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Mrs. Green’s World



Who is Mrs. Green?

From about age five, Gina’s mom called her a “troublemaker” but always advised her that if she figured out how to do “it” right, it would serve her well in this world. Her mom was right. Translation? Meet the Disruptor for Good! She really likes to stir things up and get people thinking AND acting. One of her favorite past times is making people laugh and, because she was clearly born with multiple sets of tear ducts, crying makes the list too. Gina cries proudly and frequently – mostly tears of joy. A few things that immediately turn the tears of joy faucet on are her team accomplishing a goal they set; letters from ten-year old girls sharing that, because of Mrs. Green’s World, they will never use straws again; traveling deep into the Amazon rainforest; her clients sharing the difference Mrs. Green’s World has made in their lives and businesses; being a part of the lives of young people and when her family is all together. Tears of sorrow? Things like mass shootings, 500 children dying of starvation every day due to climate change, the devastation of our oceans and our rainforests and the rate of extinction for our four-legged friends. Her advice if you are thinking about writing a book? As a published author, Mrs. Green says: just do it! Be sure you have the fire in your belly, the time to tell your story and then really commit to it. The Queen of Green warns everyone that she stops for birds, all wildlife and to snap pictures of the numerous ways plastic pollution is impacting the health of our planet. Gina is a dreamer at heart. But she doesn’t just dream – she makes things happen. She has spent most of her adult life working to improve the lives of at-risk children and families, and now our at-risk planet. She is madly and passionately in love with this great planet or ours and is tireless in her efforts to preserve it. Her big dream? Raise the consciousness, of every human being on this planet, about the reality of our climate and the health of our planet. Then, educate, inspire and engage them to be the change they wish to see in the world.

In November 2017, Mrs. Green began a special miniprogram just for KXCI listeners. An archive of past episodes can be found below.


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