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Douglas Swango

August 17, 2023
Research Matters
Research Matters
Douglas Swango

Hi! My name is Douglas Swango, a rising junior at the University of Arizona double-majoring in
Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. I work in the lab of Dr. Pascale Charest, and our work focuses
on the mTORC2 signaling pathway and how it relates to cell migration. This pathway was first discovered
in a single-celled bacteria, but my work specifically focuses on how it works in human cells to contribute
to issues such as the metastasis of breast cancer, or the spread of cancer from the primary tumor site to
other areas of the body. We hope to contribute to the body of knowledge in this field in order for clinical
researchers to develop more targeted treatment options that decrease the mortality rate of advanced
cancer. When I am not working in the lab, you can find me playing with my lab (pictured below!) , going
to a U of A game (Bear Down!), or reading mystery novels!

Douglas Swango,  


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