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Number Three Combo Live in Studio 2A

October 13, 2015

Number Three Combo consists of former members of Black Sun Ensemble and Cobracalia. They perform an hour of absolutely beautiful live music in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. You can help Number Three Combo celebrate the  release of their new album, Retrofitting at the Hut on Sunday, October 25th.

Number Three Combo is a primarily acoustic trio that creates evocative musical soundscapes that often combines middle-eastern melodies and rhythms with rock, folk and blues compositions.  Ex-Black Sun Ensemble members, Eric Johnson (12 string acoustic guitar, vocals) and Joe E. Furno (flute) formed with trio in 2014 along with Cobracalia’s middle-eastern master percussionist Carl Hall (dumbek) in the hopes to reach new audiences who may prefer a subtler, more acoustic presentation.  The music, sometimes featuring lyrics, utilizes a mic’d 12 string acoustic guitar with effects that produces a unique shimmering sitar-like sound, punctuated by Furno’s electric flute, which is also electronically treated.  The result is acoustic music that is both quietly pastoral and, at times, heavily textual and futuristic.  

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