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Strong Towns with Chuck Marohn

November 10, 2021
Chuck Marohn
Pedaling The Pueblo
Strong Towns with Chuck Marohn

Recovering engineer, Chuck Marohn, founder of StrongTowns explains what makes towns resilient and better suited to the people residing in them. Sitting down with Living Streets Alliance, we get to hear about Chuck’s new book and the importance and gravity of designing better streets centering human beings.

Chuck Marohn with Confessions of a Recovering Engineer Book

A Strong Towns Approach to Transportation

Like many areas of North America, the Tucson region continues to struggle financially despite decades of “growth.” From tax breaks reserved for large-scale developments, to ever-sprawling housing developments, and expensive transportation plans focused primarily on road widening, we keep searching for a silver bullet but instead find ourselves no closer to the elusive goal of opportunity and prosperity for all our residents.

In a pair of public presentations, Charles Marohn, professional engineer and founder of the Strong Towns movement, will show how local leaders of all types can change the negative trajectory in their towns and help them to become more resilient—no matter what challenges lie ahead. The solution is to focus on bottom-up strategies for making investments that will actually build wealth, all while improving quality of life for residents of a community. Learn more about Chuck Marohn.

Events & Registration
You’ll have two chances to hear Chuck speak in Tucson; you must register to attend.

Confessions of a Recovering Engineer
Tuesday November 16
MSA Annex Festival Grounds
267 South Avenida del Convento
Register for Tuesday Evening Presentation

Curbside Chat with Chuck Marohn
Wednesday, November 17
UA Campus
Location TBD
Register for Wednesday Morning Chat

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