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THE MACHINE GUN PREACHER – SAM CHILDERS The Sea of Glass is honored to present Sam Childers to speak and share his story and mission

The REAL LIFE Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler who starred as him

This is a fundraiser event and tickets are by Suggested Donation.
If you are not able to meet the Suggested Donation all are still welcome!

All proceeds will support Sam’s nonprofit mission “Angels of East Africa” to rescue and rehabilitate child soldiers and provide assistance to those affected by the conflicts in Sudan and other parts of Africa, as well as local nonprofit ministries.

Sam Childers, is better known as the Machine Gun Preacher.

Childers life is the basis of a movie starring Gerard Butler. It centers around his transition from a drug-dealing biker to a man who found God and turned his focus to rescuing kids in some of Africa’s most dangerous areas.

Sam believes that whoever hears his story will have hope for their life, “If they just take a little bit of that story in,” he said. “Just look deep into my story, if God can change me and use me… Imagine what he can do for you.”

Sam Childers is a biker… who decided to go (late 90’s) to East Africa to help repair homes destroyed by civil war. Transformed by the horrors he sees, Sam ignores the warnings of more experienced aide workers and breaks ground for an orphanage in the heart of territory controlled by brutal renegade militias. But establishing a shelter is not enough…determined to save as many lives as possible, Sam & his team go into enemy territory to rescue kidnapped children.

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