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Ep. 27: ¡Los Indios!

January 29, 2024
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Ep. 27: ¡Los Indios!
¡Los Indios! “Born Again Savage” EP Album Cover

Episode 27 features Tucson based rap duo ¡Los Indios!, who released their EP album titled “Born Again Savage” in December 2023. Tayamni aka PUMA CHILD and Chetan aka AKII WENSII are two brothers who come from the Ojibwe and Oglala Lakota communities. Their energy is fresh, inspiring, and stands out of the crowd. Listening to their music and lyrics is a learning experience for many as they tell their truths, struggles, and bring forth the challenges and historical traumas the Native/Indigenous communities have and may still be enduring. I was happy to have them in the studio with me to share their musical journey, influences, and much more! Since the release of their EP album they gained some traction, fans, and recognition near and far. Just this month their album made it on MIJENTE’s Top 25 Albums del 2023 and Most Anticipated PA’ 2024 list. During the interview they discuss what the journey was like creating the album, while doing it DIY style recording from home in their living room. They also share where their inspiration comes from, which I sensed starts with their parents, who they respectfully credit for involving them in their culture, encouraging learning and engaging them in traditional values such as storytelling, singing, dancing, ceremony, etc. They stay true to their indigenous identities, while navigating through a western world where for many Native/Indigenous people would agree it’s like living and balancing two worlds. Keeping the momentum of the success of their EP album, “Born Again Savage,” they are currently working on putting together an entire album, which I anticipate to be just as successful!

Here is a short form interview with ¡Los Indios!:


¡Los Indios! PUMA CHILD (left) and AKII WENSII (right)
Cultivating Indigenous Voices Ep. 27 Promo Flyer

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