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Ep. 3: O’odham before Old Chukson (Tucson)

June 25, 2017

The title, “O’odham before Old Chukson,” is referring to the indigenous people of this land known as the Tohono O’odham (desert people). The word O’odham simply means people, certainly a people who have inhabited these lands long before Chukson (Tucson) became a town/city. In the very soil of the surrounding mountains of Tucson and within the city boundaries lays an age-old history of this local tribe and this story is a part of it.

The history of Old Tucson, formerly known as Old Tucson Studios has been an attraction of movie-making entertainment for decades. Here you will listen to Joe Camarillo of Old Tucson share his knowledge and experiences working with local indigenous people. One of the main focuses of this topic is highlighting how the Tohono O’odham were involved in the development of this popular western replica of an 1860’s Tucson for the 1930’s movie “Arizona.” Since that time Old Tucson has paid homage to the indigenous people, while welcoming their heritage as an important component to the history of the Old Pueblo. Joe also shares other local cultural aspects that are featured at Old Tucson as a form of educational entertainment and historical value.

This sign shares information about the O’odham village at Old Tucson
This plaque was dedicated to the Tohono O’odham in recognition for their work in building adobe homes for the 1930’s film “Arizona.”

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