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Dusty Chaps at HOCO Fest!

August 31, 2023

Howdy there, it’s yer pal Bridgitte Thum suggestin’ you get yer boots on and scoot over to Historic Hotel Congress Saturday night if you want a taste of some Tucson honky tonk history! The Dusty Chaps will be hittin the stage at 8 pm with an 11 piece outfit playing their finest albums like a good old-fashioned horse opera. At 6:30 pm Liz & Pete and The Last Train present songs from Linda Ronstadt’s repertoire along with stories and songs from the Ronstadt family. Greyhound Soul opens the show, so you know it’s going to be a hoot! Closing up the night with Fat Tony’s DJ set, there’s sure to be no regrets.

Petey Mesquitey stopped into the station to have a nice little talk with me about the whole sitch-u-ation. We played some of it on the radio, but the long version is right here, so go ahead and have a listen if you like. He talks about the history of the Chaps, Summer of 1969, 6th Street groovin, Helen’s Magic Mushroom, The Poco Loco,  honky tonk, and avocado sandwiches. I personally love to hear Petey talk about just about near everything. He likes to sing too, and that makes my heart all warm and comfortable, like a prairie dog sippin’ a cool beer gazing at the friscalating dusklight of a luminous Tucson sunset.

See you all on the dusty streets of Tucson- particularly Saturday night at 8 pm, under the twinkling stars at the beautiful Hotel Congress Plaza. More information about HOCO fest can be found right here:





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