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BOD Minutes January 2012


KXCI Board of Dirctors Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 19, 2012 5:45pm Louise Marshal Building, Room 211 845 North Park Avenue, Tucson

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Mary Beth @ 5:47

II. Attendance

Present: Mary Beth Haralovich, Jamie Manser, David Davis, Keith Kanzler, Becky Birk ,Andrew Agnew, John Barrett, Marc Goodman, Lois Grushka, Ernesto Portillo, Katie Rogerson, Debra Rodriguez, Hardy Smith
Absent: Cecily Crebbs and Michael Wyman‐ excused.

III. Review and adoption of November 2011 Minutes.

Minutes approved, as amended.

IV. CommitteeReports
Development: The development committee continues to work on the major gift fundraising objectives with a capital campaign and creation of a succinct case statement. Will be attempting to organize a workshop with Brian Bateman later in the month wherein half the time will be with Brian and the other half with board members only. Discussion followed re: the joining of the Wealth Screening Co‐op and effectiveness of the Direct Mail efforts, which continue to be good. Also reviewed the process of board involvement in thank you calls for large gifts received during fund raising.
Finance: David reviews financial statements, including budget and expense detail reports. Advises that new report created that will now give a 3 month picture to illustrate the direction of numbers from that perspective. Reports show that station continues to meet objectives. Request made for feedback re: financial issues to help fine tune reports based on specific needs, i.e. “what’s important to you” etc. David now using text boxes on reports to further illustrate and explain snapshots of financial history mechinations. Overall picture shows finances are positive and ahead of schedule. Point brought up about the general stagnation of net worth and the need to create greater gains. The issue of property tax status raised and discussion followed re: efforts to meet with County officials to inquire about why we are denied being an “Arts” organization status and how we will continue to pursue exemption. Question raised around the budget discrepancy between “owed” and “charged” actual. David reports that these are being discussed in Finance committee meetings.

Bylaws: No changes reported.

Personnel: Hardy reports that job description for Amanda being worked on, but proving difficult as new tasks are added almost daily to her purview. Questions raised about hiring of new Program Director and Randy reports that staff still meeting weekly to insure that programming issues and concerns continue to be addressed appropriately. Current Staffing Plan is approx. 3 years old and discussion held re: updating on new Strategic Plan to be revamped this year. Will focus efforts on creating stability for position.

Board Development: Discussion around cultivating new members with eye towards diversity and skill set needed in areas such as fundraising and development of strategic plan. Randy hands out copies of proposed PSA for on air recruitment effort. Plan is set to host a mixer for CAB prospects on or about February 9, and will now look to invite potential new board applicants as well. Question raised about creating a BOD duty document, which Mary Beth advised already existed. Agreed to modify as deemed appropriate. The term status of President Haralovich and Vice President Manser discussed and will be placed on agenda for February meeting.

Elections: Andrew Agnew reports that committee continues to work on agreeing on calendar to use. Will attempt to solidify schedule by February. He advises that he will not be seeking re‐election once term ends this cycle.

Strategic Plan: Mary Beth reports that process continues to move forward, and that next year will include major revision. This looks to be a year long process with an expected completion date of summer 2013. Consideration now being made to look at bringing in outside review team to create a station operations audit. Timeline, monetary and logistics issues discussed. An ad hoc committee proposed to look at details.

CAB Development: The committee met last month and had a productive meeting. They have scheduled a recruitment mixer at the station on 2/9/12 @ 5:30 and efforts continue to create interest in the position. When asked how the BOD might help in efforts it was determined that the best way is to try to recruit individuals whom we know to be good candidates ‐ i.e. preferably from key interest groups representing the demographics of Arts and Culture, Health, Environment, etc, as discussed at previous meeting.

Technology: Marc Goodman addressed topic of Web sight development and handed out mock up of new format. Feedback given re: strengths and weaknesses. Amanda reviews the latest in the Booster antenna issues and state of discussions with the county IT representatives. Costs not exactly known right now, but expected to be fair. Signal strength continues to be a concern.



Volunteer Representative

Ernesto advises of no complaints issues or problems from volunteers. Discussion evolves into ways to generate more interest in the station by attracting younger demographic through use of social media and/or live events catering to such.

GM Report

Randy reviews written report distributed to all. Advises that station received a Bens Bell for community activities and passed it around. Roast of Saturday DJ’s at Temple of Music and Art went well and was filmed by Access Tucson for airing on several occasions. Upcoming Fund Drive and pre Fund Drive activities discussed and property tax issue brought up again as well. Question posed as to why if station was once tax exempt, would we then later be considered to not be so. Will continue to pursue answers in this regard. Reviewed aspects of upcoming concert in the Barrio including rational for change in venue and dates. Randy emphasizes that he is always available to answer questions in person, by phone, or email.

delay explained. Committee has found that another annual review to take place this year would be unrealistic and the follow up review will suffice for now. The next full review now set to occur at the start of 2013. New timeline is adopted at this time.




Call to Audience

3 individuals introduced who were encouraged by current BOD members to attend. All gave brief biographies and stated their interest in working with the station.

Executive Session: None

Adjournment: by acclamation @ 7:25 pm

New Business Station Manager performance review timetable handed out and reasons for

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Kanzler, BOD Secretary


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