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Chezale Rodriguez — Multifaceted Teaching & Performing Artist

March 15, 2021
Chezale Rodriguez -- Multifaceted Teaching & Performing Artist

In this episode we hear from Chezale Rodriguez, Multifaceted Teaching & Performing Artist. Chezale tells us about her artistic and teaching trajectory, her experiences performing at the Tucson Hip Hop Festival, her experience as part of the Unlock Creative’s Sistah Circle (a cohort building program where Black women are able to meet in an intimate virtual space to build relationships and explore aspects of the creative sector). She gracefully pushes back against the question “What’s next for you?” but also concedes to tell us about some of her latest projects, like The Inglorious Poet’s Believe (featuring Chezale and K Prez), choreography for Sharkk Heartt’s “Work Fires” video, and voice acting on Tucson Heat from Elephant Scout, a scripted podcast. We also talk about the gifts of this last year, including a moment where Chezale looks back at an experience she had filming the video for Special Friend a year ago, at the beginning of the pandemic.

For all this and more, listen to the full-length podcast by clicking above. Listen to the mini show by clicking below! Music: “Special Friend” by Chezale


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