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GM Report June 2010


Randy Peterson, General Manager/Development Director June 2010

Financial reports are provided separately. We are now eight months through the fiscal year and only about $4,400 behind where we had projected to be in terms of profit & loss. All things considered, I believe that to be a relatively strong position to be in at this time.

The counting and validation of the KXCI board election ballots was completed on June 14th. Ultimately we saw slightly less turnout than I would have expected online, but I think this is largely attributable to the lack of contested seats and not anything to do with the online voting process. We were able to increase turnout, cut postage and printing expenses, and “green” up the election process with the move toward online voting.

The station’s request for exemption from property tax was denied by the assessor’s office. I will investigate the reason behind the denial (they only sent a form letter) and see if there is any appeals process.

Jason Repko joined us June 1st as the new Programming and Volunteer Coordinator/host of The Home Stretch. He is off to a great start, especially in the area of airchecks with all of our deejays.

Summer is much slower in terms of community events. We did staff a table on June 12th at the ongoing 2nd Saturdays Downtown event, selling $370 in CDs from local artists as well as distributing numerous program schedules, magnets and other station promotional items. KXCI DJ Gene Armstrong introduced the band that performed at the Fox to a crowd of about 750.

Underwriting saw an upward spike in May and early June. Dave Olsen is expected to report live to the board on trends in this department at the June 17th board meeting. Our annual Media Audit report was received on June 10th and we are beginning to review its findings in terms of approaching new and existing underwriting clients.

I will be out-of-state on vacation from June 23 to June 30. I will also be in Texas from July 7 to July 10 to attend the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference in Fort Worth. Among the workshops I plan to attend at PMDMC are Re-Positioning Ourselves Online: Strategies to Increase Web Traffic and Revenue; The One-Day Drive: What You Need To Know; Bridging The Gap to Real Major Gifts; and Cause Marketing: Pledge Drives and Beyond. I assure you these conferences are much more fun than they sound!


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