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BOD Minutes April 2012


KXCI Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 19, 2012 5:45pm Louise Marshal Building, Room 211 845 North Park Avenue, Tucson


I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Mary Beth @ 5:45

II. Attendance

Present: Mary Beth Haralovich, Becky Birk, David Davis, Keith Kanzler, John Barrett, Marc Goodman, Andrew Agnew, Lois Grushka, Ernesto Portillo Jr., Katie Rogerson, Hardy Smith, Jeff Zabel
Absent: Jamie Manser, Cecily Crebbs, Debra Rodriguez, and Michael Wyman. All excused.

III. Review and adoption of October 2011 Minutes.

Minutes approved.

IV. CommitteeReports
Development: The development committee advises of meetings with several consulting firms re: feasibility study for capital campaign. Discussion around the scope and nature of study as well as BOD responsibilities re: follow up procedures. It is agreed to allow process to move forward with authority given to the combined Executive and Development committees, along with any other members of the board interested in weighing in, to meet and choose an agency at meeting to be held on Tuesday April 24th at the station.

Finance: David reviews financial statements, including budget and expense detail reports, Statements of Assets, and Liabilities and Equity. He advises that the station remains in an overall improved condition.

Bylaws: Hardy Smith advised that bylaws committee met and reviewed the process being worked on re: new board member orientation and job descriptions. Some inconsistencies were found and it was recommended that any changes be consistent with current bylaws. There was also some concern re: how unexcused absences may constitute grounds for dismissal and how the rules should be made clear in this regard.

Personnel: Randy reports that job search for Home Stretch slot continues with a broad job description that allows for anyone with talents particular to station needs to be considered. Search is a nationwide one and applications being reviewed by all staff at this time. The application process was discussed.

Board Development: Katie reports that current applications for BOD membership being reviewed and discussion around upcoming loss of current board members. The committee recommends Steven Itkin be approved for appointment. Mary Beth advises that discussion be held in this regard during Executive Session. Katie asks board to consider appropriate referrals.

Discussion around setting a date for the upcoming BOD retreat with all agreeing on Saturday August 25th .

Elections: Andrew advised of current timelines for election process with announcements started on April 15 and nominations due by May 4.

Strategic Plan: Mary Beth reports that it is time to start the process or revamping the current plan with a goal date of June 2013 for completion. The Executive committee will continue to review the process.

CAB Development: Hardy advises that the new CAB is set to meet on Amay 9 @ 6:30pm at the station and all members will be notified of such. Randy advises that there will be an orientation process for the new members.

Technology: The committee continues to work on new web sight details and corrections needed. Mary Beth suggests that sight might include BOD bios and calendar and discussion follows around the extent of what would be appropriate to include. The committee advises that the board will be surveyed for preferences in that regard. Amanda updates all on progress in negotiations with county IT personnel and advised that no formal response has been heard back as yet.

  1. Volunteer Representative
    Ernesto reports that volunteers met and all continues to go well.
  2. GM Report

    Randy reviews written report distributed to all and provides pictures of recent house repairs. He advises that biggest projects will be addressed with capital campaign monies. He requests approval from BOD to join the nonprofit 10 person Executive Roundtable for peer support and mentoring opportunities. This organization meets on the last Friday of every month and has a dues of $600/yr. He advises that the group requires that he obtain BOD approval for membership. There is a motion to approve, a second, and all are in favor.





New Business

Jeff raises question re: email from Michelle of list of recent donors which are to be called and thanked. Michelle clarifies the Thank You process for board members.

Call to Audience

No response.

Executive Session:

Room cleared so board can discuss appointment of Steve Itkin.

Action Taken: Meeting reconvenes. Motion to appoint Steve Itkin to board is approved with all in favor. Steve welcomed and assigned to finance committee.

Adjournment: by acclimation @ 7:10 pm

Respectfully submitted, Keith Kanzler


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