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Amy Fan

September 28, 2022
Thesis Thursday
Amy Fan

Hi, my name is Amy Fan; born in Canada, I moved with my family to Chandler where I learned to acclimate to the Arizona heat. I am a UA senior double majoring in Molecular Cellular Biology and Statistics Data Science with a minor in musical performance. As an undergraduate researcher, I work in the Gutenkunst lab studying mathematical models inferring recombination rates. Canonical models operate under the assumptions of neutrality, but in real life, we have plenty of mutations that are better or worse for us…So considering these is a must! Through my two years at UBRP, I have been fortunate enough to work in two different labs. As an undergraduate in the Gregorio Lab, I studied neonatal heart disease at a molecular level. Dr. Gregorio recognized my fascination with big data and supported my transition into a computational lab, which led me to the Gutenkunst Lab the following year. I am so grateful for my experience in UBRP which has opened me up to the world of computational biology, something I had not considered as Molecular Biology Major when I first joined as a sophomore. I am currently pursuing a Statistics research in graduate school and studying computational systems of biology. Outside of university, I enjoy watching movies with friends, running, and songwriting about the human experience. As co-president of Music and Medicine Club at the university, I also perform with fellow musicians at local clinics and hospitals.

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