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The Captain’s Log Volume 9 (With Musical Guest Tom Walbank)

June 8, 2020
The Captains Log Project
The Captains Log Project
The Captain's Log Volume 9 (With Musical Guest Tom Walbank)

The Captain’s Log Volume 9

Original Air Date: June 7, 2020

Today we’ll hear logs from DJ Anna Droid (Michelle Boulet-Stephenson) and KXCI Youth Broadcasting Camp Graduate DJ Astrocat as well as listener Alice from North Carolina, and a log and new song from local blues musician Tom Walbank. His new album with Roman Barten Sherman, Quarantine Blues vol. 3, is available on Bandcamp and all proceeds go to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund.  As always, we string it together with some spacey music and a special message.

Live long and prosper!

If you would like to submit a Captain’s Log for a future program, email [email protected].

Playlists for this program can be found here.

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