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Tuvan Throat Singing Master Class with Soriah


Enrique Ugalde is currently the most decorated non-Tuvan throat singer in the world, winning 1st Laureate for the online international competition at the 2022 Khöömei in the Center of Asia Festival, 3rd Laureate at the 5th International Throat Singing Symposium in Kyzyl Tuva in 2008, 2nd Laureate at the Tuvan National Kargyraa Competition in 2014 and awarded the title Foreign Magical Musician at the International Khöömei in the CENTER OF Asia Festival in 2021 and winning Best Performance of Kargyraa in the 2019 Khöömei in the Center of Asia Festival.
He has had extensive training in various styles of Tuvan throat singing including; Khoomei, Kargyraa, Sygyt, Borbangnadyr, Chylandyk and has created his own unique style known as Soriah style. Hes studied and performed with Tuvan masters such as, Aldyn-Ool Sevek, Monguun-ool Ondar, Aldar Tamdyn, Igor Koshkendey, Zhenya Oyuun, Ouidupaa and Nachyn Chodu.
In this class, learn the three main techniques of Tuvan style throat singing: Kargyraa, Khöömei & Sygyt.
– Understand the history behind Tuvan culture & throat singing.
– Focus on the mechanics and theory of overtone singing.
– Sing ancient traditional songs & melodies passed down through centuries from master to student.
– Explore the language of this beautiful and endangered culture.
$35 advance/$40 door

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