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Staci Santa – Arizona Arts Live

October 1, 2023
Broad Perspectives
Broad Perspectives
Staci Santa - Arizona Arts Live

Staci started her Tucson life as UApresents’ house manager in 2001, when she fell in love with this city and amazing people who are drawn to the presenting world. Except for a 6-year stint as director of a small arts council in Merced, California, Staci has been with then – UApresents, now Arizona Arts Live ever since, serving as managing director since 2019. Staci loves sharing her life with her amazing partner and his son, taking on home projects with no advance strategy, and regularly accepting the challenge of Tumamoc Hill.

Song – Closer to Fine – Indigo Girls played on our music break.
This song won the 1989 Grammy award for Best Contemporary Folk Recording. It's a song about seeking, said Emily Saliers, the Indigo Girl who wrote it. She said, “I searched here and I searched there, and if I just try to take it easy and get a little bit of knowledge and wisdom from different sources, then I'm going to be closer to fine.” It’s interesting to note that, “Closer To Fine” is an instrumentalmsong in the movie Barbie, and plays three times, with Barbie
singing it when taking the journey from Barbieland to The Real World. The song doesn’t just represent her physical journey, but her mental and emotional journeys as well. As Barbie looks to find out “the truth,” the lyrics to “Closer To Fine” are all about doing the same only to accept life’s confusion and that there is no one simple answer or truth. In the end, Barbie is still learning about herself and where she belongs, but she’s getting “closer to fine.”

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