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BOD Minutes November 2011


KXCI Board of Dirctors Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 17, 2011 5:45pm Louise Marshal Building, Room 211 845 North Park Avenue, Tucson

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Mary Beth @ 5:45

II. Attendance

Present: Mary Beth Haralovich, Jamie Manser, David Davis, Keith Kanzler, Becky Birk, Marc Goodman, Lois Grushka, Katie Rogerson
Absent: Cecily Crebbs, Andrew Agnew, John Barrett, Hardy Smith, and Michael Wyman‐ excused. Ernesto Portillo.

III. Review and adoption of October 2011 Minutes.

The board reviewed the minutes from the October meeting and was advised by Lois Grushka that she wished to correct the statement re: the professional development expenses that the total seemed “plush”, clarifying that the total seemed high, not the 3 categories individually. Katie moves to approve the amendment. None opposed and amended minutes approved.

IV. CommitteeReports
Development: The development committee continues to work on the major gift fundraising objectives with a capital campaign and creation of a succinct case statement. Board asked to fill out sheet with single statement as to why KXCI important to them to be used in the message. Will work on organizing a workshop with Brian Bateman after new year to focus efforts.
Finance: David reviews financial statements, including budget and expense detail reports. Advises that income is down in general, but that membership remains steady and that the CPB grant is “in the mail”. Finances will remain quite stable once the grant arrives.

Bylaws: No changes reported.
Personell: Hardy not present and no report given.

Board Development: Discussion around cultivating new members with eye towards diversity and skill set needed in areas such as fundraising and development of strategic plan. Plan proposed to hold an open house or outside event to recruit potential new members, with current board encouraged to bring referrals. Proposal to create outline of BOD

activities and expectations to provide guidelines re: attendance, terms, and general requirements or service.

Elections: No changes reported.
Strategic Plan: Mary Beth reports that process continues to move forward, and that next

year will include major revision.

CAB Development: The committee met last month and had a productive meeting. They continue to focus on identifying the role of the CAB in areas that are most appropriate, including border issues, health and wellness, local business, and youth. They also continue to look at settling on the number of representative that would be appropriate as well as working on recruiting from special interest segments. The BOD reminded to keep in mind making referrals in this area and to use open house or outside event for recruitment purposes. BOD solicited for input re: drafting application. Amanda reports on attending a recent AZPM CAB meeting for comparison. Suggestion made to use CAB as “farm team” for potential new BOD members. Next meeting set for 1/11/12.

Technology: Amanda reviews the Stanley Broadcast Engineering report and most recent response from Pima County representatives re: access to tower sights downtown. As of now, the financial implications remain in question. They continue to review the Bigelow tower issues and options. No dates set as yet to approach American Tower re: lease negotiations or alternatives, though this remains a priority. Will know better how to approach this negotiation, once booster signal issue becomes more clear.

V. Volunteer Representative

Ernesto not present. Next volunteer meeting to be held on 11/30/11 @ 6:30 at the station. Everyone reminded of Sonic Solstice to be held on 12/19, also at the station and urged to bring a dish as well.


GM Report

Randy reviews extensive report distributed to all. Advises that CPB grant is $4600 greater than expected. All 4 staff continue to meet on Wednesdays to insure coverage in all areas
is being met, and things continue to go smoothly. The current DJ class has approximate 7 – 8 students and January one is expected to be about the same. Discussion around new drive time hire, including time line and duties.

New Business None noted.

Call to Audience

Amanda provides more names and numbers for thank you requests and asks that word be passed for auction requests. She also passes around sign up for tabling at 2nd Saturday and t the record fair event set for 12/3. Duncan advises of programming issues related to the recent departure of Global Rhythm Radio.

Executive Session: None

Adjournment: by acclimation @ 6:53 pm




Respectfully submitted,

Keith Kanzler, BOD Secretary


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