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Madison Delmoe

February 22, 2021

Madison Delmoe
Thesis Thursday

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Madison is a senior at the University of Arizona majoring in Mathematics. She is a native Arizonian and attended Millennium High School in Goodyear, AZ.
She started college with the hope of working in healthcare, but became interested in mathematics during her first semester in Vector Calculus and decided to combine these two interests by doing research with Dr. Timothy Secomb in the UA Department of Physiology. As part of this lab, Madison uses a pencil and paper along with mathematical ideas to investigate blood flow regulation in the brain from a completely theoretical point of view. While she enjoys the medical aspects of the project, she has gravitated towards the mathematical theory, and decided to pursue a PhD in Mathematics instead.
Madison hopes to conduct research in algebraic geometry, which combines the intuition of geometric pictures and the concreteness of algebraic calculations. As such she is doing her senior thesis with Dr. Douglas Ulmer on Function Fields, which are one of the algebraic tools used in algebraic geometry. This area is particularly important in cryptography, which protects information online from being stolen. Madison will graduate this May and start graduate school in August at the University of Utah, with her eventual goal being a research career, either at a university or for a company doing cryptanalysis. In her free time, Madison enjoys riding motorcycles, hiking, doing ballet, and drinking coffee.

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