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General Manager Report to the Board of Directors, January 2013


General Manager Report to the Board of Directors, January 2013


Financial reports have been provided separately. As is typically the case, a good December has helped cover October and November operating losses. While “total income” is reflected at 89% of budget after the first 3 months of our fiscal year, this figure includes accruals and in-kind services. A “cash only” number shows us at 102% of budget after these three months.


Audit field work started (and finished) in late November. To date we have completed all of the known follow-up obligations, like the functional expenses analysis, and should be on schedule to receive the FY12 audit in February.


With the rest of the staff and Board officers, we have started having our bi-weekly Capital Campaign committee meetings and doing solicitations. I have happy to report that we achieved 100% success from the five full-time staff members and are well under way to achieving that mark from our very generous Board members. If you haven’t yet had your visit, you soon will! Deb Dale will provide a specific update on efforts at our January 17th board meeting (and subsequent meetings throughout the year).


I met with Tracy Sholtz from Compass Bank to discuss both how to reduce our credit card processing fees and to take advantage of other opportunities for non-profits available through our bank. There is still some “crossing the T’s” to do on paperwork but I anticipate that we will both be able to cut monthly processing costs by $50-60 and incorporate new non-traditional revenue through our listener’s use of Compass credit and debit cards.


Our largest – and one of the most engaging – volunteer meetings was held November 13th at the Pioneer Building conference room, with more than 50 volunteers and plenty of Board members on hand.


The Programming Advisory Committee has been formed and is meeting monthly. After just three meetings we have already created a “Programmer Rights and Responsibilities” document to help shape our volunteer management decisions and are being to flush out policies in areas such as volunteer requirements beyond hosting shows. PAC committee members are Susan Banes, Elva De La Torre, Betsi Meissner, Matt Milner and Gene Armstrong. Mike Johnson had hoped to serve but resigned after missing the first three meetings.


I have added a commission-only sales person to our effort. Mike Hulsey will start in January and focus on new business acquisitions and chasing down generated leads. He has extensive music and retail experience and also recently completed the deejay training class.


I met with Michael Keith and Caitlin Jensen from the Downtown Tucson Partnership to discuss ways to further grow the already strong ties between KXCI, the DTP and downtown merchants.


Further strengthening those ties, I am now officially the newest member of the Presidio Rotary club focused in and serving downtown Tucson.


I met with City High School officials to discuss partnerships with their annual Block Party in April. KXCI is on board as a 50/50 partner for the Booker T. concert at the Fox (March 29th) and is a sponsor of the Multi-Cultural Spring Jam on March 17th at Tucson High School.


I met with Miguel Ortega regarding the establishment of a new mini-program focusing on indie values (Buy Local, indie/local music, volunteerism, etc.) that should launch in the next few weeks. And we are closer to the “Wingspan Weekly News” mini-program to promote local news and events of our LGBTQ community.


Duncan and I met with Kidd Squidd about adopting his extensive personal record and CD collection and creating a separate library for it. Initial conversations are very positive.


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