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Soul Stories Saturday Launch begins January 22nd!

January 20, 2022
A programming update message from KXCI Executive Director Elva De La Torre: Kidd Squidd’s final Mystery Jukebox program was broadcast on Saturday, January 15th. The theme for the final show was Beautiful Songs and Melodies.

KXCI is proud to announce the Saturday launch of Soul Stories hosted by Professor Tyina Steptoe beginning on January 22nd. Soul Stories has been airing on Monday nights at 10 pm since 2019. Soul Stories explores the roots and branches of rhythm and blues music. University of Arizona professor Tyina Steptoe spotlights a new dimension of R&B/soul music each week, from its foundation in blues and gospel to the many offshoots that have emerged since the late 1940s.

Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox first turned me on to KXCI. I started visiting Tucson from LA in 2002. Having grown up with such great radio stations and personalities, Kidd’s show was just like home. Of course, I would go on to learn that Kidd had spent lots of time in LA, some of that during the magical (in my humble opinion) musical period that was the 80s. There are very few folks who have the depth and breadth of musical knowledge that Kidd shared with listeners for just over 38 years on KXCI. Kidd’s ability to talk about Dream Pop, Rockabilly, 60s Soul, Jukebox tunes, Americana from the 20s and 30s, and so much more. And of course, The Rolling Stones.

Kidd not only has incredible knowledge but the ability to weave various sounds, genres, and eras together into a cohesive yet very original show. And he did it week after week while talking from his heart about the sonic and emotional power of the music.

The entire KXCI family thanks Kidd Squidd for his years of dedication and passion in sharing radio programming with us that reflects his unique and creative vision of the power of music. Thank you, Kidd, for your contributions to the sound of Saturdays on KXCI. You will be missed.

Kidd is grateful to KXCI and you, his loyal listeners.


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