GM Report January, 2011

General Manager Report to the Board of Directors, January 2011

Financial reports have been provided separately. The first 3 months of the fiscal year (October-December) were very good to KXCI, with all areas of non-grant revenue shopping an increase over the same 3 months of 2009. Overall non-grant revenue increased by 19% in the comparable 3-month periods:

1st Quarter comparison







+ 32.3%




+ .7%

Holiday auction



+ 26.6%

Auto donation program



+ 41.6%

Other festivals/events



+ 64%

Product sales



+ 7.1%

Amazon affiliation







+ 19.1%

Driving the growth in membership revenue is the lapsed member direct mail campaign that was contracted through DEI. To date, we have received 164 additional gifts totaling $8,688 and returned 69 lapsed members to the membership rolls with gifts totaling $3706.30. Overall we received $12,394.30, a great return on our investment of $2439 (508%!) with money still trickling in.

We successfully managed two booths at the December 4th Avenue Street Fair, and will plan to do the same for the spring fair. We also had booths at the December 2nd Saturdays Downtown event, and an open house/final shopping days event at the station on December 18th.

The annual Arizona Corporation Commission filings were completed by the January 10th deadline.

The spring membership drive will start Thursday, February 24th, the second year in a row we have started at the end of February. Doing so helps prevent scheduling problems with the 4th Avenue Street Fair, spring break vacation conflicts, and the Calexico & Friends Festival En El Barrio Viejo concert (set for 3/26/11).

All monthly credit card installment and sustaining membership payments are now in the automated, PayPal-based system, giving me back between 4-6 hours of my work life each month.

We are on-track in our audit work, with only the functional allocation of expenses left to complete. We should have the completed report in February, at which time I can begin to complete the CPB and ACA grant filings.

KXCI and TKMA are working together to produce our newest compilation, featuring headlining performances from 25 years of the Tucson Folk Festival. This CD will be released in April. Costs and the production run are being split evenly between the two entities. I will be looking to create a similar CD partnership with the Blues Foundation in the future. We are also working toward a production timeline for the 4th Best of Growing Native CD.

I continue to work with Laura, Ute and Amanda on establishing procedures for the underwriting sales department. We are off to a better than expected start, with many of our major clients who were up for renewal (including Plush, Habitat for Humanity’s HabiStore, and the 17th Street International Market) all signing long-term contracts, while increasing the amount of money they are investing in KXCI. I will have a more detailed underwriting report to discuss as part of my GM report at the meeting.

I’m very happy with the progress the Development committee is making on our expected capital campaign effort to begin in April. Our next step is to rank the suggested house repair/improvement projects in to two lists (major and minor projects) and begin to secure contractor bids.