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Step Up to Justice

May 6, 2024
The Nonprofit Spotlight
Step Up to Justice

This week’s episode of The Nonprofit Spotlight shines on Sierra Rhodes, HOME Fellow and Staff Attorney at Step Up to Justice (SU2J). Step Up to Justice Pro Bono Law Center advances civil justice for low-income individuals and families in Pima County, Arizona. The organization works to lift people out of poverty by providing community education and emergency civil legal assistance; leveraging innovation, partnerships, advocacy, and volunteer services.

SU2J is a full-service civil legal education and assistance center, created to close the justice gap for low-income residents of Pima County who need but cannot afford an attorney. They serve clients with meritorious claims in housing, family law, domestic violence, consumer fraud, bankruptcy, employment, wills/probate, and other areas. SU2J is privately-funded and volunteer-driven so that their doors are open to all, including clients who cannot be served elsewhere due to caseload limits, conflicts of interests, national origin, or re-entry status.

Apply for help and learn more on the Step Up to Justice website!


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