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KXCI Celebrates Linda Ronstadt Day, Monday July 15th, 2024

July 10, 2024
Espectacular Linda Ronstadt Tucson Convention Center Music Hall Dedication

KXCI’s celebration of Linda Ronstadt’s 78th Birthday on Monday, July 15th. It will be a day of music and words highlighting the recordings, heritage, and legacy of Tucson’s most famous musical daughter, but will encompass much more than a single artist. KXCI started Linda Ronstadt Day in 2019 as an annual radio celebration to honor the musical spirit of the Sonoran desert we call home.

Tune in as KXCI DJs Terry, Neto, Ruby, Pepe, and Hannah share songs in celebration of Linda’s substantial contributions to a variety of musical genres. We’ll also hear from a wide range of other artists, from ones that impacted Linda’s musical roots to those that have blossomed from the branches of her influence.

Linda Ronstadt Day on KXCI is not about simply playing Linda Ronstadt’s music, but about celebrating the sense of place displayed by her heritage and musical roots in Tucson, and the unique influence she has had on so many other artists across genres and generations. An important aspect to highlight is Ronstadt’s impact on women in music. She broke down many barriers in the music industry, not only for women but in genres like Latin music, partially because she had such clout as one of the largest-selling artists of her time.

Linda Ronstadt exemplifies the rich heritage and mixing of cultures that our region represents. The roots and branches of Linda Ronstadt’s creative spirit spotlighted Mariachi, folk, jazz, western and Latin music. Her influence elevates cultural heritages and continues to inspire rock, pop, country, Americana, and contemporary music while uplifting women’s voices.

Many musical lines can be drawn, from Lalo Guererro the father of Chicano music who serenaded Linda as a child, to her backing band becoming The Eagles, to a younger generation of artists, such as Arizona-raised Courtney Marie Andrews and the youth of Mariachi Aztlán de Pueblo High School, who performed during the renaming ceremony of the Tucson Music Hall in her honor.

Linda Ronstadt Day is a multicultural embrace with a strong focus on the feminine creative spirit. This is a legacy we can stand behind and call our own. 

It’s the 5th anniversary of KXCI’s celebration of Linda Ronstadt’s Birthday. Please enjoy interviews and past celebrations.





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