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GM Report March 2011


GENERAL MANAGER REPORT, April 2011 Randy Peterson

Financial statements have been provided separately for your review. Overall I would say that we had a fantastic first 6 months of our fiscal year, with expenses below our budget and most areas of revenue at, near or exceeding projections.

The spring membership drive hit its goal of $100,000 about two days earlier than expected. The new sustaining membership option continues to be very popular and its development is providing us with a foundation of support throughout the year.

It has been a very, very busy few months for the staff and volunteers in terms of outreach events in our community, with us tabling at everything from 2nd Saturdays Downtown and the Fourth Avenue Street Fair (two booths!) to our first-ever table at the Tucson Festival of Books and our “first in a long time” table at the Children’s Earth Day festival. Our schedule begins to lighten up a bit after the Tucson Folk Festival, when we then begin to focus on summer projects.

Thank you for completing the GM Review process; I think we all learned from it and I know that I will be able to take your suggestions to heart as both the station and I grow in the future. A special thank you to Mary Beth and Keith for presenting the results of the review to me over a lunch meeting.

As expected, I was able to complete the CPB grant applications a couple of days ahead of schedule, and being among the first to be reviewed allowed us to receive our payment several weeks ahead of schedule. I was also able to complete the Arizona Commission on the Arts grant filing ahead of schedule, though we have not yet seen payment there.

The Festival En El Barrio Viejo was again a smashing success. The station made $12,500 on the festival, but also secured many memberships. In fact, between the Street Fair, Barrio Viejo and Festival of Books we signed up more than 40 people at our event tables. Historically, we’d secure one or two per event. I credit this both to putting more emphasis on membership, and more people understanding how critical their support is to KXCI. Barrio Viejo is expected to continue as an annual event. My decision to also make our compilations ONLY available in their first year to members (as opposed to just letting anyone buy them) also has clearly boosted our memberships at community events.

Our next compilation CD is expected from the manufacturer next week. The “25 Years of the Tucson Folk Festival” disc is a co-production of KXCI and TKMA and intended as a fundraising disc for both groups. TKMA will be paying half of all the costs on the production in exchange for half (500) of the CDs. Our next projects will be Growing Native 4, this year’s Barrio Festival, and the next Locals Only CD.

The Su Casa capital campaign is behind the previously determined schedule, but that was to be expected as its emphasis was modified over the past couple of months and I think we should focus on getting it right, not just getting it started. I don’t know if we are now planning a phased campaign or if we want to regroup on a new timeline; this will be something the development committee needs to discuss. We will be proceeding with some minor repairs that can be squeezed in to our existing budget (such as building a new handicap ramp and repairing damage to our outside west wall).

Amanda and I will be attending the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) conference beginning June 1st in San Francisco. Jason and Duncan are still studying options for summer conferences. Mary Beth may be attending the NFCB conference as well.

On May 4th I am traveling to Las Cruces, NM, to see the public radio/TV station on the NMSU campus. While our stations are not terribly similar in terms of programming, my contact there is recognized as one of the leaders in fundraising and development among small stations.

I will be out of state May 18th through the 24th attending my niece and nephew’s graduation, at which I am also speaking. We will need to either change the date of our May board meeting or another member of the staff can handle arrangements and staff reporting. I will be able to prepare and send all materials to the board for the meeting before I depart.


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