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Slideshow: Travel Through 40 Years of KXCI’s History

December 15, 2023

Please enjoy this slide show which debuted at our 40th Anniversary celebration on Friday, December 8th at El Casino Ballroom to mark four decades as an independent, community-powered radio station.

This anniversary isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of this community that, from the very beginning, believed in the magic of radio. When our founders got together to start this radio station, their idea was rooted in community.

From the very first transmissions 40 years ago to today, KXCI’s journey has been woven with the threads of community, connection, and the boundless power of music. As we look back on the memories, the music, and the moments that have shaped us, one thing remains constant – your incredible support. You have been a vital part of our story!

Music: Orkesta Mendoza “Cumbia Vocadora”, Album: ¡Vamos a Guarachar! Released: 2020

Slideshow produced and curated by Tina Andrew


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