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Ep. 22: O’odham Park Ranger

November 9, 2023
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Ep. 22: O'odham Park Ranger

Episode 22 explores the topic of what it takes to be a Park Ranger within the National Park Service. Tucson is the only place in the states that has two National Parks situated on the west and east sides; there is a Saguaro Nat’l Park East and West. Special guest Raeshaun Ramon (Tohono O’odham, San Carlos Apache, Hopi-Tewa), who is currently working at Saguaro National Park, shares his experiences as a Park Ranger and his role in creating a safe space for his community (tribal members) to be inspired and welcomed to the park. In this episode we’ll hear Raeshaun talk about his life as a Park Ranger and why his background plays a big part in the work that he does in the community. 

Park Ranger Raeshaun Ramon standing beside a pair of saguaro’s. Photo courtesy of R. Ramon.

As a former Park staff, I understand the challenges that come with working within’ the National Park Service. Thankfully I was able to create ways to form positive supportive relationships with the local tribal communities, while outreaching to the younger generation of tribal members in the surrounding areas of Tucson. It was nice to find a connection with Raeshaun, to listen and hear about the similar work he is doing and to also provide him with a sense of understanding as someone who was once in his same shoes. Working in the community engagement and outreach division, Reashaun shares not only about reaching out to tribal folks, but also local residents by “brining the park to the people.” He and his colleague Park Ranger Juarez spend much of their time in the community, creating spaces that invite people, but also creating ways to make the park more accessible to those who may not get out to the parks much.


Episode flyer courtesy of T. Andrew


Here is the mini program version of the interview with Raeshaun Ramon

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