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GM Report July 2013


JULY 2013 General Manager Report (Randy Peterson)

Financial reports are provided separately. Our performance in July was significantly better than budgeted and as we approach fall, we should see all of our key revenue categories pick up, while expenses remain fairly constant.

I worked extensively in July on the draft budgets, and the third and final draft is now recommended for adoption by the Finance Committee. It has been provided separately for your review.

Among July projects completed, on July 1st we successfully launched the new Spinitron playlist software (for which I had done numerous deejay trainings in June). Our deejays are reporting that it is easier to use than the old system and with just a few hitches along the way. The new system saves us money and is now allowing even more deejays to be able to do their playlists live in real time.

A full integration of Spinitron will occur with the launch of the new site, which we continue to work on with Tim from Creative Slice. Their have been some good delays in this project, in the sense that we’re developing some additional ideas that were not in the original plans.

On July 10th we had the building re-keyed top to bottom for the first time in about 7 years. It allows for a more controlled environment while also allowing appropriate access as needed. For example, our Locals Only host now can open the studio and control room for his bands on Monday night, without having given him a key that can unlock all doors.

With the key change, George also no longer has access to the 3rd floor access space where he was storing numerous personal items. Throughout July, various volunteers and I worked with George to get these personal items to his house, and I’m happy to report that the attic is the cleanest and most organized I have ever seen it in 14 years – although there’s still plenty to do up there. During one of our monsoon downpours, I climbed all through the rafters and detected two small leaks and one larger leak in the roof; clearing out the attic to make it possible to fix the leaks and insulate the attic will be a good next project.

Amanda and I are coordinating three programming changes, two Music Mixers and one of the hosts of Acoustic Alternative. All are leaving because of changes in geography or time commitments. Sarah, Alex and Henry will be missed but we fortunately have a strong roster of people to replace them.

On July 11th I spoke to the Oro Valley Rotary Club about KXCI in general (and the capital campaign specifically). I hope to make a number of these appearances in the year ahead as we prepare to reach the northwest and OroValley. Likewise, Amanda and I met with representatives from SAACA and are now signed up to do their Jazz and Arts Festival in October.

On July 16th I met with representatives from Access Tucson to discuss their Downtown LPFM aspirations. We discussed a number of concerns (stealing volunteers, marketing and branding confusion, etc.) while also covering very specific areas where we can collaborate. The downtown LPFM group will have a chance to file in October 2013.

July is a month for vacations at KXCI, and while I didn’t take one, it did cause me to fill in for Jim on Your Morning Brew, Cathy on The Home Stretch, and for two weeks of Duncan’s Music Mix, specifically to work hands-on with the youth in our Kids Summer Deejay Class program (another successful year there, too).

I’ve scheduled the first act for our Maker House concert series. Sabra Faulk and Friends will play the first concert on October 2nd. We will also have shows on the first Wednesday of November, December, February, March and April.

I met with volunteer programmer Gretchen Lueck, who will be taking over the syndicated Earth Tips time slot with local, green programming starting in September. I will work with her in the initial months on how to use the recording software, themes for the show, etc.

The House Rockin’ Blues Review concert at El Casino Ballroom was both a popular and a financial success and we anticipate similar results from our “Celebrates 1973” show in August at the Rialto. Additionally, our rooftop concerts at 2nd Saturdays Downtown are generating about $300 a month in proceeds (we have no costs for the show).

Amanda and I represented KXCI as the Community Mental Health Forum for downtown on July 31st. That same day I also recorded my segments about KXCI for Maker House’s video series; if you haven’t already you can view our video by searching “Maker House KXCI” at



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