives, the exhibition will feature a range of rare fanzines, unique flyers, exclusive audio recordings and original record sleeves, many of which have never been… Read more »

On Demand: Lee Harvey Osmond

We were pleasantly blown away by the in-studio performance by Lee Harvey Osmond during The Home Stretch on May 10. The dark-hearted, acid-tinged Canadian roots rock outfit was configured as a father-son duo between leader Tom Wilson and his equally talented son, Thompson Wilson, who has also collaborated with former Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell. Click… Read more »

On Demand: Eddie Spaghetti and Jesse Dayton

No foolin’! Supersuckers frontman Eddie Spaghetti and Americana maverick Jesse Dayton stopped by The Home Stretch on April 1 before their joint performance at Congress that evening. Eddie and Jesse have a long history of creative collaboration, so their set is a mixture of those shared stories and songs. Hosted by Hannah Levin.

Smashing Pumpkins – Gish – KXCI Classic Pick

SMASHING PUMPKINS – GISH Released May 28, 1991 – 25 years ago The Smashing Pumpkins debut initially met with only minor commercial success, but grew to be very influential album. Arriving several months before Nirvana’s Nevermind, it was one of the first shots in the 90s alternative revolution, helping establish the grunge movement, and shaped… Read more »

The Fixx – Reach the Beach – KXCI Classic Pick

THE FIXX – REACH THE BEACH Released May 15, 1983 – 33 years ago The Fixx’s sophomore effort represents their most commercially successful release, and is generally considered their best album. It features polished, well-produced, and immediately accessible synth pop/new wave.  While sounding somewhat dated now, the album still has a very hip vibe and… Read more »

Blur – Parklife – KXCI Classic Pick

BLUR – PARKLIFE Released April 25, 1994 – 22 years ago Blur’s third studio album runs the gamut of late 60s-mid 80s British musical styles, including psychedelia, synth pop, early punk, garage rock, new wave and indie pop. Hugely successful in the UK upon release, it was initially only a modest underground sensation in the… Read more »

Beastie Boys – Check Your Head – KXCI Classic Pick

BEASTIE BOYS – CHECK YOUR HEAD Released April 21, 1992 – 24 years ago The Beastie Boy’s third studio album is a DIY, lo-fi whirlwind tour through 70s and 80s pop-culture references filtered through a rap-funk-punk lens, with nods to Hüsker Dü, the Minutemen, Booker T. & the MGs, and Curtis Mayfield, as much as… Read more »

The Zombies – Odessey And Oracle – KXCI Classic Pick

THE ZOMBIES – ODESSEY AND ORACLE Released April 19, 1968- 48 years ago The Zombies’ sophomore studio release is generally considered the band’s best and one of the most enduring and influential albums to come out of the late ‘60s British psychedelic movement. Combining airy choruses, trippy melodies, and ornate keyboard-centric orchestration, it easily stands… Read more »

Hole – Live Through This – KXCI Classic Pick

HOLE – LIVE THROUGH THIS Released April 12, 1994 – 22 years ago Hole’s second release met near-unanimous critical acclaim, and came on the heels of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Markedly different from the band’s debut, rumors circulated Cobain acted as ghostwriter. While these rumors have never been substantiated, there’s no denying Nirvana’s start-stop dynamics, gripping… Read more »

They Might Be Giants Interview

KXCI DJ Melissa Mauzy sits down for a 30 minute phone interview with They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh. The entire unedited interview is here! John discusses the facts like the history of They Might Be Giants, and what they have in store for the Tucson March 29th show at the Rialto Theatre. The interview… Read more »

Valley Girl: Music From The Soundtrack – KXCI Classic Pick

VARIOUS ARTISTS – VALLEY GIRL: MUSIC FROM THE SOUNDTRACK Film Released April, 1983  – 33 years ago Soundtrack Released 1994 – 22 years ago One of the earliest and most influential 80s teen flicks featured a killer soundtrack that serves as a primer in new wave. Music rights access and budget overruns prevented a soundtrack… Read more »

On-Demand: XIXA in Studio 2A

Last week hometown heroes XIXA stopped by Studio 2A to deliver and electrifying live set and chat with Home Stretch host Hannah Levin. Click to listen to the full performance and interview now!

The Go-Betweens – Liberty Bell and the Black Diamond Express – KXCI Classic Pick

THE GO-BETWEENS – LIBERTY BELL AND THE BLACK DIAMOND EXPRESS Released March, 1986 – 30 years ago The Go-Between’s fourth studio release combines jangly indie-pop, post-punk sensibility, and excellent songwriting. Jam-packed with wistful melodies and shimmering guitar riffs, melancholy never sounded so good. Considered one of this indie-underground band’s greatest, it gets better and better… Read more »

Peggy Lee – Black Coffee – KXCI Classic Pick

PEGGY LEE – BLACK COFFEE Released early 1956 – 60 years ago Lee’s first true full-length, originally released in the 10” format in 1953 and later re-released with four additional songs as a 12” in 1956, is a primer in torch songs, characterized by slow-burn sultriness and class. Her alluring vocals, measured deliberate delivery, and… Read more »

Celebrate International Women’s Day with KXCI: March 6 and March 8

International Women’s Day Special Programming on Sunday, March 6th from 3pm-6pm and Tuesday, March 8th from 5am-10pm on 91.3 KXCI Tucson is made possible in part by generous support from Marshall Foundation. KXCI Commemorates International Women’s Day with a great lineup of our women public affairs programmers, djs, special community guests and lots of fantastic music… Read more »

Steve Earle – Guitar Town – KXCI Classic Pick

STEVE EARLE – GUITAR TOWN Released March 5, 1986 – 30 years ago Earle’s solo debut, straddling country and rock before terms like and Americana were coined, is equal parts outlaw country, folk, and Springsteen-styled rock ‘n’ roll. Confident with near flawless songwriting, it stands as one of the Earle’s best, and arguably is… Read more »

On Demand: Bobby Rush

The magnificent living legend Bobby Rush stopped by KXCI to chat with Home Stretch host Hannah Levin about his 50-plus year career as a hard-working bluesman and rivetingly ribald entertainer. Click now to listen to the full interview and hear him play a song live in the booth!

Shonen Knife – Yama-no Attchan – KXCI Classic Pick

SHONEN KNIFE – YAMA-NO ATTCHAN Released May 1984 in Japan* – 31-32 years ago *I’m not sure what month it was released in the US, but recording started in February of 1984. Shonen Knife’s sophomore release, recorded almost entirely in Japanese, combines early punk alá The Ramones and a 60s-styled Phil Spector girl group sound… Read more »

On Demand: Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils

Last month, veteran road warrior and golden-voiced songwriter Ian Moore stopped by The Home Stretch with his Lossy Coils band prior to their show that night at Congress. Click now to listen to their full performance and interview with THS host Hannah Levin, recorded live in Studio 2A.  

Bee Gees – Spirit Has Flown – KXCI Classic Pick

BEE GEES – SPIRITS HAVING FLOWN Released February 5, 1979- 37 years ago The Bee Gee’s fifteenth studio album and first release following the smash Saturday Night Fever soundtrack sold 20 million copies worldwide. It is generally considered the last great record from their disco phase, showcasing superb falsettos and some of the most ambitions… Read more »

XIXA – Killer – US radio premiere from Bloodlines

KXCI hosts the US radio premiere of “Killer” from XIXA‘s debut full length Bloodline on The Home Stretch. Released February 26, 2016 on Barbès Records, Bloodline melds elements of southwestern inspired desert rock with the psychedelic cumbia stylings born out of the Peruvian Amazon. XIXA hails from the Tucson indie rock scene—core members Brian Lopez… Read more »

Dinosaur JR. – Green Mind – KXCI Classic Pick

DINOSAUR JR. – GREEN MIND Released February 19, 1991- 25 years ago Dinosaur Jr.’s fourth studio release sheds their earlier and noisier punk urgency for a slower, more melodic vibe without ditching their trademarked quirky lyrics backed by distorted, crunchy folk-rock-meets-grunge on acid sound. While sometimes overshadowed by their earlier SST releases, Green Mind stands… Read more »

Ruby’s Roadhouse Celebrates Mardi Gras

This just in from Ruby: Bonjour Y’all — Just wanted you to know that I have a MARDI GRAS special show planned for this Saturday, Feb. 6 on Ruby’s Roadhouse. The show – I’ve been doing these for 20 years now – will follow a progression of Louisiana Mardi Gras celebrations, starting out in the country with Cajun… Read more »

Pretty In Pink Soundtrack – KXCI Classic Pick

VARIOUS ARTISTS – PRETTY IN PINK ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK Released February 28, 1986 – 30 years ago While most 80s teen flicks were full of vapid, corporate-rock filler, the soundtrack accompanying John Hughes’ teen-romance opus, Pretty In Pink, features one of the finest new wave anthologies to ever accompany a movie. The Classic Pick… Read more »

Gerry Rafferty – City To City – KXCI Classic Pick

GERRY RAFFERTY – CITY TO CITY Released January 20 1978- 38 years ago Rafferty’s sophomore solo release was his most successful commercially and critically, and is generally considered his best. Recalling singer-songwriters like Harry Nilsson, Jackson Browne, and soft-rock acts like Steely Dan, Rafferty’s lyrics and arrangements are slow burns that grow from 70s nostalgia… Read more »

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On – KXCI Classic Pick

MARVIN GAYE – WHAT’S GOING ON Released May 21, 1971- 44 years ago (“What’s Going On” single released January, 1971 – 45 yrs ago) The eleventh studio release and first album produced by Gaye himself, What’s Going On is a concept album from the point of view of a returning Vietnam vet facing a bad… Read more »

Gram Parsons – Grevious Angel – KXCI Classic Pick

GRAM PARSONS – GRIEVOUS ANGEL Released January 1974- 42 years ago Recorded just weeks before his overdose death, Parsons 2nd solo album is essentially a duet release with Emmylou Harris who sings on all but one song. Considered one of the best releases in an absolutely stellar catalogue, Grievous Angel helped lay the groundwork for… Read more »

Electric Feel’s Top 10 For 2015

As bandmates and co-hosts of Electric Feel (Fridays from 8-10 p.m.), Corbin Dooley and are constantly immersing themselves in the best new electronica and beat-driven music they can find. Here are their favorites from 2015: Bob Moses “Like It Or Not” (2015) on Domino Percussions “Digital Arpeggios” (2015) on Text Bicep “Just” (2015)… Read more »

Kris Kerry’s Favorite 25 Albums of 2015

As the booker of the Rialto, Kris Kerry listens to and sees more bands than your average Tucsonan. He also volunteers for the station in a unique capacity. In addition to reviewing CDs, he also researches and delivers the classic pick of the week. It’s no surprise then, that’s he delivered more than a top… Read more »

Rose Lady’s Top 10

Rose Lady is the host of Rosie’s Rhythm Room (Tuesday evenings from 8 till 10 p.m.). Her show focuses on a great mix of swing-billy, honky tonk-twang, roots rock n’ blues and her Top 10 for 2015 reflects her seasoned tastes: Ashley Monroe, The Blade “She is the gal who launched the powerhouse girl group, The… Read more »

KXCI’s Top 100 Albums of 2015

On New Year’s Day KXCI did a countdown from 7am to 6pm of the top 100 most played albums of 2015. This list was compiled by looking at all the KXCI DJ’s playlists over a year’s worth of airplay, 24 hours a day. Number one was Edge of the Sun by Calexico. There were 18… Read more »

Bridgitte Thum’s Endearing, Eclectic Top 10s

When I asked KXCI’s programmers to break the mold of typical top ten lists when reflecting on the music that moved them in 2015, it was no surprise to me that Bridgitte immediately responded with two unconventional and entertaining lists. As a stand-up comedian about town, a Morning Music Mix DJ (Wednesdays 10am till noon),… Read more »

Membership Director Michelle Boulet-Stephenson’s Top 10 Rollerskating Backwards Songs of 2015

When she’s not wrangling all the critical elements that keep KXCI’s membership support base thriving or holding down the Afternoon Music Mix on Fridays from 1-3 p.m., Michelle is on a never-ending quest to find the perfect “Rollerskating Backwards Song.” What precisely does this mean? I’ll let the lady herself articulate her personal definition:  … Read more »

DJ and Traffic Director Melissa Mauzy’s Top 10 Musical Moments of 2015

Melissa Mauzy’s Top 10 Musical Moments of 2015 In addition to directing underwriting traffic for KXCI, holding down The Music Mix from 10 a.m. till noon on Tuesdays and running independent label Baby Gas Mask Records with her husband Seth, Melissa recently launched Fathoming Water, a podcast focused on the intricacies of water and diversely related topics including… Read more »

Hex Enduction Hours Best of 2015

2015 was yet another awesome year for punk, post-punk, and especially noise-rock. This year saw the return of old favorites, current bands continuing their musical evolution, and yet others debuting and making their presence known. As your host of this sonic gauntlet Thursday nights from 10pm to midnight, I present the Hex Enduction Hours best of… Read more »

Rusty Boulet-Stephenson’s 11 Favorite New Albums of 2015

As host of The Current each Friday, Rusty makes his mark at the station by incorporating visiting guests every week, everyone from local treasure Bob Log to progressive, art-loving Senator Steve Farley. He seeks to engage guests on whatever is truly current and meaningful in their lives, weaving in a diverse playlist comprised of his… Read more »

Underwriting Director Leah Rhey’s Top 10 Live Covers of 2015

 Leah heads up KXCI’s underwriting with grace and finesse, working with wonderful business and organizations to help nurture the impact of independent radio in our community through underwriting support. She’s also a passionate music fan with a specific fondness for well-executed covers. “I spend a lot of music time with BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge,” says Leah…. Read more »

Peter Murphy – Deep – KXCI Classic Pick

PETER MURPHY – DEEP Released: December 19 1989 – 26 years ago The third solo release by the former Bauhaus front man represents Murphy’s most commercially successful and is generally considered his best. Showcasing the dramatic power of his commanding voice and literate lyrics, Deep balances mass indie rock appeal with a brooding gothic sensibility… Read more »

Cowboy Junkies – The Trinity Sessions – KXCI Classic Pick

  COWBOY JUNKIES – THE TRINITY SESSIONS Released: Early 1988 – 27 years ago Recorded in one day with a single microphone inside a 150 year old Toronto church, The Trinity Session is not only considered one of the band’s best but was also groundbreaking. There weren’t too many late 80s indie bands playing slow,… Read more »

George Harrison – All Things Must Pass – KXCI Classic Pick

GEORGE HARRISON – ALL THINGS MUST PASS Released November 27, 1970 – 45 years ago Harrison’s third solo release, drawing on his backlog of unused late Beatles-era compositions, is widely considered his best studio album. Lush, sweeping arrangements support haunting melodies and introspective lyrics in this spiritual exploration. A masterful work that reveals more and… Read more »

Etta James – At Last! – KXCI Classic Pick

ETTA JAMES – AT LAST! Released: November 15, 1960 – 55 years ago The studio debut by soul-blues legend, Etta James, stands as one of the artist’s best, most commercially successful, and varied releases, showcasing blues, r&b, and jazz standards. Vocally astounding, James can move from powerful growls to delicate, airy phrasing. A true classic… Read more »

The Sound – Jeopardy – KXCI Classic Pick

THE SOUND – JEOPARDY Released: November 1980 – 35 years ago At the vanguard of the UK post-punk scene with Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen, the Sound’s studio debut is one of the most criminally overlooked albums of the early 80s. This despite receiving glowing reviews by many critics of the time and… Read more »

Tribute to Allen Toussaint on Ruby’s Roadhouse, Saturday Nov. 14

Tribute show to Allen Toussaint New Orleans artist Allen Toussaint was a legend for many reasons: he was a singer, songwriter, producer, musical arranger and above all a superb pianist. He was responsible for helping to create the “sound of New Orleans” music since the 1950’s. He died this past week while on tour in… Read more »

Junior Wells’ Chicago Blues Band – Hoodoo Man Blues – KXCI Classic Pick

JUNIOR WELLS’ CHICAGO BLUES BAND – HOODOO MAN BLUES Released 1965* – 50 years ago Wells’ debut is widely regarded as his best release and essential listening for lovers of Chicago blues. Featuring Buddy Guy on electric guitar and Wells’ scorching harmonica work, it’s considered one of the very first studio recordings to capture the… Read more »

The Velvet Underground – Loaded – KXCI Classic Pick

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – LOADED Released: November 1970 – 45 years ago The Velvet Underground’s 4th studio release, major label debut, and first commercially successful album features more polished production than previous releases in order to appeal to a larger market. Despite the polish it’s every bit as brilliant as the band’s earlier work, featuring… Read more »

Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine – KXCI Classic Pick

NINE INCH NAILS – PRETTY HATE MACHINE Released October 20, 1989 – 26 years ago Virtually ignored upon its release, NIN’s debut eventually grew to be a hugely successful and influential album. Rife with catchy interwoven guitar-synth textures, tortured introspective lyrics, and a verse-chorus pop framework, it was markedly different from other industrial bands of… Read more »

Dire Straits – Making Movies – KXCI Classic Pick

  DIRE STRAITS – MAKING MOVIES Released October 17, 1980- 35 years ago Characterized by laid-back blues-rock with jazz and country inflections that occasionally develop into epic prog-rock overtures, Mark Knopfler’s guitar virtuosity – equal parts B. B. King, Wes Montgomery, and Jimi Hendrix – and his Dylan-esque stream-of-conscious narratives are on prominent display here…. Read more »

Tucson Folk Singers: Remembering Clyde Appleton

Today on 30 Minutes, we remember Clyde Appleton. At the Folk Festival in May, 2013, local folk singer and organizer Ted Warmbrand convened members of the Tucson Folk Singers to document their stories. In early October, 2015 a leader of the Tucson Folk Singers Clyde Appleton passed away. There will be a memorial on Sunday,… Read more »

Prince – 1999 -Classic Pick on The Homestretch

PRINCE – 1999 Released October 27, 1982 – 33 years ago Prince’s 5th studio release and “breakthrough” album fuses funk, rock, new wave, r&b and soul seamlessly. One of his most critically acclaimed and commercially successful works, it likely represents his most influential album as well. Its synth/drum machine-heavy arrangements drove r&b, pop, electro, house,… Read more »

Calexico video live in Studio 2A – Coyoacan

Calexico packed in to KXCI’s Studio 2A for a live set on Locals Only. With members all over the globe, this was a rare moment to get the full band together as they were rehearsing for a tour behind their latest album, Edge Of The Sun on Anti/City Slang. Here’s the song Coyoacan from that… Read more »

Tom Waits – Bone Machine – Classic Pick on The Homestretch

TOM WAITS – BONE MACHINE Released September 8, 1992 – 23 years ago Waits 10th studio release marks a transition from his earlier, somewhat traditional blues-infused debauched lounge singer persona into the gloom & doom champion of unorthodox, surreal industrial folk. Featuring stripped down arrangements, non-traditional instrumentation, and Waits ominous, dirgeful growl, this is one… Read more »

T. Rex – Electric Warrior – Classic Pick on The Homestretch

T. REX – ELECTRIC WARRIOR Released September 24, 1971 – 44 years ago Marking a transformation from hippie folk-rock to flamboyant guitar driven bombast, T. Rex’s 6th studio release ushered in the 70s glam rock era. Characterized by extravagant, fuzz-drenched riffs, propulsive grooves, and sexual innuendo, Electric Warrior influenced countless hard rock, power pop, punk… Read more »

Lila Downs con Neto Portillo, Jr.

Today on 30 Minutes, Neto Portillo, Jr. interviews Lila Downs ahead of her Tuesday, September 22nd show at the Fox Theatre, presented by The Rialto Theatre. Lila Downs has one of the world’s most singular voices and innovative approaches to music. Born in the state of Oaxaca México, she is the daughter of a Mixtec… Read more »

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peepshow – Classic Pick on The Homestretch

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES – PEEPSHOW Released September 5, 1988 – 27 years ago Siouxsie and the Banshees’ 9th studio album is the last great release from one of the most prominent 1980s gothic post-punk bands. Dark, sensual, and sophisticated with a crazed array of carnival accordions, exotic rhythms, abrupt horns, haunting operatic warbles, and… Read more »

Steely Dan – Aja – Classic Pick on The Home Stretch

STEELY DAN – AJA Released September, 1977- 38 years ago Steely Dan’s 6th album, characterized by smartly textured, refined arrangements and immaculate production, blends subtle melodies, nimble jazz solos, and abstract lyrics into a lush soundscape. It is generally considered one of the best releases in the band’s absolutely stellar catalog and a masterpiece of… Read more »

Jeff Buckley – Grace – Classic Pick on The Home Stretch

JEFF BUCKLEY – GRACE Released August 23, 1994 – 21 years ago Buckley’s only studio album is quite possibly one of the most audacious and revered debuts ever released. Featuring a remarkable vocal range of 3 ½ octaves, sweeping choruses, bombastic arrangements, poetic lyrics, and lush production, Grace has garnered wide acclaim and respect from… Read more »

Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking – Classic Pick on The Home Stretch

JANE’S ADDICTION – NOTHING’S SHOCKING Released August 1988 – 27 years ago Jane’s Addiction’s sophomore release, combining alternative with prog rock, metal, and punk, is widely considered the band’s best release as well as one of the defining albums of late 80s/early 90s modern rock scene. Their epic, cinematic soundscapes are haunting, tense, and unrelenting,… Read more »

Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall – Classic Pick on The Home Stretch

Michael Jackson’s fifth studio release, and first to be produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, is one of the most successful albums of all-time. Critically it was just as successful… lauded far and wide as a benchmark pop release. Combining 70s sweet soul, funk, disco R&B, soft rock, and a sound that essentially defined 80s pop,… Read more »

Rayland Baxter in Studio 2A

Rayland Baxter stopped by KXCI’s Studio 2A for an in-studio following his opening set for Grace Potter at The Rialto Theatre. Tune in just after 5pm on Monday, August 10th, to hear the performance and interview with Hannah Levin on The Home Stretch. Rayland featured songs from his new release Imaginary Man, out August 14th… Read more »

Highway 61 Revisited: 50 Years Ago – by Harvey Brooks

What a cool look behind the scenes on these historic recording sessions for Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited from acclaimed bass player and former Tucson resident, Harvey Brooks. Highway 61 Revisited: 50 Years Ago Today By Harvey Brooks It was July 28, 1965. I was playing a gig at the Sniffin Court Inn on East… Read more »

Things That Aren’t Words live in Studio 2A!

Things That Aren’t Words, the new project from Adam Nixon, joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only! Matt interviews the group in between sets of great local music, delving into the creation of the band, upcoming shows and their future.

Jaca Zulu and B3NBI Live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Matt Milner is joined in Studio 2A by Jaca Zulu and B3NBI for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only. Listen in to a long over-due set of local hip-hop, as well as an interview with the group. Their EP, “Graine” is being released June 23rd, on and there will be a release show Saturday,… Read more »

KXCI Presents Summer in the City Concert Series

Streetcar Sounds to Include Live Music Throughout the Summer June 18, 2015 By Simon Brimmer  (Republished from the Downtown Tucsonan) Get ready for a healthy dose of transportainment. Community radio station KXCI FM 91.3 has partnered with the Tucson Department of Transportation and local musicians to bring a series of live performances to the summer… Read more »

Wayback Machine live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Listen in as Wayback Machine joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only! In between sets Matt discusses the past, present and future of the Wayback Machine. Fusing tight vocal harmonies with a penchant for improvisation, this band has traversed the musical map from Grateful Dead… Read more »

PigPen Theatre Co. Live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

PigPen Theatre Company joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance and interview during the second hour of Locals Only. Even though PigPen Theatre Co. is from NY, a Tucsonan sits behind the drums. PigPen Theatre Co. began creating their unique brand of music, film, and theatre as freshmen at the Carnegie Mellon School… Read more »

Shuggie Otis interview on KXCI

KXCI’s own Cecily sat down with Shuggie Otis for this interview in anticipation of his KXCI Presents! concert Saturday, June 6th, at The Rialto Theatre.   SHUGGIE OTIS “Οne of the mythical musicians of Blues, Soul, & Rock history” Born in Los Angeles, Shuggie Otis is the son of rhythm and blues pioneer, musician, bandleader, and impresario Johnny… Read more »

Cobra Family Picnic live in Studio 2A!

Cobra Family Picnic joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only! Between sets of awesome psychedelic rock they discuss band creation, song writing, and much more!    

Logan and Lucille live in Studio 2A!

Logan and Lucille join Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only! They also discuss their upcoming European tour and many more great things you don’t want to miss! Facebook Page

Vanessa Lundon live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Listen in for another great live and local performance from Studio 2A on Locals Only. This time, Vannessa Lundon joins host Matt Milner for the second hour live performance. In between sets of music they discuss the song writing process, recording an album, her upcoming show at Club Congress on Saturday, April 25th and much… Read more »

Calexico Live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Tucson and KXCI favorite, Calexico, join Matt Milner in Studio 2A for an amazing live performance on Locals Only! The seven piece band jammed into Studio 2A to play eight new songs and talk about creating the new album, Edge of the Sun, out now on Anti Records and Drag City Records. This is a Studio 2A performance… Read more »

The Low Wines live in Studio 2A!

  The Low Wines join Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second half of Locals Only! Listen to an incredible hour of live local music, while in between sets they discuss the creation of the band, upcoming shows and general debauchery! Tucson Garage Country at its finest!   Facebook Reverbnation… Read more »

Gamma Like Very Ultra live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

    Gamma Like Very Ultra joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour Locals Only, Monday, March 23rd. In between sets Gamma Like Very Ultra discusses the formation of the band and the writing process they use to create their unique sound, as well as their upcoming show. Gamma… Read more »

Whitehorse 2 songs and interview in KXCI’s Studio 2A

Canadian duo Whitehorse stopped by KXCI in November 2103. Here are two intimate songs and an interview from that live performance in Studio 2A. Whitehorse are playing Club Congress this Monday, March 23rd, 7pm. Whitehorse is the musical (and literal) marriage of singer/songwriter Melissa McClelland and guitar virtuoso Luke Doucet. As solo artists, both have… Read more »