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BOD Minutes September 2021


2021 – 9 KXCI Board Meeting-September 2021 Minutes

Foundation for Creative Broadcasting dba
KXCI Community Radio Board of Directors Meeting
September 26, 2021, 5:15 pm
Location: Zoom Meeting

Call to Order & Attendance:
Meeting called to order at 5:18 p.m.

Board of Directors Members Present:
Yissel Salafsky, President
Diane Shifflett, Vice President
Paul Chandler, Treasurer
Ellie Patterson, Secretary
Gwen Hernandez
Neto Portillo
Monty Vance
Adam Weinstein

Motion to accept August 26, 2021 minutes made by Paul, seconded by Diane. Passed unanimously.

Action Items-Discussion & Vote:

PTO Policy Amendment-Elva

Executive Director Elva reviewed the updates on the PTO Policy Amendment that was sent to Board members for their review prior to board meeting. Paul moved to adopt Elva’s policy as presented with the addition of Gwen’s password phrasing. Gwen seconded the motion and motion passed unanimously. Cathy Rivers Tribute (Diane)

Diane suggested that the board create a group video, giving each director an opportunity to comment on the accomplishments of former CEO, Cathy, and acknowledge Cathy’s six years of leadership utilizing short video clips. Yissel will follow up with Cathy on available dates so Cathy can be honored with everyone present at a Tribute event in the near future.

Approve new BOD Member

The application of Jill Bishop was reviewed by the directors Monty made the motion to approve the membership application of Jill Bishop and Gwen seconded the motion. All members approved the addition of Jill as a new Director of KXCI board. Vote was unanimous.

Retreat Agenda Topics BOD Recruitment process-Job Description & Application-Onboarding & Orientation-tBOD Service Training-

Treasurer Report

Paul reviewed the financial reports starting with the balance sheet. A decrease was shown in assets of 21k for August with a September forecast of much higher due to fall financial campaign. The liability side showed an increase of 2.5k indicating stable spending.

In statement of activities, Paul highlighted the posting of $46,215 in membership donations and $9,191 in underwriting. Expenses were up slightly at $64,627.

The budget is a deficit budget which presents as short of balance by 29k. the Finance committee recommended that the board adopt the budget. Ellie moved to accept the budget with a second by Monty. Budget was approved unanimously.

Executive Director Report

ED Elva De La Torre presented report.

Committee & CAB Reports

There was no CAB representation at the meeting. Next CAB meeting is Nov. 10.

There were no other committee reports.

Call to the Audience

Everyone said hi to George. Yissel congratulated Amanda and Duncan on a successful campaign.

Meeting adjourned at 6:59 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellie Patterson, Secretary

October 21, 2021


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