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BOD Minutes September 2022


KXCI Board Meeting- September 22, 2022 Minutes

Minutes KXCI Board meeting: September 22nd, 2022

Submitted by: Monty Vance

Yissel Salafsky called the meeting to order

Roll Call, present: Jill Bishop, Paul Chandler, Yissel Salafsky, Monty Vance, Traci Hockett

Excused: Ellie Patterson

Call to approve minutes: Paul moved to accept minutes. Jill seconded. Minutes approved unanimously. No corrections or alterations.


Yissel shared Exec Committee (governance) report:

 Exec Committee has been meeting with prospective board members, identified three candidates. C.V.s have been shared with the board. All have served on committees and/or Community Advisory Board. The Executive Committee is working on welcome packets for those that are approved.


Paul provided the Finance Committee report: 

Reviewed financial for May, June and July. Commented that we may want to revisit the schedule for board meetings- Summers off allow too long a time before review. Nothing unusual to report. Finance Committee discussed the possibility of soliciting sponsors for events like the House Rockin Blues event.


Jill Bishop provided a report on the Philanthropy Task Force: 

Task Force met on August 9th. They are updating the gift acceptance policy, particularly endowment giving. Committee continues to edit the policy which is six years old. We want to clarify that % of major gifts can go into the endowment. Also discussed Planned Giving and a possible Leadership Giving Circle. Jill and Amanda met with a major donor to make a major match gift.


Executive Director’s report: 

Thanked everyone for their contributions and efforts. El Casino event was a good opportunity to interact with Donors. We have a couple of interns we were able to pay, and hope to get funds form ABA again to fund an intern next year. On development, they continue to meet donors. She thanked Ellie for her gift. She said they met with Rick small on a $20k gift from the Stonewall Foundation for education and training. 


The Pride Walk is tomorrow night and KXCI will be there as well as the Festival on Saturday. We held Youth camps level I and II over the summer. Some other notable achievements were Linda Rondstat Day and the interview with the Mayor. Lots of new community collaboration. There was an interview with the County Recorder. The HVAC work begins in January as that is the best time for the organization.


Old Business:

Neto termed off as the volunteer rep- Welcome new rep Traci Hockett


Vote on Fernando Gonzales for board membership

Unanimously approved


Vote on Margie Puerta Edson for board membership

Paul Chandler moved/Jill Bishop seconded.

Unanimously approved


Vote on Rachel Abraham for board membership

Monty Vance moved/Paul Chandler seconded.

Unanimously approved.


Budget Discussion and Vote: Paul moved to approve the budget as presented. 

Yissel seconded. Yissel called for questions. The Budget was unanimously approved.


This will be our last Zoom board meeting. Future meetings are in person. Meeting adjourned at 6:19 pm



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