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Jesus Mota

August 8, 2023
Research Matters
Jesus Mota

My name is Jesus Mota and I am a rising senior majoring in biomedical engineering and debating whether I should take one more class to get a minor in mathematics. The Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) introduced me to the field of research where I began working in Dr. Falk’s neuroscience lab focusing on Parkinson’s Disease (PD). PD is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that causes cognitive impairment and motor symptoms. I began working in my lab in the summer of 2022 and have been working in this lab since. The current project I am working on is experimenting with a possible cognitive treatment for PD using a therapeutic while also analyzing motor effects. My experience in this lab has addressed my curiosity about working in a research lab and taught me the determination and commitment necessary to conduct research. Outside of researching and trying to get a degree at the U of A, I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family to take stress off my shoulders.

This program is engineered, edited, hosted, and produced by Bridgitte Thum.

Jillian Bessett provided music for Research Matters, the track is an instrumental version of “The Kids Will Be Fine” from her beautiful album JOY.

cognitive treatment,   Neuroscience,   Parkinson’s,   UBRP,  


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