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Plastic Cactus


In the theatre of the mind, anything is possible. In series one of Plastic Cactus, Mike and Terry seek enlightenment and discover the multiverse, only to have their efforts thwarted by a series of sonic banana peels… did we mention it’s surreal?

What’s very real is that these episodes are all scripted. It has been suggested by comedians that it is a comedian’s podcast. If you like the absurdity of the Firesign Theatre, maybe a few references to the times as of today, and you have a certain craving for something stupid… you should click the play button and see what happens.

Written and Performed by Mike Sterner and Terry Owen, with additional voice talent from Nancy Stanley, Nick Sievert, Elliott Glicksman, and Bridgitte Thum.

Engineered and Produced by Bridgitte Thum.

Music by David Roads.



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