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‹ Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship

Episode 24: Tucson is Our Home #2, Mayor Rothschild Interviews Houda

March 6, 2018

Houda recently had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. In the second of our two Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship episodes featuring Mayor Rothschild, the Mayor interviews Houda about her life in Tucson.

For anyone who hasn’t heard earlier episode of Houda’s story, this is a great opportunity to get caught up on Houda’s history—and to marvel at how far her English has come in the past 18 months, as she answers impromptu questions in English!

From Mayor Rothschild: “My family were also immigrants from Russia and came over without anything. In the first generation for your parents, it’s not easy. But the idea is that the next generation–you–are able to become fully part of the culture, get a good job, maybe even have kids. That’s what makes America great. And I’m glad you’re here.”

هدى/Houda: من هنا : توكسون هو وطننا

Jonathan/جوناثان: From here Tucson is our home.

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