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Bridgitte Thum’s 2016 Top Tunes and Moments

December 29, 2016
My name is Bridgitte Thum and I have something to say!
Sure, we had a crummy year, but remember the good times!
Some amazing things happened in 2016, in the midst of all the uncertainty, death and chaos, there were some memories that will always sparkle.
So, Bridgitte, what are you smiling about?
Bridgitte Thum’s 2016 Top Tunes and Moments
This year was great for me, It started out at The Rialto Theatre with an amazing New Years Eve show featuring XIXA.
The setting was perfect, Daniel Martin Diaz really decked out the theatre by creating  a blacklight desert dream scape. Even though I was tired walking to the venue, (exhausted actually) the power of psychedelic cumbia restored my spirit. I cut a rug like a hen on a hot griddle with strangers and friends.
Other great shows were to come this year:
I saw Neil Young with my family, and we bonded and danced the night away on the lawn.
Going to that show together was monumental for me and my parents, it really brought us closer.
I helped celebrate Jillian and the Giants new release, Mr. Airplane at The Flycatcher. They actually asked me to be the emcee. Jillian was so warm and creative with her party, throwing paper airplanes into the crowd, and singing with her sweet soul.
It was awesome to see Crystal Radio take that stage into another otherworld. (and a crystal theramin is still on my wish list) Carlos Arzate was there as well, such a lovely and authentic performance. It was a tremendous night.
When Prince passed away, I was able to see an inspiring tribute to him at The Rialto, with many great performances, including Cathy Rivers, and postmodern chamber music wizard Chris Black and his ensemble really brought it home with the finale.
Having just hosted The Purple Rain Sing-A-Long tribute to Prince at The Loft Cinema the night before, It was possibly the most intense weekend of my life.
I saw XIXA again in Phoenix the night Flight of the Conchords cancelled their show- It was my birthday and it was a surprise, and right across the street from my hotel. Echo and The Bunnymen! Let’s not forget that show! The soundtrack to my youth, rejuvenated me with glee.
Also Flight of the Conchords did return to Phoenix in October after Brett got his voice back (phew!)
The people we meet everyday are a constant surprise.
In 2016, I met Peter Frampton, Michael Franti, and his graceful wife Sara.
As a stand up comic, I got to open for Tig Notaro, and she was incredible. I was encouraged and inspired by her amazing comfort and command on stage. I also saw David Cross, and Stephen Wright perform at The Rialto, serious comedy legends.
As a podcaster, I am stunned that my podcast Lonely Hearts Club got noticed by the Tucson Weekly, named Most Idiosyncratic Local Podcast . (A category I think they made up just for me)
As a radio player, I was able to perform two Old Pueblo Radio  Shows with David Wayne Fitzsimmons,  it was heartwarming to see so many people come together to support our community.
As a teacher, I got to help with our Summer Kids Camp at KXCI, and I was filled with joy to watch the kids develop their confidence in public speaking. They were all so proud of their playlists, it reminded me to stay playful in my work everyday.
As a DJ, I amazed myself with my newfound ability to pull together music in the moment for the moment. On the night of the presidential election I was on the air from 2-5 AM, I had an epiphany of sorts.. I was tired but present. I decided that night that I would always protect independent radio programming, any way that I can. Why? Because it is a real source of strength and comfort to me, and I know that I’m not the only one.
As a production assistant, I was able to upload some mini programs to PRX. This means radio stations in other cities and states can hear KXCI programmers. The Weekly Green has aired in Osh Kosh Wisconsin! That’s what I call fabulous.
I received many phone calls this year, from people requesting songs and expressing their feelings. This sharing and connecting is what makes our community strong. At KXCI, I have found a special place and purpose. I love music, it adds meaning to my life. Thank you listeners for supporting our community radio station, it really truly makes Tucson a better place for all of us.
Enough jibber jabber, here’s some primo, top quality lists for ya!
 My favorite 15 songs from 2016 (in no particular order)
15-Margo Price-Hands Of Time
14-Adia Victoria- Backwards Blues
13-Hinds- Bamboo
12- Car Seat Headrest- Fill In The Blank
11- Ra Ra Riot- Water
10-Roma Fade- Andrew Bird
9-The Magician- Andy Shauf
8- Bleeding Heart- Regina Spektor
7-Treaty- Leonard Cohen
6-I Can’t Give Everything Away- David Bowie
5-My Sweet Midwest-Fruit Bats
4-Atomic Number- Case/Lang/Viers
3-Love as a Weapon- Little Scream
2-I’m The One (Big Big Fun)- White Denim
Top Ten songs for Peace (in no particular order)
10-The Sound Of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel
9-All Is Love-Karen O and The Kids
8-Go Up- cassius, pharrell williams and cat power
7-Why Can’t We Be Friends?- WAR
6–Mavis Staples- Action
4-We are All Earthlings- Michael Franti & Spearhead
3-Bodhisattva Vow- Beastie Boys
2-Imagine- John Lennon
Bridgitte Thum’s 2016 Top Tunes and Moments

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