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International Women’s Day 2022

March 4, 2022

On Tuesday, March 8th from 5am till 10pm join KXCI DJs Amy A, Lady T, Miranda Schubert, Midtown Missy, Hannah Levin, Terry, and Roselady in celebrating International Women’s Day. With an intersectional lens focused on gender parity and inclusivity, our DJs will take you on a journey exploring and celebrating the strength, struggles, and empowering solidarity of women, non-binary persons, and femme-identifying individuals. Join us for a full day of diverse programming designed to inspire and share your perspectives on social media with the hashtags #IWD and #breakthebias.

At KXCI we have collected some community messages to enhance our programming throughout the day. Our background music for this production was used with permission from MizSkoden.

We hear from Tina Vavages Andrew, creator and host of Cultivating Indigenous Voices, on-air announcer and board operator for 91.9 KOHN Hewel Ñi’ok Radio. KOHN is a broadcast radio station in Sells, Arizona providing Native American Cultural, Ethnic Music, News and Talk shows for the Tohono O’odham Nation.

Featuring the song “Three Points” from MizSkoden.

Featuring the song “Moztla Remix” from MizSkoden.

Featuring the song “Facebuk DraMa” from MizSkoden.

Amy A. from KXCI’s Early Morning Music Mix speaks about the progress that is being made towards Gender Equity. Featuring the track “Monk’s HipBop” from MizSkoden.


We have a message from multiple Grammy award-winning Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Author, and Columnist Janis Ian.

Featuring the track “Monk’s HipBop” from MizSkoden.

During the Morning Music Mix we will hear an interview with Monica Jones, coordinator for The Outlaw Project. The project is named in honor of Sharmus Outlaw, a transgender woman of color and sex worker rights advocate who passed away on July 7, 2016. Their first project in Tucson is a lot set to have four tiny homes and a main house. The land has been purchased and is being renovated. The project is based on the principles of intersectionality and prioritizes the leadership of Transgender Women, BIPOC, gender non-binary, migrant, and sex worker folks, with the belief that accessible, safe, and secure housing is the best way to support the community.


This message is an excerpt from an interview with Miranda Schubert and Monica Jones. The full interview is right here:


We also heard from Maile McSwain, a junior at the University of Arizona, majoring in Physiology and Medical sciences and minoring in Studio Art and Astrobiology.

And Jennifer Cubeta, Director, Undergraduate Biology Research Program at the University of Arizona.


KXCI’s 2022 International Women’s day segments were recorded, produced, and edited by Bridgitte Thum.









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