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‹ Pedaling The Pueblo

The Bike Family of Three

May 1, 2019

Pedaling the Pueblo: The Bike Family of Three



Daniela Diamente and Ignacio River de Rosales have been avid bike tourers for over 10 years, preferring to take all their vacations by bicycle, whenever possible. Their son, Damiano, was born in 2009 and the couple was already saving for the year they would take off together, as a family, to ride bicycles around the world for a year.

This is the founding family behind El Grupo Youth Cycling, and if you know them, you know this around-the-world bicycle trip has been part of their plan for a decade. The time has finally come, and this family is now riding in Italy with all the gear they will need to camp and be self-sufficient for an entire year.

Impossible? Hardly. After this interview, YOU just might find yourself opening a new savings account and preparing for a year on the road.

You can follow their adventures on Instagram: @bikefamilyofthree or by following the hashtag #hammerandeatwell

Pedaling the Pueblo: The Bike Family of Three

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